Gloomy Enchanter [Open]

Not far from Ponyville’s library was a house. For the most part it looked like any other house, but this one had a wooden sign hanging above the door like a shop. The word “Enchanting” is listed simply on it in what appears to be blue ink, though the sign itself was never touched by any paint. Below it was “Closed” in red letters.

The pony who lived there had been around for seemingly months, but was not known to too many residents. While usually such an oversight on a certain party pony’s part would be accidental, Trance had intentionally avoided anything that looked like a welcoming committee on his arrival.

As dawn crept nearer, an upper window opened briefly. Between one second and the next, the red Closed lettering suddenly became a blue Open sign.

While there was certainly a more powerful pony living in the large nearby tree, the enchanter here worked for bits. Which meant if he felt that whatever the enchantment did was something better done without magic, he stuffed those feelings away and took the job anyway. Work done behind these doors tended to stay there as well, it wasn’t like the stallion talked to anypony.

The front door opens with the sound of a bell, but none visible. The brown stallion behind the desk at the end of the hall looks up from his book with a blank stare. He has a lavender mane and a set of reading glasses perched on his nose, and speaks carefully.

“What can I do for you?”

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These are most of the hxh artists i know and highly recommend, but I’d like for this to become a more comprehensive and accurate list of all hxh artists in general!! (as you can tell i probably dont even know a tenth of you guys and hxh art fuels my soul soooo…..

If I’m missing you, please tell me! I’d love to add you in. (what category you consider yourself in would help, too). Conversely, If you don’t want to be on this list, I will respect your wishes. Also if I’ve mis-categorized you or misrepresented you with the incorrect blog , please tell me so I can fix it~)

Oh, keep in mind that under the hxh+anime and multifandom categories there are varying degrees of HxH art. Some may only draw HxH like 5% of the time and others may draw HxH 80% of the time, but I’ve included them all because, well, their art is awesome, and you should probably check them out.