Out of nowhere a mass of water appeared, she took my hand and pulled me in. There was a pinky and purple bright light within the coral and weed and for the first time in a long time i didnt feel worry or guilt. My back didnt hurt, my ribs where straight, everything was in the right place and i could just breath

As i submerged myself i felt the weight lift from my hair and all i could think about was how much i wanted this feeling of excitement forever.
She didnt have a name, it all happened so fast and although our time was short, i feel she came to me for a reason - to remind me that its not so bad and life is fun and to just, now and then, take a moment to breath and remember who i am and remember the real, happy, fun, nice me inside and that although i am in pain and havent slept for days that somewhere i will find repose in ways whether it be in a smell, a friend, coral, colours or a dream. 

It was one of the nicest dreams i’ve had and i hope i go back there again tonight.  

@stylelikeu My style is all about nostalgia. I own very few new clothes and i am obsessed with thrift stores and finding things from the past. I love wearing things that probably meant something to someone else and creating new meaning and memories. I like to think of myself as a woman from the past who has the power to decide how she is seen. I think people assume my style is intentional and interesting. While i love fashion, i dont consider myself very fashionable. I guess i equate fashion to how expensive a garment is. Maybe thats wrong. Either way, i love that i have a style people assume cost me a lot but really didnt cost much at all. #iamwhatsunderneath #6forselfacceptance @mulatto_mermaiid @mehgantonjes @milesjai @cara.brooks @powderpink @ashlay_m @jetblaque #naturalhair #blackgirls #plussize #bodypositivity #style #fashion