Help Avery Change Their Name!

Apparently the gofundme wasn’t working for people so… I setup a crowdfund one instead! (Also cause they don’t take away as much money as gofundme does)

Hello!! My name is Avery and I’m agender/non-binary. However Avery is not my legal name and I’d like to change that! I’d like to get it done as soon as possible, ideally before the end of this summer and before more legal documents come is as I’m 18 now. I’m changing my name on my own without any input from my parents, but I don’t make very much money in my current job.

In my state it costs $150 to change one’s legal name. Any little bit would help as I try to save up as well!! If you can’t help out right now, please share this so possibly others can!!

In exchange I can draw chibis/pixels/full-size art for you if you shoot me a message on tumblr. Thank you very much for your time and even the smallest contribution!!


Share this with all your friends and never manually erase or use the magic wand too again.

Help a trans kid with insurance

Hi everyone,

My school’s state requires every student has insurance that functions in Massachusetts, and my home insurance only works in Connecticut. My home insurance also usually pays everything so I never had to worry about copays or deductibles. However my school insurance makes me have a deductible. Too bad it didn’t tell me when it would hit till two months later.

Middle of April I went to a Massachusetts clinic to get hormone therapy, because they have an inform-and-consent model which makes it so much easier for trans people to get the hormones they need. My home insurance requires initially 3 months of gender-specific therapy + a psychiatrist letter, and at the time I wasn’t out to my parents either (now I am). So I chose the Massachusetts one, thinking I would be covered by school insurance since it was in-network. I just needed the prescription from the Massachusetts clinic, and had it filled at my home insurance so it was paid for.

Now for blood work + clinic visit for my hormones, I have to pay the full deductible of $255.26. (bill image) I’m looking to get financial assistance + see if any way my home insurance can help, but my parents are unable to afford this at the moment (they’re already over $50k in debt). So it falls on me to figure out how to deal with this.

So I’m asking if anyone has any spare change to help a trans kid out, my paypal is (not using gofundme or anything because they get like 8% of the money). Leave me a note/message in the section and I can also do commissions in exchange! Here’s a link to my art tag.

Any sort of help, including just reblogging, would be a major help!!! Thank you for your time and reading this!