hey guys!!! i just found some super cool sites. they’re live webcams of different places, and i bet a lot of you otherkin out there would really dig them!! there’s sound on most of them, so be careful of that. 

here’s one with jellyfish, sharks, sea dragons, coral reefs (1 2) and an ocean cavern. there’s a lot more, but these are just a couple of the oceanic ones. hope you enjoy! :D

a playlist for those who’s hearts lie at sea 

(a few of these songs are on other playlists, sorry about that!) 

Alt j arrival in nara // Of monsters and men lakehouse // Alt j dissolve me // The Decemberists down by the water // Arcade fire deep blue // Alt j bloodflood // Gorillaz Pirate jet // Gregory and the hawk boats & birds // The Shins gone for good // Fountains of Wayne sink to the bottom // The Beatles octopus’s garden //  Blondie the tide is high // Alt j Matilda // Coldplay swallowed in the sea // Steven Universe soundtrack love like you 

you can listen here

forest playlist x

space playlist x

rain playlist x 

(font consultant: drunk-april-ludgate)

(ocean picture consultant: pluto-prince

mermaid/merman kinfeels

I just want to have my own little palace place where I can swim as I please, freely. If I want to go to the surface, I can just hang around without worrying about anyone potentially spotting me. I could just float under a tiny waterfall and hum little tunes…

I wish I could go right now…

some mermaid tails!

just a few merkin/ mermenkin/ mermaidkin mermaid tail how too!

now this video does show how to make tails of young mers like in the picture but good if you want to make a tail out of accessible things!  it does say $25 to make this but most things she got were on sale and she didn’t need to buy much for the little cuties.  Also at some point a saw is used so if you wish to make this and are not skilled using power tools ask someone whom does. They also do something called surging which i have no idea what that is.

this tutorial uses a monofin with a quick google search can cost as much as 25.00 up to 75.00

professional mermaid tail? this is the tutorial for you! Its a full all out professional mermaid tail so you’re going to have to spare a big budget.

this site sells mermaid tails period, they are alittle less then 60.00 usd

I diy again

Still pretty cute