Take a moment and think about mermaids. Think about mermaid who live in the waters of Hawaii, with eyelashes made of sea-foam and tails the color of the sun. Think about mermaids sitting on the bottom of the ocean, watching the surfers above them in fascination and pointing out the patterns and designs on the bottom of their boards like children pointing out stars.

Think about mermaids in the Mediterranean being able to ‘speak human’ but they can only speak the dead languages. Think about Mediterranean mermaids still following old trade routes that ships from thousands of years followed to get from one place to the next.

Think about mermaids from the deep sea, odd colors illuminating off of their skin and tails. Think about them with skin nearly transparent and eerie smiles of teeth like needles and claws. Think about deep sea mermaids with bioluminescent tails three times the length of man.

Think about mermaids the size of whales, their upper body seeming like that of giant. Think about these mermaids swimming in large pods and helping out the smaller mermaids, fascinated by their loose, feathery tails in contrast to their relatively short stiff ones. Think about these mermaids trying to copy the smaller mermaid’s swimming patterns with quick flicks of their tails and instead sending a large splash at a nearby boat.

Think about mermaids in the tropics, with fancy fins that seem to ripple and blow in the current, creating illusions of movement to people above. Think about mermaids with fins that look like feathers who like to jump out of the water as if they’re flying before diving back into the sea in giggles. Think about topical mermaids with tails that reflect the colors of the sky and color the ocean with colors that people never thought the ocean could turn.

Think about mermaids in rivers who slither across the floor of the water like snakes and pinch at peoples toes like crayfish. Think about these mermaids living by huge waterfalls, the ones with dams built over them having long since been abandoned in favor for some other point of the river, even if it isn’t a traditional waterfall home. Think about river mermaids meeting with river spirits and nymphs and discussing daily events while listening to motorboats jet past above them.

Think about mermaids who live in creeks made from inland glacial melt in places like Glacier. Think about them sitting contentedly under a long thin waterfall, watching as cars march across the windy road far far above. Think about them writing messages on the cliff walls with the rocks from the bottom of their creeks. Think about them with short but pliable tails that they use to flit over rapids and jump playfully over bridges surpassing their domain.

Think about mermaids who live in streams of glacial melt in places like Greenland. Think about them being able to watch the stars above them in fascination through the clear blue water. Think about them dodging through the inside of large icy glaciers, sleeping on thick sheets of ice that seem to just barely be holding onto the glacier but which their family has slept on for years. Think about them with tails so blue that they seem to glow even when they’re twenty feet underwater, a melody of pastels.

Think about mermaids in the far north, with eyelashes frosted over and lips as blue as the water around them. Think about mermaids in the far north with tails of dark blues, purples and silvers. Imagine them breaking through the ice whenever their waters freeze over and rolling around the top of it in jest, laughing as they skid and slide across the ice. Think about mermaids in the far north who speak in tongues to trolls who live in caves in cliff-faces.

Think about mermaids in the north so old they remember vikings and teach the young Old Norse, believing it to still be the language of the people in the region. Think of mermaids in the Mediterranean that remember the epics that they heard rhapsodes sing of back in the fifth century.

Think about jellyfish mermaids with trailing tentacles instead of tails. Think about them with large umbrella-shaped bells wrapped around their waists like skirts. Think about these mermaids using their tentacles to jokingly sting each other, but never going towards a fish-mermaid in fear of stinging them. Think about jellyfish mermaids with bioluminescent bells and skin with patterns and designs unique to each one of them.

Think about mermaids who live in lava. Because, you know, why not? Think about them with tails of liquid precious metals. Mermaids with tails of liquid gold, nickel, diamonds, and obsidian; their tails not having a definite form and bits and pieces of them flying out into the lava. Think about their tails solidifying as soon as they make contact with water, pulling them down to the bottom of the ocean where they’re forced to live until they die. Think about them daring each other to flip their tails out into the air, seeing who can stay out of the lava the longest and not have their tails solidify.

Think about space mermaids. Think about mermaids who live in the seas of Titan, living in a sea of methane and ethane while watching the thick orange clouds circle above their heads. Think about mermaids on Enceladus, living deep in the interior next to the warm water. Think about adventurous mermaids swimming up into the cooler waters to try to see the ice fountains on the planet’s icy surface, most of them being sucked out and launched into space.

