merman with green tail

JunkFish and MakoShark

I tried a quick write for @froggyflan ;~; I said I was gonna write them a fic, and here it is. It’s not what it could be but I tried! Hope it doesn’t suck. 

   What’s he doing…? Mako thought. That was a fishing boat, and this fish was swimming right up to it. Was he dumb? Probably. Maybe he got shook around too much. He certainly looked like it. Stupid merman had some torn up gangly tail and some sickly green color. Scars littered up and down his tail as well as on his more human looking back and arm. He had what looked like a fishing hook lodged in his fin and ridiculously enough, a plastic can holder managed to get itself stuck on his tail years ago. It’s been there as long as anyone could remember. Among the mer-people in the sea, he’d been affectionately given the nickname Junkfish… 

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Mermaid Aesthetic

Requested by @veronikatheslav

Glistening shells smashed to pieces, the war that the ocean rages against the land, green blue hues and sunlit rays, beauty and pain, feeling free but trapped at the same time, adored yet despised, a creature of magnificence and danger, the serpent beneath the flower, the irresistible pull of temptation, sickeningly sweet and devastatingly fatal, clear water in a glass, salt drying out your lips, being able to go anywhere in the world, but just not there. 


When they were small, the younger four would gather around Scott to hear the stories of how they came to be

John, he says, fell from the sky one starry night. Luckily Mom caught him or he would’ve been a nasty mess on the patio. The aliens are waiting to take him back to the moon once he’s old enough.

Virgil, well. Mom was doodling away one day, thinking of the future, and POP! The picture came alive, and there was little Virgil. It was something not unlike a Disney film.

As for Gordon, Mom and Dad were walking along the beach one evening after tucking the first three into bed when they heard crying. There Gordon was, flailing in the sea foam and still covered in green scales from where his little merman tail had transformed into little human legs.

Alan, he finishes, was found on the moon by Dad. He was on a mission for to find John’s aliens, and although he did not find the ones he was looking for, he did encounter these little green men. They took him to a small hidden crater where Alan was sleeping peacefully. Unlike them, they pointed out, he was bright pink! 

Scott’s little brothers, amused and perplexed and maybe a little scared by their creation stories, then ask him how he was made. Well, he says, Dad needed a clone to continue his reign of terror over the world once he got too old, and so here he was! If they didn’t believe him he only had to show them the photos of when Dad was his age to prove it.