More Free! marine biology au doodles. Nagisa trying to make Haru forgive that he has scared his mate away with the shota yelling - too many times. Things are pretty bad when even the mackerel can’t soothe Haru’s hurt feelings. Nagisa desperately wants to befriend with the orca type merman Makoto!

Nagisa and Rei lately discovered that the mermen Haru and Makoto (both named by them) have a special favourite spot at the shallow warm water for sleeping. It is usually the taller Makoto who serves as the sleeping place for Haru, but seemingly he never minds about it.


Finally the full au doodle! Nagisa the cockblock was excited to get new photo documents of Haru and his mate, but for Nagisa’s disappointment Makoto wasn’t still warmed up to him enough but tail flipped Nagisa into the air. Both mermen disappeared right after and weren’t seen in a few days, being obviously hurt that their private time got disturbed. 

Extra: Haru and Makoto being tired of Nagisa’s shit.