Think about mermaids on Europa. Think about them living in the ocean between the icy surface and the rocky interior. Think about the mermaids grabbing rocks from the interior and scratching long lines across the surface so as to play games and replicate the linear fractures on the surface. Think about these mermaids who live in the deep black darkness of the ocean, but swim up to the thinner parts of the ice sheet of the planet to watch the stars and galaxies light up around them when they aren’t facing Jupiter. Think about these mermaids having different constellations that they point out to others, different myths based off of them and how they arrived in the sky.

Just think about mermaids.

Blue lion's home (contd.)

Since the other one blew up (at least on my standards) I may as well add the other jazz I was thinking about,,

Kk so if you haven’t read the other one you can probably find it or just read this summaryish thing here

So this is going along the “Keith is the new black paladin” jazz so yyup. Kk so one night Keith and Lance get in a BAD fight and it ends up in lance packing up and leaving in the blue lion because he’s just had enough. The lion takes Lance to a water planet (Lance doesn’t know why but goes along w/ it). They dive into the sea and enter a cave, to where Lance later discovers that that colony and planet is where he blue lion was created, and he meets the king of the planet soon after (he’s basically worshiped for being the “keeper of the lion”). Lance tells the king about why he was there, his fight with the paladin in charge, and how the blue lion just brought him there. In return the king tells him about the previous paladin and how she was born there, how she would often get overcome with negative emotions due to voltron, and would try to escape through the blue lion, resulting in the lion taking her to the planet. He then explained how one day the blue lion had instinctively returned and all they found was the paladin’s corpse in the pilot seat, the cause of death beings suicide. Lance gets worried, the king reassures him with kind words and gives lance a new mindset on how to take things. He also tells him that he is aloud to return whenever he wishes if he’s feeling down or if he just wants a quick break.

That’s about where I ended it but I was always thinking about if there were more to the story, like if there was a prince or a staff member there that had a liking for Lance, and it being returned mutually, resulting in a jealous Keith. Kk so,, here

It had been a particularly bad day, voltron had barely completed their last mission and this one wasn’t any better. When lotor came into power, with shiro gone and Keith as their makeshift leader, voltron was unable to predict nor parry any of the galras’ attacks. Lance was being bombarded with complaints and orders from his fellow paladins, but they were new and different ones, all given in almost no time, resulting in him being unable to follow through in them, ultimately having the other paladins blame him for their mishaps.

Every time before that, lance had slipped away to the water planet (he now knew it as Amemasu) during the night, while all the others were sleeping to keep it hidden. Nobody knew or cared that he was a bit late for breakfast, or even lunch. It was only when a mission was about to commence, or when someone needed him that anyone noticed. This time he didn’t care. Once they all escaped the planet, lance bolted. At this point he had returned to the planet so many times that he was able to get there without the help of blue. He once again turned off his tracker, and entered the cave, and once he set blue in the middle docking pad and entered the doors to the castle, Seus (pronounced see-us), his “anointed guard” (Aka his b bud) greeted him.

“Evening, paladin,” he poked.
“Sushi,” lance greeted him back, grinning. He was immediately in a better mood.
They continued on with their banter as they walk to the room in the castle the king had had saved when he first started retreating to the planet. “Anything up?” Seus mumbled as they stared at the landscape over the balcony, “it’s been two days since the last time you popped in. It usually takes you at least a week to go into maximum angst-drive” he snickered.
“Shut up,” lance smirked, “you shouldn’t be talking for someone who seems to be pretty keen whenever I stop by, although I get it, I am quite the catch.”
“I swear if that was a gods damned pun I’m,” he jokingly reached for his staff.
“I know, I’m great.” Lance fake-swooned. They continued on with their snarky comments and in the process completely forgot about the previous subject yadsa yadda.

Meanwhile…. the paladins are freaking the FUCK out. They think the galras have done something to lance or the lion, and it’s chaos. They don’t have the blue lion, the trackers off, lance’s comm is off, everything’s gone to shit. Pidge and Hunk are attempting to build something that’ll be able to track lance and or the lion, allura and coran are trying to figure out any galran strategies to try and reverse engineer an explanation to how they could get lance back. While everyone else is going ape crazy, no ones seen Keith anywhere other than the training deck. He blamed himself for why lance left, and his disappearance sure as hell didn’t help his confidence as a leader. He, out of all of them, was the only one who knew that lance hadn’t left by mistake. While he didn’t know where lance went, he still noticed how on particularly bad days he’d slip out, although after a month or so Keith slowly stopped worrying as he noticed that every time lance would leave, he’d return soon after. This time though was different.

