redrew a proper ref image for my OC!!! she’s the reason why I go by Mero now 0:

Its weird ;cause I havent drawn her in almost 2 years and now I’m so used to being called Mero that I forgot that it was an OC’s name and not my own HAHA (tho she;s kind of a persona type thing of mine so she is me in a way? idk)


Dance with Devils Character Song - 幻想のキリエ (Gensou no Kyrie) Lyrics (Romaji)

Shiki Natsumezaka (CV. Daisuke Hirakawa)

-“Alea iacta est” means “The die is cast” in latin
-“Kyrie” is a greek vocative case for “Lord” (as in God)

shiro to kuro no hazama, nemuru kureidoru de
mado kara no komorebi o nikun deta

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Admin Merodii here with some special Seventeen icons for you all to enjoy since I haven’t been active lately. I promise to create new comics soon! 

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“Jisoo’s Hug”

So, there’s this video that’s going viral, I guess? Where a fan is throwing her belongings at Joshua. Yes, it was rude. Yes, I admit I was pissed and said a few things, but there was a post I saw that had changed my mind. Her behavior was unacceptable but I’m sure she wants to make up for it. I know people are lashing out at her and I know she’s hurt. Let’s be glad no one was injured during the fan meet. I hope you guys can be as understanding about this.

Admin Merodii