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20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

5.) Favorite AU

I don’t actively look into AU’s because I just skim the Gravity Falls tag but the one that caught my interest was this:

MonsterFalls. Yay.

I love paranormal creatures which is one of the reasons I started watching this show in the first place. They’re not the main focus but I still enjoy it.

Centaurs, dragons, unicorns, werewolves, aliens, vampires, mermaids, ghosts, demons aaaaaaaaah I love them. Seriously. Oh my god. Love. For years I’ve had my own original idea involving them.

The sad thing was Gravity Falls came on (and I love that it did) and now my idea seems kind of like a rip off. Not the story but just some characters and their relationships and…

God dammit Gompers better not be someone transformed into a goat.


MonsterFalls. Monsters. Yeah, awesome and adorable. Combines the two things I love, Gravity Falls and paranormal creatures. Yup.

anonymous asked:

Aww, hope the struggles on your fic end soon! Some random AU ideas ~ pirates, mermaids, superheroes/power/magic, pornstar, royalty, coffeeshop, bakery, vampires, werewolves.

Oh my goodness. HOW DO I PICK JUST ONE. Well, I feel that mermaids, superheros & associated, porn stars, royalty, bakery and coffeeshop, vampires & werewolves have all been done a bunch. SO, that leaves pirates. Which immediately made me think of Aubrey-Maturin. So perhaps it would be better to say chasing pirates.

1. Jonny is a young captain during the napoleanic wars, who’s just been put in command of his own ship the HMS Hawk. It’s not a good ship, it’s old, in terrible shape. The thing is, the admiralty didn’t want to give Jonny his own ship, he’s annoying and has weird ideas about naval warfare, but he comes from a powerful family and Commander Nelson likes him. They can’t very well let him cool his heels in Port Royal forever. So they give him this crap ship and a crew of crazy misfits, and hope that he’ll muck about for a while, hopefully not get himself into trouble.

2. Meanwhile, Patrick is doctor. He’s a little eccentric, constantly trying new techniques and mucking about with anatomical tomes. He can’t stop treating people who are too poor or ill to pay him. He doesn’t have enough for rent this month, let alone buying new medicines, or other doctorly things. His sisters point out that he could start taking paying clients, but as Patrick replies, who will treat the people to impoverished to afford a doctor? Is it fair to just let them die?

3. Jonny and Patrick meet accidentally in a tavern on the rougher side of town. They get into a disagreement about–lord, I don’t know what. The price of tea. It becomes quite heated and the next thing Patrick knows he’s challenging Jonny to a duel. Jonny laughs at him, because seriously, this short little thing, with those girly lashes and pretty lips.

But before they can name their seconds, one of Jonny’s ensigns has an allergic reaction to something in his drink. It causes quite a commotion as his airway swells up, causing him to choke, and nobody knowing what to do. Patrick, using a pocket knife cadged off of Jonny makes an incision in the young man’s throat as everybody watches in mortified horror. But the incision allows the boy, who is by  now, quite blue in the face to draw breaths again.

Jonny stares at him as he bandages the poor boy up and directs them take him to his practice so he can disinfect the wound and then suture it up properly as soon as the swelling has gone down.

Patrick catches him staring and blushes, rapidly explaining that he had all the assurances it would work, explaining that it was described by the imminently respectable Dr. Georg Detharding in his experiments attempting to treat drowning and diphtheria victims. Just because British physicians haven’t caught on doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly acceptable.

Jonny needs a ship’s doctor. This one is daft, obviously, what with his stupid thoughts about the price of tea and duel challenging. But he finds himself offering him a job.

4. Patrick is poor and he’s going to have debtors after him soon if he doesn’t come up with some better way to make a living. Patrick doesn’t think a lot of soldiers or fighting, but he’s also got to eat. He accepts with no little trepidation.

5. Somehow, they and their ragtag crew fix up the poor old Hawk into a good ship of fighting trim. They manage to take on several barbary pirates quite successfully. Patrick makes a very good ship’s doctor. He still fights Jonny all the time. About everything. And he’s got no idea at all why when he enters the young captain’s quarters some evening to yell at him about the budget he was given to purchase new medical supplies and finds him with his braces down around his knees, shirt off, shining with water from the quick washing up he was attempting to do that he feels suddenly quite heated. And definitely not from anger. Patrick feels heated around Jonny a lot.

6. Jonny feels the same.

They’re totally going to make out. At some point. Probably a lot. And Patrick will talk about Mendel and experiments with plants and new ways to treat injuries that could avoid amputations. And Jonny will talk about his plans for how to benefit the navy, and they have a lot of sex and fight battles.

The end.