Lance hadn’t tried to be sneaky when he escaped. It was upfront, he made sure everyone knew he was leaving. That he wasn’t planning to come back anytime soon. Keith was, to say the least, pissed. He was angry that lance had the audacity to take the blue lion with him and cripple voltron past the inability they already were at. He was angry that lance never told anyone else that he would be okay, he was fuckin pissed that lance had the nerve to leave the team with that amount of anxiety and fear of his safety, with no sense of clarity of if he was actually ok or not, and even more pissed that due to all this Keith had to handle it all due to him being the temporary leader. Even with all the chaos and tension around the castle, the one thing that offset Keith the most was where lance was going all this time, why he came back in such a better mood, every. single. time. Why, with every time Lance would return he’d seem to have a less and less interest in making snarky comments for attention, why he had stopped bickering with Keith. It pissed him off that he didn’t know what or who he was seeing that made him so much happier, and with every time that lance had returned with a smiling face, his confidence in his leadership skills would be quickly demolished. With every thought that passed through, Keith would quickly and hastily destroy another training bot, until Pidge and Hunk had to drag him back to his room to get some shuteye.

Back on the planet, lance was having the time of his life. He was on an underwater planet full of both hot mermaid and mermen of various kinds, Seus, his best friend (next to Hunk) was legally obligated to hangout with him, the kings young daughters reminded lance of his nieces, and gave him comfort when he felt homesick, and the king was a very close father figure to him. Him and Seus would occasionally go zoom around in the lion when blue was feeling up for it, they’d go around town and browse all the weird fish stores, which was exciting for the both of them due to the fact that Seus was rarely allowed outside palace boundaries unless escorting someone of importance to a location, which was very rarely the mall, whereas lance was having a ball, being back in his natural habitat, the summer wear isle, where he would try on various forms of very skimpy clothing as Seus would heckle him for using the articles in the completely incorrect places (since lance isn’t a fish he had to improvise). The two became so close that they evolved from best friends to the “no homo tho bro” stage of friendship, where one of them would be on the verge of doing something ultra gay™ which began with a quick “no homo tho” from lance (a phrase that took a solid 12 minutes for Seus to process). After a few days, lance had almost no remorse for abandoning his team, of course not without the subtle twinge of “this isn’t right”, and “at least tell them”, here and there, then followed with a rush of joy from his antics that quickly washed away any thought of regret.

One night Keith’s given up. Everyone on the team is exhausted, the one mission they were desperately called to answer ended up horridly, and his self confidence has gone into a complete rut. He now knew what lance meant all those time he overheard him talking to coran on late nights, and he hated it. He’d given up trying to solve it as a team and after all that time of waiting, he slipped out. He, like lance did, waited until everyone was fast asleep, and went into the central room. The only difference today, was that he stood on the red lion’s docking pad. as he flew out with his original lion, feeling much more calm than he had when leaving, he told the lion to find blue. To find lance. He never thought it would have worked, Pidge and Hunk had been working on locating the lion for a week now, all to no prevail. But red, the moment Keith had given that order, bolted off to a planet that Keith’s scanners had stated to be “Amemasu”. It was a full water planet, but instead of diving in like the blue lion did, the red lion hovered over the surface until it took a nose dive into the drink. Once in the water, red controlled terribly, only her back propellers worked efficiently, and her targeting systems were almost all down. Once they landed on the ocean floor Keith figured that he would have to take the rest of the trip solo. Once he slowly guided her into an underwater cave out of sight, he got out and began searching for any large bodies of heat.

About a mile or so away, he spotted a faint, but large reading, which looked a lot like a city or colony of sorts. When he finally arrived it was empty. The readings were still there and they were now very clear, in the shapes of homes and buildings, but vision wise, he couldn’t see anything. He approached one of the readings only to hit what seemed like a wall, or an invisible barrier. He speculated it for cracks or entrances and eventually found an opening, where warm eyed was seeping through. He squeezed through it and found himself to be in an almost hyper futuristic water colony, filled with structures and technology he couldn’t even fathom. As he explored through the city looking for clues and or signs to see if this really was where lance was situated, he stuck out like a sore thumb. He was a human in bright red armour, and a clunky helmet, jetting his way through the town checking houses, buildings, and parks for any signs.

