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I luve The Little Mermaid movie… I think you noticed that already…

and my favorite lyric is this moment

“Here’s my defense, I’ll give up my grace
Just to see that smile on Dean Winchester’s face”

But I’m pretty sure I’ll redraw this…. (I just hate that Cas face on second pic………)

ashtray-heartbreaks  asked:

Any amazing destiel fanfic suggestions?

Well there are hundreds, but here are a few that are my personal favourites:

First of all, I’ll get classics out of the way: 

1.Out of the Deep. It’s a AU featuring mer!Castiel and Dean wherein Castiel is captured by a research team and kept against his will while Dean, Sam and Jess are working to free him. Lots of fluff, plenty of angst, and yes there is some smut ;)

2. Twist and Shout. The ultimate classic of all Supernatural fanfic (though personally, I still hate the ending.) Another AU in which Castiel and Dean are in college and its set in the 60s.Though,  I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who much prefers happy endings.

Now time for my favourites and recommendations:

3. The Spirit of Lawrence High, a college AU (because they’re the best!) where Dean is in a coma but his spirit is still wandering the halls of Lawrence High. The only catch is that nobody, not even his little brother, Sam, can see him. That is, everyone but Castiel…Plenty of  angst, smut and fluff- super funny but also a great read.

4. Fishsticks- Another mermaid AU where Dean is a merman who meets Castiel when his brother, Gabriel, tricks him into joining him on a documentary trip to a tropical island where there is a legend of sea monsters. Some Sabriel (yum) and some Destiel (yay) and a shed load of angst.

5. Foxfire Blossom is an AU where Dean is a florist with a deep dark secret, but when he meets the mysterious Castiel, everything changes for the both of them.

6. Past Present: an awesome plot where Cas is an archaeologist who Dean just can’t get enough of. Beware of the angst! (But don’t worry because the ending is happy happy happy!)

7. Forget-me-not Blues- an awesome-ass fic that was one of the first ones I read. Dean and Cas met and fell in love in high school. But it all went wrong. Now they are fated to meet again in time for Sam and Jess’ wedding, but will old feelings dredge back to the surface?

8. The Last Great Race was actually the first fanfic I read and it is brilliant. Set in Iditarod where Dean and Sam are brothers training for the Great Race (an annual sled-dog race) and Cas is a news reporter documenting it all.

9. All Your Edges (All Your Perfect Imperfections): another florist AU but with ore meaning and fluff and lovely bits.

10. Broadway Musical is the funniest fanfic I have ever read. All the angels in Heaven are excitable and celebrating because its the day when Jo Harvelle and Dean Winchester will fall in love. Everyone is watching intently as the love arrow is fired…and strikes…but nothing happens. The angels pull out every stop to try to get the couple to fall in love but its not until Castiel goes down to Earth to directly interact with them, that they realise just how stupid they were.

Hope you enjoy these fics and if you ever want to see more then just send me a request! I write Destiel too, so if you’re looking for something particular, I could help :)

jojoruinedmylife  asked:

Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for this site :). My question: Is there a fic, where human!Dean/Cas will turn to mermaid to live in the sea with mermaid!Dean/Cas? I have tried to find one, but no luck.

We’re combining the above with this anon ask we recently got:

I’m a big fan of Out of the Deep. I love merman!Cas and was wondering if there are any other fics out there similiar to it? Or maybe just fics using mythology associated with the ocean? Like selkies or sirens? Maybe even pirates?

To start off, here are some resources:

Unfortunately, for the first ask, we really only know of a couple that kind of fit. There’s this one super long fic where it happens at the very end and it is a major spoiler that one of them is a creature (and the creatures don’t technically *live* in the ocean). So, it’s probably not worth the major spoiler.   

A Bird and a Fish [T, 2,700 word count] merman!dean, birdman!cas

A bird and a fish may fall in love, but where would they live?

But here are some other fics with ocean-related creatures. :)

Behold, the Dean [T, 1,900 word count]

Dean is a merman, Castiel is the scientist studying him.

Fishsticks [M, 83,800 word count (WIP)]

Castiel is a marine biologist that reluctantly joins his brother in a search for a mysterious underwater creature. Illustrated.

Ink Stains [NC-17, 14,500 word count] octo!cas

Dean stops at the dilapidated exotic pet store and ends up taking home more than he bargained for.

