• <p> <b>Bro 1:</b> do you want to go around the world bro<p/><b>Bro 2:</b> yeah bro<p/><b>Bro 1:</b> same here<p/><b>Bro 2:</b> *goes around bro 1*<p/><b>Bro 1:</b> why did you go around me bro<p/><b>Bro 2:</b> because you're my world bro<p/><b>Bro 1:</b> bro<p/></p>
To all people who were once part of a Minecraft Youtuber Fandom

Aahh do you all remember the old ships that were once really popular and have now become forgotten? Because I do!

I remember the old popular ships like SkyLox, Merome (This one kinda lives but it isn’t like the old days), Poofless (Same as Merome tbh), SetoSolace (I still cry ;-;), MunchingUniverse, SkyMU, SsunKipz, SkyDil40, Vikklan, Setolox, SimDil40, Wooflan… And of course my favourite ship, my original OTP and the one that brought me to tumblr/shipping in general… The famous amazing lovely ship SparkAnt

Remember when Team Crafted was a thing?
Remember when everyone could just get along?
Remember when they were all friends?
Remember when Adam called Jerome Fluffy?
Remember when Quentin was a fish?
Remember when Mitch was really shy?
Remember “Jason I’m startled?”
Remember #TysLeftFoot?
Remember Seto?
Remember when everyone was happy?
Remember Klüb Ice?
Remember traditional cops and robbers?
Remember when subscribers didn’t matter, and they were all just a group of friends recording stupid videos together?
Remember ASF? Lol
Remember when it was all drama free?
Remember when they cared for each other?

I remember.

Yoai Fangirls Be Like
  • Me: *reading yoai fanfic*
  • Person: What in hell are you reading?
  • Me: *doesn't look up* yaoi.
  • Person: isn't that like, gay stuff?
  • Me: *still not looking up* Yuup.
  • Person: Why are you obsessed with that kind of shit?
  • Me: *looks up* Well why don't you tell me why you're obsessed with the crappy singer Justin Beiber? You don't hate on my shit and I don't hate on yours. *goes back to reading*
  • Person: .... It's still weird.
  • Me: *looks up* You asked for it. *hits with frying pan* :3
  • Person: *unconscious*
Everyday during homework time....
  • Me: Okay! alright homework time lets get to-
  • Fanfiction: *whispers* Hey, you there....
  • Me: What the actual fuck....Where is that coming from?
  • Fanfiction: I'm over here....... on your phone...Come to me....
  • Me: Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away...
  • Fanfiction: You know you want to....I'm right here....
  • Me: *twitches but still ignores*
  • Me: ....fuck.
  • 2 hours later
  • Me: *Trying to explain to my mother* BUT IT WAS CALLING TO ME! THE FEELS WERE REAL!
  • Fanfiction: Nerd.