Greg in the fifth and last month of pregnancy carrying his and Mycroft’s brood of seven from the AU I’m working on with my co. 

I think I’ve gotten addicted to drawing Greg up the duff.

Here he’s within hours of giving birth, his vent (the little flappy bit beneath his belly) turning the same colour as his stomach as an indicator. He’s obviously feeling the first strain in his back and will probably be having full on contractions soon. 

The Merman

Oh hell, this was cute. I’ve never done a merman thing before, thank you, stranger! Not sure why you d/ced though… Sorry for whatever I did wrong? Anyways, this was nice and sweet, a bit of merman johnlock rp for your troubles.

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Had a one nice starter and therefore decided to use it as much as possible hoho. So, one alligator!lock and two version of mer!lock…? Yup, something like that. I might revisit these later. Maybe. Probably. There’s a hope that I do… One day… But hey, there we go. Finally doing something that has to do with the URL (gatorlock eh? eh?) I might use the starter to create another AU!lock as well… In the end, I had a completely different idea when I begun working with this… Hmmm…

At least the quality looks better on these…
To be so Blessed: Broody

heartandmindentwined and twoeyesandallteeth

3,661 Words 

Pairings: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade

Warnings: Merlock (merfolk), mpreg 

Summery: Mycroft and Greg haven’t been mates long, but when the warm spring tides come in and breeding season begins, the two of them find themselves eager to start a family.