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Okay so, seeing as my latest post got a little too out of hand - let me include all the context I’ve gathered thus far.

In Seattle, tonight, Nov. 9, five protesters at an anti-Trump march were shot on Third Ave. and Pike.

Two of the victims received life-threatening injuries, and all were transported to a medical center. News of their current status has yet to be released.

The Seattle police Assistant Chief Robert Merner has stated that the shooting was the result of a personal dispute between a separate group of people - that anti-Trump protestors were shot is a complete coincidence.

I apologize for being reactionary in my initial post. The breaking news headline was framed in such a way that I believed the protestors were being specifically targeted - but no one can say that for sure.

Regardless of the cause, stay safe everyone. Even if this event was a coincidence, there is cause for concern as to what may happen at any other protest march. If you plan to attend one, please stay alert and be safe - I don’t want any of you to make it in the news headlines too.