an AU in which Haru, apparently, is not a merman and just a \usual\ boy who spends all the possible free time in the water surfing, that attracts, apparently, a merman

or sharkman? rin-rin it is

-what am I say it >:D


-say it>:D


-wat sldfkjs @E#3!!! no I am a shark you idiot I’ve got the fin and teeth and tail asdlasd MACKEREL how dare you @#&^

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Omg can I get some merman!rin Head cannons?

  • Has shiny light blue scales
  • They shimmer in the sun
  • He has like a male Betta Fin, he loves flaring it up and messing with it
  • Instead of wielding flames, he wields water
  • Loves messing with humans on the beach
  • Makes it his mission to save drowning kids
  • Friends with every shark, and makes sure to point out the physical difference between humans and sharks for them (poor bby’s have bad eye sight)
  • A friend to all sea life tbh
  • LOVES finding human shit that’s sunk
  • He’s got a collection of every version of iphone
  • Loves the internet and wants to find a way to rig it in an underground cave near the beach
  • Has a instagram, people think he’s trolling with how he’s a mermaid
  • He loves the irony of it
  • Loves flirting with and flustering humans

@bluefire-castiel for being the biggest sweetheart and the greatest addition the AnE fandom. Seriously, I cannot fathom how amazing they are. Seriously, how can I portray how incredible this person is? They actively participate in some of our whacky conversations and let me tell you. GLORIOUS. They always have something funny to say and it brightens my day. We ended up with a picture of ballerina Rin, later AOT Ballerina Rin, King “Edge Lord” Egyn, and I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning until I found a message from Blue, and got FANART FOR LUSTROUS LAMINA. I make one ONE (1) Star Wars joke about mermaid Rin hating sand, and end up with Anakin and Merman Rin fanart, Seriously, what did we do as a fandom to ever deserve you?

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Obvious bbys #16
  • Rin: Yo.. so your name is Haru?
  • Haru: What about it?
  • Rin: I’m looking for a merman who I spotted at the fountain, and he looks exactly like you…
  • *Rin holds and lifts Haru's chin*
  • *Haru becomes irritated and breaks away from him*
  • Haru: You’re just imagining things. Are you a bit young to go soft in the head?
  • Rin: Hah, you’re a feisty one… but let me tell you, I never forget a face once I’ve seen it.
  • *The two glare at each other. Makoto looks on nervously*
  • (...)
  • Rin: I don’t care if it’s logical or illogical, I’ve seen him with my own eyes. and I’m definitely gonna get him.
  • Nagisa: What are you going to do after you catch him?
  • Rin: Don’t people say that a mermaid’s flesh gives you immortality? In that case…
  • Makoto: In that case…?
  • Rin: I’d probably eat him.
  • *Rin’s sharp shark-like teeth glistens*
  • (...)
  • *Rin looks at Haruka provokingly*
  • Rin: That merman is my prey. One day I’ll catch him by the tail and make him mine.
  • Haru: ...
  • (...)
  • Rin: Oh, sorry, looks like I spilled it…
  • *The water spreads on the floor. When it touches Haruka’s bare legs, scales begin to appears on them as well as his face.*
  • Haruka: Ugh…!
  • *Rin grabs Haruka by the collar and grins widely*
  • Rin: I knew it. You’re my merman…!
  • ~ Makoto & Haru Mook

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Merman!AU Comic: Treasure Page 24-25 


It’s been so long since I worked on this thing omgggggg >~<

So long, in fact, that I’ve drastically improved my drawing of Rin and Haru… ah well. Am aiming to finish what I have storyboarded by Sunday night (another 6 pages or so).

Hello Haru-butt

um I wrote some fic based on joannaestep’s merman Sousuke art too I hope that’s okay


Rin had known better.  He’d made a mistake, and it had nearly killed him.

He had nearly killed him, more like it.  The mistake had a face, and powerful shoulders, and gills along his ribs.  

Or maybe it was right after all.  Just because something looked human, or half-human, didn’t mean it really was.  

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