AoEx Boys Helping Their S/O with Painful Cramps: 

(Requested by @thiscityneedsyounow! I hope these are okay! And I hope you feel better soon sweetie!! ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • he’s at a loss
  • totally caught off guard
  • and a little scared ?
  • he knows that girls get cramps on their periods…but…he doesn’t KNOW
  • you’d have to walk him through it - but he’d do whatever you ask 
  • You want chocolate? Sure - he’ll go get it. 
  • A heating pad? Definitely. No problem. 
  • You want him to rub your back? No big deal. 
  • Need more pads/tampons or pain killers? Just tell him which ones to get and he’ll get it. 
  • (he’ll text you pics of the different ones at the store until he finally has the right one)
  • also he’s always down for cuddling so if you just need affection - he’s THERE 
  • he’ll wrap his tail around your waist and nuzzle against you and its so cute and warm and lovey dovey  

Yukio Okumura! 

  • he’s a 
  • he KNOWS what to do 
  • he’s already got everything you need 
  • likes giving you little facts about this or that revolving around a period 
  • “Did you know that chocolate actually helps ease period cramps because-” 
  • “Yukio - stop. Please don’t talk about it.” 
  • “Well, okay Y/N. But there’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed of it - its totally normal and - “
  • “YUKIO”

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • oh geez
  • big gorilla lookin muthafucka buyin pads/tampons at the convenience store with THAT expression ^ 
  • he doesn’t honestly have a problem with it 
  • but he has to keep up appearances - you know?
  • constantly worries about you though 
  • if you’d let him he’d wrap his arms around you - his hand lightly holding the heating pad/hot water bottle in place against your abdomen 
  • presses soft kisses to your shoulder comfortingly 
  • stays quiet usually but if you just want to hear his voice he’d recite sutra 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • bless his sweet little ol heart 
  • he’s not prepared in the slightest 
  • feels useless cause he doesn’t know how to help 
  • probably prays about it when your napping or whatever 
  • is willing to run around and do whatever you say so that he can be of use 
  • its sweet
  • he’s kinda like a puppy 

Shima Renzou! 

  • he ALREADY KNEW when this day would come
  • he’d noticed your habits in class and stuff before ya’ll had become a thing 
  • and could pinpoint approximately when you would start 
  • its kinda creepy Renzou 
  • but he always offered you a water bottle and he always knew when you wanted chocolates and he always kept a supply of pain relievers in his bag when he knew this day was approaching 
  • now that ya’ll are a thing - he’s still the same 
  • he’s still ready for it and he spoils you days in advance 
  • bringing you your fave flowers or a teddy bear and something chocolate 
  • when the cramps happen - it shocks him that they’re so bad 
  • but he stays chill and rubs your back and does whatever you need him to 

None of them ever say anything if there’s blood on sheets/blankets/clothes/towels. They just let it be. They might text their mothers (or girls they know, ex: Shura) and ask how to remove the stains - and if they can’t they might just throw out whatever it is and get a new one (unless its something important to either of you - in which case they just don’t speak about it and eventually they don’t even notice it anymore to be qh). 


➜ ғᴏʀ ᴀɴᴏɴʏᴍᴏᴜs

Imagine your OTP

Person A starts using Person B’s body to work out. Like right after they wake up, Person A puts Person B in their arms and starts running around their bedroom singing cute little love and positivity songs like I’m walking on sunshine and just being a huge adorable dork before laying Person B back down. Person B kind of hates it but loves it at the same time because on one hand: they’re being woken up, picked up, and spun around like a rag doll but on another hand, they are up for the day, waking up early helps them get their work and personal problems done faster, and Person A looks really cute singing in the morning so Person B only grumbles a little bit about Person A being too energetic and getting Person A back by being a little tease to them later. That’s not the only thing Person A does either. Person A also likes to put Person B on their shoulders whenever there’s snow on the ground outside. Whenever Person A does bench presses, Person B is told to sit on their chest and give them a sort of strip tease and the objective is for Person A to take an item of clothing off of Person B while bench pressing but Person B is allowed to move around to avoid Person A’s hands. It’s a cute but hot activity for the both of them. And during the sexy times, Person A likes to be on top so they can see how long they can hold up both themselves and Person B for however long it progresses


With Arc-V’s end comes the second coming of Twitter Nonsense, Post-Canon Imagines + Headcanon edition.

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anonymous asked:

Hello 😘 can I have headcanons when Rin,Yukio,Bon,Shima,Méphisto,and Amaimon's chubby girlfriend is being bullied,thank you 💞💞

[[Haha, sorry this is so late. I’ve been busy these past few days and I’ve been lazy x.x enjoy!]]

Rin -

hell no
• he won’t stand for anyone shit talking you like that
• won’t hesitate to go right up to whoever is bullying you and tell them to back the fuck off
• he’s protective, but not super protective y'know
• but he knows that weight can be a touchy subject for some people
• the last thing he wants is for you to feel bad over something like that
• if simply telling them to back off doesn’t work, he’ll let his fists do the rest of the talking

Yukio -

• ??
• why would anyone bully you
• you’re so nice and friendly
• but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter why, he just knows that he’s gonna put an end to it
• he works his way between the two of you and gives them a nice, happy smile
“i’m sure whatever you have to say to her face you can say to the president’s face. if not, then i suggest you stop before this gets out of hand”
• has no chill and no patience for bullies anymore
• so done with them

Bon -

• immediately annoyed when he sees you being bullied
• what the hell
• so what if you’re a bit chubby who honestly even cares???
• he doesn’t even approach you guys he just gives the guy a cold, annoyed look from behind you
• the guy is gone in .03 seconds bye
• satisfied that he’s able to protect you without doing much
• he cherishes you a lot

Shima -

• honestly he’s not the best at dealing with bullies
• he’d try to stick up for you but he’d probably end up becoming nervous and getting some shit too
• he gets you out of there instead of trying to argue or fight them
• reminds you that you shouldn’t listen to people like that, they’re bad news and don’t know a flapjack from a flyswatter
• compliments you every chance he gets for the rest of the day to make up for that incident

Mephisto -

• ahhh yes
• his newest victim
• but really though he… would honestly be so infuriated
• he doesn’t mind when people insult his goofy appearance or his vagueness
• but he’ll be damned (lol) if he’s going to stand by and let you be insulted for something that didn’t even remotely matter
• he’s behind the guy in seconds
“my my, what do we have here”
• the guy is shook
• he ends up running off after taking a look at his face

Amaimon -

• he doesn’t understand the point of talking down on people unless you’re planning to fight to the death
• and he certainly doesn’t understand picking on someone about their weight
• weight isn’t a huge deal he doesn’t think
• as much as he’d like to watch someone die he feels a sudden obligation to keep you from being talked to like that
• he hops down from wherever he’s perched to stand beside you
• gives the guy giving you a hard time a blank expression
• then the guy starts insulting him too
amaimon no stop choking him
• he has a hard time letting go of his neck
• lets go eventually when you insist
• honestly he was hoping to kill this guy
• oh well