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hamilton characters as actual things said in my class
  • alexander hamilton: 17 is the best number of all time and anyone who contradicts can meet me in the pit
  • aaron burr: oh no please don't do this ill kinkshame you
  • john laurens: [about our class turtle] he's beauty he's grace he's mr. turtnited states
  • lafayette: [screeches] MINI CROISSAAAAAAAAAANTS
  • hercules mulligan: my scarf protects me from harm
  • george washington: if you call me daddy again i will literally kick your ass
  • angelica schuyler: [2 hours late to school] sorry feminism called
  • eliza schuyler: dont worry, its my sole purpose in life to be overlooked
  • peggy schuyler: merp
  • king george: [in swivel chair] PUSH ME AROUND TINY PEASANTS
  • thomas jefferson: talk french to me english can go fuck itself
  • james madison: if i was a mcdonalds order i would be a milkshake and small cry
  • philip hamilton: [puts hands up] i am the sun
  • maria reynolds: the answer is me cause im a ten bitches

vine’s been dead for two months and i still haven’t gotten closure. so i recreated some of my favourite vines. 


I just think people no matter what fandom they’re in should give this song a chance. Not only does it go hard, the lyrics are deep and beautifully dark giving you a taste of what Yongguk can do.
– If you stan raplines just give this song a shot cause I promise it won’t disappoint you.

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for the writing prompts: number 35??

“About the baby… It’s yours.”

About the baby… It’s yours.

There was something about the way Riza said it that set Roy’s heart ablaze. Whether it was the smile that tugged at her lips or the slight inflection in her voice, he was not sure. All he knew was that he fell deeper in love with her -and the little one- every time she said it.

She patiently tapped a finger against her swollen belly and lifted a knowing brow, recognizing the look he was sure had already crossed his face.

Roy countered it with a hopeful grin and a look that said Just once more.

He liked to think that his eager smolder was what won her over more often than not, though in his heart he knew that she was just as enamored by the thought as he was.

With a shake of her head and a smile that she had easily failed to hide, she hummed, “’About the baby… it’s ours.’”