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According to mythology, mermaids/mermen actually have genitals. Their v ag or dickie is hidden away in a lil pouch in their tail just below where their "human skin" and tail merge. So yes. Pat can fack Paul

The mo re you know.

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I spent so much time trying to get the post with the screenshots of messages about mermen and it was all about because a woman reblogged it? I didn't even know this is wrong? Tumblr hidden rules are making me so confused, I started tumblr because it was a great platform for autistic people but in a few years the social rules here make less sense than irl talks, my social anxiety is too much, there are posts on a blogging platform that are not to be reblogged, any tips on how to learn this?

It wasn’t just because a woman reblogged it, she reblogged it and commented about how it didn’t matter that they were gay, she would still date them or turn them straight because their sexuality didn’t matter. Because they were “hawt af”

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how old is pat now?

Neither Pat nor Paul know exactly how old Pat is.
But I would say about 23 which is a pretty young for mermen but old enough to be an adult for human.

I’ve never really drawn Mermen AU, so I decided to fix this horrible mistake. Speaking of horrible mistakes. Don’t mention the flowers, okay? Just. Don’t. I feel like I’ve shown a middle finger to the Physics, and not in a badass way. I’ve realized it too late in the process to fix it so just. Pretend it’s some kind of mermen magic. Little flowers that sink. God have mercy. Rei probably hates me now.

And speaking of Rei, this wasn’t his lucky day. Taking Nagisa on a ride in a boat filled with flowers seemed like such a romantic idea. Of course Rin and Haru didn’t steal the flowers. They borrowed them. Without permission and with no intent of bringing them back, but still. And if they toppled the boat over in the process… well, how were they supposed to know that the blue-haired one can’t swim? The blonde rescued him anyway, so what’s the big deal. They probably had great Valentines Day in spite of everything, with all their legs and their clothes… or no clothes, you know, that works too. The point is, Makoto got his surprise and was happy (he doesn’t have to know the minor details) and that’s all that counts.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!


Marine biology au - How Haru met Makoto.

As Haru is so different from rest of the dolphin folk, he doesn’t care how others are. Makoto on the other hand is very conscious of his saddle patch. I think it’s sort of equal to the real Makoto’s fear of water. 

Haru actually swims long distances and happened to come across with Makoto when he was feeling very down because of his patch. Haru went to ask what was wrong and gained a very first friend (later mate).