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“The Lords of the North placed their trust in me to lead them, and I will continue to do so , as well as I can.”

“That’s fair. It’s also fair to point out, that I am the rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, by declaring yourself King of the Northern most kingdom, you are in open rebellion.

The latter is a threat from her, to the Northerners, and to him, and Jon knows it. Bend the knee, or after I’m done with Cercei, I’ll come after you and the Northerners.

What I gathered from these two quotes, and the other two I’ll add later, is, there’s a high chance, Jon is going to pull a Jon/Ygritte with Dany. He made Ygritte trust him, and then she slowly fell for him. To prove to her, and to all the other wildlings, that his vows and the Night’s Watch didn’t mean anything to him anymore, he broke his vows, and made love with her.

Now, although Jon loved Ygritte too, he cared more about his duty to his people, his sworn brothers, than about his feelings for Ygritte, he would always put his people first/before himself, he’s always going to put aside he’s happiness, what he wants, and do the right thing.

She means to cast him down from the position his people, the Northerners gave him. He knows the Northerners would never bend the knee to her, so I think what he’ll ultimately end up doing is seduce her, make her like him, and fall for him, perhaps he’ll start feeling something for her as well, but he’s always going to choose the North, he’s always going to choose, Arya, Bran and Sansa, he’s always going to chose his home, his family.

It would be quite tragic for Dany really, I love her character, but after seeing this episode, Jon is not going to bend the knee to her, and if he does, it’s not going to be for real. We know he’s not the best schemer, but he knows it worked with Ygritte, and with the other wildlings, he’ll do it again with, her, if he thinks it’s the North’s best chance, if it’s the best chance that she’ll help them and that after the war, she’ll leave the North, and the Northerners in peace, he’ll do it, even if it’s not an honorable thing to do, but we all know someone else who did the same thing, threw his honor under the bus, lied about Jon’s parents, all his life, broght that secret to his grave, all to protect Jon, his nephew, his own blood, his family.

“I need to help prepare my people for what’s coming, I can’t help them from here. I’d like to leave.”

He doesn’t want to stay, because she doesn’t believe him, she won’t help him, so he’s thinking, what’s the point? She has dragons an armada, what is she decides to have me killed, what will happen to my home, to my people, to Sansa, they’ll all die.

Until Tyrion openes his eyes. He has to make her trust him, he has to make her like him.

“She’s not about to head North, to fight an enemy she’s never seen, on word of a man she doesn’t know, after a single meeting.

Bear in mind that if the spoilers are true, and she says she’ll help him, without  requesting him to kneel again, and also saying, “But what about the Northerners?” when he offers to kneel, meaning she doesn’t want him to kneel anymore, by the end of the season ep6-7, it means he has succeeded, she’s deeply fallen for him, and if he’ll ask it of her, probabilities are very, very high, that she will leave the North alone, after the great war is over.

That was Jon’s goal all along, to get her help to defeat the NK and his army and to keep the northerners safe, to keep his promise to them. They made him King, do you think he’d slap them all in the face like that, by bending the knee and giving her the North? I say, no.

And I think he beds her in S7, just to be sure. He wants everyone to be safe from the white walkers, but the North is his Kingdom, his home, he was raised there, he surely thinks about the aftermath after the NK is defeated, and this is the only solution in his mind. When the NK is dead, he will choose to stay North, with his family, in his home, where he grew up, where he learned how to fight, where he played with Robb, all he is, he is who he is because of the Starks, Ned shaped him into the man he is today, all his morales are from him. 

I don’t see him, forthe life of me, going south with Dany and rule from there. And I highly, highly doubt they’d accept her as their Queen, even if she married Jon. I’ve said this before, but if he does marry her, if he does fall for her, if he does give her the North, the northerners will call him traitor, and name Sansa their Queen. He would be hated and despised by the Northerners and compared to Robb, since he would LITERALLY be pulling a Robb. If I thought there was a chance that he bent the knee to her, for real, it’s gone for good now.

It is a very cruel thing to do, to make a woman fall madly in love with you, and then use, her, and her love. But, these are hard times, and he knows that. He would do ANYTHING to keep the North safe, to keep Bran safe, and Arya and Sansa, even lie to a woman, make her fall for him and then leave her, and choose his kin, with which he grew up with, he’ll choose his own blood, over her. Which again, he’s done before, it would not be ooc, it would actually be in character. Dany will be betrayed a third time, for love, and Jon will be the one to do it. You’d think she’d kill him for it, but I do think that her love for him would be so strong, that she could not do it, and I think she’d even understand his motives. You know what they say, if you really love someone, you’ll let them go. Knowing their happy, will bring you happiness. I am genuinely going to feel heartbroken for her, if I’m right. 😢

I can also see her go mad over a broken heart, she’s been through so much, lost so much, and so many people, I think it could be the last straw for her. I can see her go mad over, yet, another betrayal, this time by someone she was deeply in love with, and that meant the world to her.

That would be such a tragic end for her, again I love Dany, and I would feel for her, if this happened, but for the love of me, I do not see Jon kneeling to her, and giving her the North, not willingly and not without actually having other motives and a well thought plan.

Also there was no chemistry between the two of them in this episode. I was actually looking carefully, I threw my Jonsa goggles out the window for their scenes, I wanted to watch their scenes as a shipper of theirs, trying to see the signs of romance, love, foreshadowing, and I saw nothing, nada, he had more chemistry with Tyrion/Peter (I ship it🙈😂😂), than he had with Dany/Emilia, not hating on the ship, but yeah I saw no chemistry at all, their whole interaction, was kinda dull actually.

I mean let’s compare it to the chemistry between Sansa/Sophie and Jon/Kit, there’s such a huge contrast. The chemistry between Sansa and Jon is off the charts, their scenes are filmed in such a visually romantic way. In this episode, Dany’s and Jon’s scenes had none of that, not even a little spark.

Also can I point out, Sansa and merriage came up two times in this episode? Honestly I fel like Bran could’ve chosen any other, of the many horrible things that have happened to her, to make her believe him about his powers, but D&D chose the wedding. 🤗 And she will come up again next episode in Jon’s meeting with Theon and then again with the hound. Our ship is sailing strong still guys. 🙌

Oh well, I don’t know if this made any sense 😅 I’m not that great at putting thoughts into words, but I tried me best 🤷‍♀️

Please feel free to add more insight, if you’ve noticed something else that I didn’t.

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One of the boys: does literally anything Phandom: MERRIAGE! COMING OUT! LOVE! MOVING! DOG! Tbh I love you ppl. This exitement going around gives me energy to keep living :)

even if it’s not it’s just exciting to talk about stuff and be so positive with people idk i love talking about this stuff gets my blood flowin and my face smilin

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Dear Neil Gaiman, I'm a young Italian guy, and I want to ask you if you are for or against to gay people and gay merriage . I ask this because I'm gay and you are my favorite writer! Giorgio P.s. I'm only 14 and I don't now english very well, cause I'm sorry if there are some errors!

Your English is excellent.

I’m definitely for gay people. 

On the days that I think marriage should be a state-sanctioned state that confers social and economic benefits on the people who are married, I am definitely for gay marriage. On the days that I think that state-endorsed marriage is a fossil, and that all relationships should be informal and confer no other benefits I think that gay marriage should be as informal as everything else. Some days I think one way, some days the other.