I just watched a tv show called Debate on SVT, and the host had invited some rich guy to come talk about his wealth etc ( he had also starred in some other show called Swedish millionaires). Why they had invited him was at first very unclear to me, it wasn’t even really a debate. Then the host kind of started criticizing him, saying things like “You’re so rich, don’t you think you should be paying more tax” and such.

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You CAN be a feminist and...

… Wear make-up.
… Have long hair.
… Shave your armpits/legs/ass.
… Wear skirts and dresses.
… Enjoy the company of men.
… Show cleavage/want bigger boobs.
… Be skinny.
… Be attractive.
… Wear high heels.
… Take birth control pills.
… Have penis, goddamnit.

People are so close minded. Anyone can be a feminist. Feminism is not about looks. I don’t get why some people seem surprised when I tell them I’m a feminist. There’s really no reason for not being a feminist.