Dean/Cas: Technicolor Heartbeat

Soulmate AU commission for @cassammydean. In a world where people see in black and white until they touch their destined soulmate, Dean - a popular actor - is adored by many but has yet to find love. He’s a true romantic at heart and waits for the moment he’ll begin to see in color. Too bad the person he’s pining for seems to show zero interest in Dean. 7.3K.

This is hardly the first time that Cas has come home to find paparazzi outside of his building. They’re not even subtle about it anymore; three are camped just ten feet from the door.

“Excuse me!” one of them hollers, only to flinch at Castiel’s stare. His next words are far less confident. “You, uh… ever see Dean Winchester around here?”

It requires great patience not to roll his eyes.

“No,” Cas answers curtly, his tone enough to discourage any follow-up questions. He brushes past the man - swift and impatient - before nodding at the doorman and sweeping inside.

His mood has been foul for most of the day ever since his breakfast meeting with Dick Roman. There are certain tasks he’d rather avoid, eye-bugging salary and benefits aside, and that includes playing nice with total assholes over coffee and eggs Benedict. Unfortunately for Cas, he isn’t his own boss yet, and his actual superior doesn’t give two shits about how much of a tool Roman really is. “Get him to sign the merger, Castiel,” he said. “The reward will be worth your while. You’re due for a promotion, aren’t you?” The man is almost as bad as Roman.

Needless to say, Cas had been looking forward to retreating to the peace and quiet of his apartment. He had just begun to slowly decompress for the night when the paparazzo called to him five minutes ago.

Have I seen Dean Winchester, Castiel scoffs, tapping his passcode against the keypad. The door unlocks with a series of beeps and he holds it open while glancing across the hall.

Oh, he’s seen Dean Winchester alright. It’s difficult not to when his face is everywhere. All the box office successes are merely the starting point, after which come the interviews and endorsements and-

Anyway, Cas shakes his head. The point is all the paparazzi out there, hanging around in handfuls and hordes as though they could ever get past the tight security.

Cas frowns at the apartment.

It’d be a mess - a complete, utter mess - if they managed to sneak in somehow and caught a glimpse of Dean Winchester’s private life. Cas of all people would know.

Dean is his next-door neighbor.

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