fact number 82

in 1912 olympics finland took part in football and miraculously made it all the way to the bronze game and it was such a miracle the team went to celebrate it the night before the game, forgot about the upcoming match, woke up next morning with a huge hangover, barely made it to the match and lost it 9-0 and that is the most successful finland has ever been in football

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Is it true that Finnish people have to learn Swedish in school?

It is. Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. One of the biggest minorities in Finland are the Swedish-speaking Finns (suomenruotsalaiset). So it is possible to complete your education either in Finnish or Swedish (and in some schools in Lapland, in Sami languages).

However, I’d like to point out that swedish spoken in finland is quite different from “riksvenska” aka swedish spoken in sweden. Pronunciation is more “finnish”, finnish words are thrown in and mixed with swedish, for example. kind of a similar case as with spanish in spain vs. spanish in south america. Both Swedish and Finnish Swedish are taught in schools.

Anyway. If you are a Finnish-speaking Finn and go to a Finnish-speaking school, you have to study Swedish (”pakkoruotsi” aka “forced swedish” is the common unofficial term for it). But if you are a Swedish-speaking Finn and go to a Swedish-speaking school, you have to study Finnish (tvångfinska). 

Finns start to study the other language usually in 7th grade. School is compulsory until 9th grade after which most finns continue either to high school or vocational school. In both schools you have to study Swedish/Finnish at least on some level. The way I have understood most colleges/universities have compulsory Swedish classes. 

But yet many.if not most Finns suck at speaking Swedish. There has been a lot of discussion whether Swedish should be made optional or not. We will see.  

//EDIT: if you are an immigrant and don’t know Finnish, it is always not compulsory to study Swedish. 

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So Denmark Finland and Sweden go in to a swimsuit competition. Iceland wants to cheer Denmark on but all Norway does is cover Iceland eyes. Oh and question who do you think would win.


okay as far as who wins goes:

aph denmark has the perfect body to win, but he acts like an idiot and probably trips over his own feet and off the stage, so he has no chance

sweden is also hella muscular, but he’d stand there stiff and awkward, blushing like hell, so he wouldn’t win

to everyone’s surprise, the winner, by a long shot, is FINLAND! He’s a little chubby but he OWNS it, and he ends up totally stealing the show.

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May I add to that previous ask that finnish people also adore brown eyes. They're really rare around here, most people having blue, green, or something of a mix of eyes, so even though they're common around the world, in finland it's a jackpot.

True! I have green eyes but especially when I was younger I was so jealous of my classmate who had dark brown eyes.