Glares and murmuring aside, he eventually spotted a carving in one of the buildings that looked oddly like one of the voltron lions. As he continued down the “road”, these symbols reappeared more frequently, until he was greeted with castle. It was a giant, high tech structure that stood atop a cave. When Keith checked his heat signatures again, underneath the giant mound of land stood the silhouette of the blue lion. Keith, excited as shit that he actually found lance’s whereabouts, quickly checked the perimeter and at the back of the castle, he saw him. Keith was about to call out for lance, tell him that he had come to find him, tell him how worried the team was for him, that was until he saw lance kissing one of the mermen on the balcony.

A few minutes before, lance was feeling homesick. He and Seus were talking on the balcony, today’s conversation being a lot heavier than their usual ones. It was about family, a touchy subject for them both. “My parents were sweet. One of my dads, the shorter one, he was a ballistic, would do anything and everything for me and my other dad. He loved us so much, and he knew the only way he could protect us was by joining the war, by joining the fight against the galra. He died three months after he was sent out. I was 5 at the time, I never understood what it meant. I also never understood why after the day we got the note from the general my other father sent me into Repun (the king). I never saw him again after that. Never knew what happened to my older sister. Never got to have real family time.” Sues sighed, “The king’s tried so hard to make all of us, all the gaurds, all the maids, everyone who’s stayed, worked, or lived here to feel like family. I’ve just never had that full experience I guess.”
Lance looked up at him, “that’s harsh…” he mumbled, looking aimlessly into the landscape below.
“It’s nothing really,” Seus sent a reassuring smile to lance, “it’s hard to long over someone you barely knew. Now, tell me your story Mr.Bluelion”
“Wow ok…” Lance was caught off guard at how forward he was, “well uh… so back on earth, I was a middle child of a huge quiznaking family. I had-” he cut himself off, “have a nephew named Marco, he’s the best, and a niece, Sam. Love em’ to pieces. Got both an older and a younger brother and sis, Jake’s my younger brother, he can suck my ass.”
They both started started giggling, “huh so that’s what siblings feel like,” Seus grinned.
“You’d think,” lance snickered, “yeah, well then there’s my gran and gramps, my abuela and abuelo both passed a few years back. Gran is a fantastic cook, gramps tries. Then there’s ma and pa…” he sighed, feeling his eyes begin to water, “I miss them so goddamn much Seus.”
“Hey, hey, dude, it’s going to be ok,” Sues hugged lance, “you’ll see them again.”
“But what if I don’t,” lance gave into the embrace, “what if the galrans already destroyed the planet, what if lotor found out what planet we came from and destroyed it so we’d be venerable emotionally, what if the time works differently there and all of them are already dead, what if I’m never allowed back on earth because I’m a paladin, what if I-”
Seus cut him off, “shut up. That’s not going to happen,” lance opened his mouth but Seus spoke before he could begin, “before you say something you shouldn’t, think.”
“My team hates me Seus!”
“No they don’t.”
Lance pushed away, “every time I come back from my trips here no one notices, no one cares, I’ve given up trying to poke fun and make jokes because all I get in return are insults and heckling, do you anyone gives a quiznak about it?” Lance was close to shouting now, “I’ve tried so damn hard to help them out, to do anything to keep them safe and happy, I’ve thought of them as family, and the only thing I seem to be to them is ‘the annoying one’, 'the try hard’, 'the one that doesn’t try hard enough’, I don’t want to be a leader, I don’t strive to be the best, but I’m trying,” tears were running down his face, dripping off his chin and seeping out of the bubble letting him breathe.
“Lance, lance,” Seus hushed him, bringing him back into a hug that lance melted into, tears were still streaming down his face, “it’ll sort out, I promise. But you do have to face your problems,” he cupped lance’s face, making them see eye to eye, “it’s going to be hard, I’ll tell you that, but your team needs you, the universe needs you.”

And thus was the moment where lance went in to kiss Seus, unknowing that Keith was standing just outside below the two, staring at them with a mixture of anger, envy, and most of all confusion. It was then and there Keith knew why lance came back so much happier, and it angered him beyond belief, and it pissed him off that much more that he didn’t know why.

I’ll continue it later, I’ve got better shit to do other than make up klangst. If you people want more I’ll provide (cause it’s a chance to think more about my fish babe) but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