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I love the ending so much~ lololl

I will be selling this as a print and a string bag at AX this year -2015- in artist alley table A4 >v< hope you can come visit~ 

Hetalia Nicknames America Style
  • <p><b>England:</b> Iggy or Princess Leia<p/><b>Canada:</b> Baby Bear<p/><b>France:</b> Kermit the Frog<p/><b>China:</b> Dragon King and Panda Bear<p/><b>Russia:</b> Commie or Jabba the Hutt<p/><b>Germany:</b> G.I. Joe<p/><b>Japan:</b> Spock<p/><b>Italy:</b> Mama Mia<p/><b>Romano:</b> Luigi<p/><b>Spain:</b> Spanish Jack Sparrow<p/><b>Prussia:</b> Brother from Another Mother<p/><b>Hungary:</b> Hungry<p/><b>Austria:</b> Piano Man<p/><b>Switzerland:</b> Ranger Rick<p/><b>Liechtenstein:</b> Angel<p/><b>Belarus:</b> Psycho<p/><b>Ukraine:</b> Fairy Godmother<p/><b>Estonia:</b> Twin<p/><b>Lithuania:</b> Sidekick<p/><b>Poland:</b> Pony Boy or Barbie<p/><b>Latvia:</b> Cry Baby<p/><b>Sealand:</b> Seaworld or Mini Me<p/><b>Finland:</b> Mama Bear<p/><b>Sweden:</b> Chewbacca<p/><b>Denmark:</b> Viking<p/><b>Norway:</b> Jack Frost<p/><b>Iceland:</b> Ice Cube<p/><b>Hong Kong:</b> Karate Kid<p/><b>South Korea:</b> K-Pop<p/><b>Taiwan:</b> Mulan<p/><b>Seychelles:</b> Seashell<p/><b>Greece:</b> Sleeping Beauty<p/><b>Turkey:</b> Turkey Burger<p/><b>Belgium:</b> Waffle<p/><b>Netherlands:</b> Big Bird<p/><b>Romania:</b> Transylvania<p/><b>Australia:</b> Crocodile Hunter<p/><b>New Zealand:</b> Bilbo<p/></p>
Dear Hetalia Fandom,

If you want to say something is ‘canon’, don’t solely base it off of the anime, especially the dub.

Sometimes, they add extra things in the dub to make English speakers laugh or something. It’s not something to be taken seriously.

I saw a post saying that France and England were canonly gay because the movie said 'they love each other sexually’. And that my friends, is Funimation adding in some things to make English speakers laugh. That is not to be taken seriously.

But always take the manga seriously. It’s made by the original creator so unless they put a disclaimer for a certain part, everything is obviously canon.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey! If it's not too much trouble, could you do baby Ice headcanons? I really love them as much as you do! Thank you! :-D

smothers you in hugs

asking for baby Ice is never too much trouble uwu

just as an FYI human aus will be mixed in as well

prepare yourselves

  • Little Iceland is really ticklish.  Norway likes to exploit this.  A lot.
  • When he saw that Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were going out to do manly viking stuff, he’d almost always run after them, dragging a sword way too big and way too heavy for him to hold.
  • He and Denmark would make the best pillow and blanket forts.  They are more like castles than forts, really.  Denmark even strung little string lights for them to see while they are in there.  Finland even left them baked goods for them to find after they woke up from their unintended nap in there.
  • Baby Ice steals Denmark and Norway’s shirts to wear and they are HUGE on him.
  • While in his first years of school he never really talked to anyone– he just sat in his own corner with his puffin plushie and read books all day.
  • He was a water baby.  He’d always be pulling Norway and Denmark to go swimming with him.  He’ll simply float there for hours, not wanting to come out when they had to go home.
  • Finland would put little bows in his hair and Denmark would put flowers in his hair.
  • The others will find Ice sleeping everywhere; in the middle of the floor, curled up on the wooden chairs, he’s even fallen asleep in a tree before.  Then he experienced his first broken bone.
  • When Iceland first met Norway he was rather introverted and quiet around him, and Norway took this as a sign he didn’t like him.  So, he of course internally flipped out when Ice called him “big brother” for the first time.
  • Little Ice liked to be carried around a lot.  Sweden will carry him on his shoulders, Finland and Denmark carry him on their back, and Norway carries him around in his arms.  He sometimes will fall asleep while being carried.

Look at precious Finland. HE’S SO CUTE OMG. I wonder what he’s doing to that bottle XD 


Mermaid vibes (a retrospective)

(left) Aug.2014, Atlantic coast of Delaware

(right) Apr.2015, Pacific coast of Laguna California (notice the kelp draped on me in last pic)