The Cherry on Top

Pairing: Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1794

Warnings: Flirting, Teasing, Foreplay

Summary: Cas has been flirting with you for months and refuses to make a move. Will you be able to get him to tell you how he truly feels?

A/N: This gif was submitted by @thegreatficmaster for my 1K Follower Celebration. So it was supposed to be a drabble, but I’m wordy and got carried away by Cas. I just couldn’t help it. Nini, thank you for this glorious Cas gif! It helped me find my muse again!  This is my first attempt at trying to make something gender neutral so I hope I did this justice for you.

Cas couldn’t taste food, but he still joined you, Sam, and Dean for meals as often as possible. He said he enjoyed the conversation, but you knew the real reason. He had been flirting with you for months, but wouldn’t make a move. It had been driving you crazy.

You decided it was time to try to step things up a notch.  You spent all day planning and cooking the perfect dinner, designed to tease him to the breaking point. For dinner, chicken alfredo on a bed of angel hair pasta and french bread on the side. For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries and the real kicker, milkshakes topped with whipped cream and a cherry. You know that Cas can’t taste any of the food, but he remembers what it is like to be able to and that will hopefully make your plan for the night very effective.  

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