I just watched a tv show called Debate on SVT, and the host had invited some rich guy to come talk about his wealth etc ( he had also starred in some other show called Swedish millionaires). Why they had invited him was at first very unclear to me, it wasn’t even really a debate. Then the host kind of started criticizing him, saying things like “You’re so rich, don’t you think you should be paying more tax” and such.

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Problem: Skriva en essä - Idétorka.
Mamma: “skriv om något du verkligen hatar” Jag: “kommunister och lata, korkade människor” DET KAN MAN JU INTE SKRIVA VETENSKAPLIGT OM Eller så kanske det finns en vetenskaplig grund för att kommunister är lata och korkade.
You CAN be a feminist and...

… Wear make-up.
… Have long hair.
… Shave your armpits/legs/ass.
… Wear skirts and dresses.
… Enjoy the company of men.
… Show cleavage/want bigger boobs.
… Be skinny.
… Be attractive.
… Wear high heels.
… Take birth control pills.
… Have penis, goddamnit.

People are so close minded. Anyone can be a feminist. Feminism is not about looks. I don’t get why some people seem surprised when I tell them I’m a feminist. There’s really no reason for not being a feminist.