The Salt on Your Skin [M, 10,400 word count] selkie!cas

Supernatural creatures are Dean’s specialty, he’s spent years studying them. The stories and myths have always been interesting, and that’s what draws him to Ireland. That, and trying to figure out how to operate like a normal person. Until he finds a weird bundle on the beach and a man shows up at his door a few hours later. But the legends aren’t real.

The Seraph [NC-17, 135,700 word count] tentacles

Ever since the seraph were discovered, there’s been one rule society has had to adapt to: stay out of open water. Powerful, determined and aggressive, the octopus-human creatures are in a league of their own and have no qualms with taking what they want and attacking what they don’t. Now, children learn to swim in man-made lakes and beaches are deserted save for researches and the fool-hearted.
Dean Winchester is neither of those things. But a hunt has brought him and Sam, his brother, to one of the many abandoned beaches, where Dean is left with no choice but to take refuge in the water. He should be safe, he thinks, he doesn’t go too deep - just deep enough to hide himself and to deter his pursuer.
He forgot just how fast the damn things could be, and how determined they were once they had their eyes on something.

If our followers have any fics to rec, let us know (especially if they fit the first ask).

ETA: Submitted by messyvirgo (still a WIP and may eventually fit the first ask).

Seven Tears [M, 5,000 (WIP)] selkie!dean

Castiel was in the Orkney Islands, on day three of an epic mope. He was wrapped in a cardigan with a cup of milky tea, staring out over the sea from his rented cottage. It grew dark early this far north, and that suited him; he was spending a lot of time reading, going for solitary rambles over the cliffs, watching the sleek gray seals as they basked on skerries with their playful young pups. He knew he was wallowing, but here at least it was a comfortable melancholy.

Dean/Cas: Part Of Your World

Merman Castiel, both lonely and curious, likes to watch people come and go on a nearby beach. There’s one particular man that catches his eye above the rest: a handsome lifeguard with gorgeous green eyes and a smile that puts sunshine to shame. Cas has to hide behind the boulders, of course, because being seen would cause more trouble than good, but he risks all of that so he can watch Dean during his shift, and from the way Dean chats with everyone and looks after kids, Cas just knows that Dean’s got a kind heart.

One evening, after the beach has closed, Dean stays behind to take a walk along the shore. Cas emerges from his usual spot because he wishes to be nearer for once. His heart leaps when their eyes meet over the water, and to his surprise, Dean doesn’t run but beckons him closer.

And god, Dean’s voice is so beautiful and soothing. Cas hadn’t heard it before but now he thinks he could listen to it forever. Dean stares and stares, which makes Cas blush and feel warm all over, and Dean says that his mother used to tell him bedtime stories about mermaids and mermen, though he always considered it fantasy. Make-believe. “I didn’t think they’d be so stunning,” Dean adds, and Cas can only duck his head, so very shy.

They meet like that every day, after hours, and Dean even shows up on days he doesn’t work. Cas finds Dean’s interest unbelievable, because Cas can’t talk, let alone leave the water. But Dean seems content just plopping down where the sand meets the ocean, while Castiel sits half-submerged in front of him, happy to learn about Dean’s life and his family. Dean is a fantastic storyteller.

Then one day, as the summer’s fading into fall, Dean comes to him wearing thicker clothes and a sad expression. “Summer’s almost over,” he says. “I’ll have to go back to school in a week,” and Cas doesn’t know what any of that means but Dean looks lost and he feels helpless; he aches. “This is insane,” Dean laughs, a broken sort of sound unlike the bright peals Cas has heard before. “I barely know you. I mean, you don’t talk and you’re…” Dean runs a hand through his hair and he’s so beautiful. Cas can see the light in him, radiant and captivating. “But these past two months- They’ve been…” He pauses to look up - and Cas locks their eyes because today might be their last - then Dean is leaning in and his lips are on Cas’ and they feel… They feel-

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Where The Heart Is

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“You can go back if you want- You know, home.”

Castiel turned around to the quiet voice. Dean was standing at the end of the peer, arms self-consciously wrapped around his abdomen and bare toes rubbing against each other. His eyes were sad with an understanding tone- one that told him if he went now he would be forever forgiven but grieved over.

Castiel breathed in the smell if the ocean. Salty, brisk and fresh. It was wonderful. He could see the curve of the earth where was standing on the peer- bare toes curling against the worn and old wood- the soft puff of pink clouds that were an accent to the purples and blues that made up the sky. He could feel the ocean breeze dust on his face, grains of sand mixed in with the ocean water.

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