Twelve Steps (Cracked) — Story by Maggie Stiefvater

Step One. Drag his body away from the window. He might not be dead, so try not to hit his head off the coffee table. Don’t worry about the stuff his hands leave behind as they drag on the carpet. The carpet of the history department’s sitting area has suffered far worse insults than that stain.

Step Two. Go to the staff room. That feeling in your throat means that you need water. Yes, it’s important. More important than checking to see if the door to the history department is locked. After all, doors didn’t help Frazier. You really need water.

Step Three. Ignore your thirst because you really, really need to see that the door is locked. Even if it doesn’t help, it will make you feel better. You will not die of thirst in the next two minutes. You could possibly die from what killed Frazier before then. When you find the door is already locked, remember the window behind Frazier and realize that the door is not your problem.

Step Four. Return to the scene. Step on Frazier’s outstretched hand and say the worst swear word you know (it’s four letters and rhymes with ‘grunt’) because swearing has to be better than screaming. Note that he is making more stains on the carpet. Try not to look at his face. He does not look like Sarah’s brother anymore and you don’t need to be reminded. Oh, right, and get off his hand, just in case he is still alive.

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Björk estuvo hace unas horas en el auditorio Parco della Musica, de Roma, Italia, de nueva cuenta estrenando un sencillo pero dramático vestido diseñado por Emanuel Ungaro, la máscara fue diseñada en colaboración con Björk y su amigo y asistente James Merry, la cual parte de la idea de exteriorizar las cuerdas vocales. El setlist que interpretó fue el siguiente:

01. Stonemilker
02. Lionsong
03. History of Touches
04. Black Lake
05. Family
06. Notget
07. Come to me
08. The Pleasure is all mine
09. I see who you are
10. Harm of Will
11. All neon like
12. Quicksand
13. Wanderlust
14. Mouth Mantra
15. Mutual Core

anonymous asked:

Hello! So since this is your art blog, do you feel that you'd prefer people to submit their crystal pines au stuff to a different blog that you own maybe? If this is your art account then I understand why you'd want it to be just your art!!

Hey there! I super appreciate you asking- the best place to submit would be to the crystalpinesau blog! I’m one of the folks running it, so I’ll still get to see all the rad stuff y’all are making!

Well, I mean, we have something that is kind of unusual in the history of television. It’s not unheard of, but it’s unusual, which is people going through horror week after week for six years now, and the cumulative effect of these characters that we know. And not just in horror but in emotion in every way, building on these characters that we know, changing them. Carol is not the person that we started with. That world has formed her into an entirely different person. And her journey is continuing to evolve, as is all of these characters.
—  Scott Gimple, ColliderVideos (26/Jun/2015)