au where rin is like a ten foot long shark merman and nitori is a human who comes to his most frequent habitat area to watch him and take study notes

then one day nitori accidentally falls in the water

gou initially thinks they should try seeing if he tastes good but rin get all protective and makes sure he’s breathing alright and everything.

and then nitori gets all surprised and meek when it turns out rin knows decent japanese and asks if he’s alright.

when nitori responds with a yes rin smiles and says he’s kinda cute.

nitori gets all flustered while gou just looks at rin while thinking “Omfg, you big sofite. You think that shrimpy human is cute?  Pfft, whatever. he doesn’t even have big muscles. He’s probably too stringy to eat.”

cue seijuurou coming with nitori the next day and gou getting all embarrassed about the nice new redheaded human watching her while rin is like “HUMANS AREN’T EVER CUTE, EH?”


nitori asking rin questions for research but they end up getting off topic and talking about their favorite kinds of seafood and shit.

gou stuttering and getting embarrassed when sei asks her questions (even though nitori said he should wait a while to build up her trust) because she doesn’t speak japanese quite as well and he’s rly cute

Anonymous asked: Rintori as mermen please!!

The sun is warm beneath the water. Rin swims idly, almost negligently, letting the current move him as he slowly drifts. It’s been a while since he’s let himself relax like this, and he sighs slightly, his muscles slowly loosening in the warmth of the water and in the muted swell of the waves. 

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