Sera Géroux ♔ 22Merperson // Noble ♔ Lady-in-Waiting ♔ FC: Eliisa Raats

Sera is currently TAKEN.

Personality Traits

✔ // ✘:  clever, worrying, caring, quick to judge, independent, driven, stubborn


Sera Géroux was an extremely active child when she was young and a bit more than a handful to her parents, whether it was because of their age—a child coming as a surprise—or because of simply how much energy she had. Either way, the two older nobles loved their rambunctious child. For a few years after she was born, they worried greatly about her. Sera was born with no light perception, meaning she was—and is—totally blind, and she paid absolutely no mind to it. Her parents, though concerned, allowed her to start to learn the world without interfering and Sera developed a unique way of moving through it not entirely different to the way that a few other sea creatures. At first, her parents thought the chirping was a thing she would grow out. Something that Sera did just playing around with dolphins, at least until they paid closer attention to the young mermaid. She moved around just as easily and nimbly as her peers, at times even better when it came to things that were out of the visual sight. Though because of this, Sera found herself getting into trouble more than a few times. Her parents could never keep things out of reach from her unless it was actually locked away, more and more often she would end up going out and exploring.

It was because of the way that some of the merpeople saw her, that Sera was allowed to do these things and to be so free as a noble. No one expected her to live up to expectations of a regular noble, her parents retired from any major sort of work and how she experienced the world separated her and at times greatly frustrated her. Frequently expectations, ideas, and concerns were placed on her and in rebellion, Sera spent more and more time out and alone. She strove to be completely self-sufficient. It was a very large aspiration for someone who wasn’t even yet a teenager. One day after traveling further out than her parents had approved, Sera was nearly swept up in a net. Never have experienced one before, it confused her and it left her entangled. From the voices she could hear, Sera knew it had been pirates and because of her small size, she managed to slip though the holes in the net as she gained ground. It wasn’t much later that her parents made the smart decision to set the young mermaid to a task. Small and simple responsibilities were nothing that was going to keep her interest or focus her. Rather than allowing Sera to completely channel herself internally—and further into the ocean and into trouble—, they corresponded with the royal family to get her involved somehow. The princess was of a close age and only a few years short of having a lady-in-waiting.

Giving Sera an outlet to pour her energy into and focus on was more than helpful. She grew up with almost a second home and responsibilities she took very seriously. While she was charged with watching out for Sophia and completing a variety of duties for the princess, Sera took on some of her own extra responsibilities. Looking out for Sophia meant looking out for Owen as well. The two were certainly more than a handful, but Sera felt more than adequate in her multi-tasking. There were plenty of skills outside of running errands that Sera had to study. Nothing entirely practical outside of nobility, but those other skills were something that she could learn on her own and she had before. As her parents had hoped, being a lady-in-waiting kept her busy and kept her out of trouble—or at the very least out causing her own trouble.

Still she liked to explore, even if those she looked after worried her by doing the same. Sera felt more competent in the water than she felt her peers were, felt more aware. The first time she was on land was much, much different. Sounds moved different through the air than the water, and after barely making it up the beach the first time, Sera almost swore off ever visiting again. Yet, she still found herself visiting, time after time, finding ways to navigate land similarly to the water. It was different, but she found for the most part, people were the same. She had heard plenty about the treaty and frequently found that for the most part, people were open to it. However she heard frequently about the terrors that the pirates caused and how by just being a merperson but them at risk for torturous things. Still, she found herself drawn to exploring it just the same she explored their cut of the ocean. Despite the danger, Sera knew she could take care of herself.




» Sophia Wren: Sera has been working for Princess Sophia Wren as a lady-in-waiting for a little while now, and the two have grown fond of one another.


Anatomy Of A Mermaid

“Mermaid Anatomy - A scientific outlook

Contrary to popular belief, mermaids are not human or fish at all. They are mammals with the appearance of a human being above the pelvis and the appearance of dolphins or whales below. All mammals are warm-blooded and have hair, and all female mammals have mammary glands (breast and nipples for feeding young). Fish have a completely different anatomy. Mermaids do appear to have scales, but it is possible that this is in fact a pattern or camouflage that resemble scales. Some species of mermaid also have twin-tails and there are even some that are completely humanoid in appearance, apart from scale-like skin and dolphin-like biology (sonar, respiratory, circulatory and skeletal systems). The mermaid is also known to have both a caucasian or negro complexion and some sighted have a greenish appearance.

Biological functions

Mermaids have organs in their chest that can operate as a lung or a gill, depending on whether they are in or out of the water. The organ expands and contracts exactly like a lung, yet has the ability to extract oxygen from the water. This allows the mermaid to ‘breathe’ water in the same way that they breathe air - by filling and evacuating the chest cavity. This organ is also needed to operate the larynx. The human larynx cannot operate under the water as it cannot be made to vibrate from water pressure, yet the mermaids larynx operates equally well using water or air. The mermaid circulatory system is also designed to withstand differing water pressures like that of the dolphin and whale, while the skeleton is light and pliable like those of a bird or dolphin. The lenses of mermaid eyes are also different and are able to correctly focus for use both above and under water. A mermaid is also able to hear on a different level to humans and has the ability to use sonar for communication and hunting purposes underwater.


In mermaids, reproduction is much like that of dolphins. The reproductive organs of both the male and female are akin to the dolphin and whale, and mermaid babies are born live (as opposed to hatched from eggs).

Females have human internal reproduction organs; however the vagina is slightly shorter, and the common urogenital opening (the urethra merges with the vaginal canal near the opening) is at the front. The opening can stretch as much as a human vaginal opening; mermaid babies are born live. A clitoris (which is the same color as the tail) is slightly below the urogenital opening, and an anus is above the urogenital opening. Mermaid vaginas are slightly smaller than human ones (since merman penises are smaller, explained below), so they tend to be more sexually satisfying to human males.

Males do have a penis, but it is almost as small as a human female clitoris and is the same color as the tail; it is hardly visible (this is the only plausible explanation to why no one has ever seen a penis on any of merman). It is used for urination, as well as sexual intercourse. The testicles are inside the tail, as opposed to the pelvis, since they require a slightly lower temperature to function properly (the human and pelvis part is warm-blooded, but the tail is cold-blooded). The anus is above the penis.


The mermaid mostly eats fish, but has been known to subsist on other meats, fruits and vegetables. There are some species of mermaid that are vegitarians only.


The mermaid is able to exist equally on land and in the sea, although it can become dehydrated if on land for extended periods of time. Most mermaids live in schools or pods, but some are known to travel as hermits. They can live in caverns below the sea and in undersea cities. The merpeople cities is more common on other planets, but in the future there will be build bigger merpeople cities on Earth. Some of the merpeople are more advanced technological and spiritual than Earth human and is several thousend years ahead. They have free energy, teleportation, interstellar space travelling etc. Some of the merpeople live on big space stations and on starships.”

For more info, see the Kindle book, The Anatomy of A Mermaid on at


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