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The November 1950 issue of “Sets in Order” the ‘Magazine of Western Square Dancing’, featuring cover art by Chuck Jones. Chuck and his wife, Dorothy, along with several other members of his unit and their wives spent a great deal of time square dancing, traveling around the Southwest for dance tournaments. Chuck Jones contributed many cover illustrations over the years to this magazine. 

It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!
based on @jen-iii ‘s original design

EVERYONE’S FAVE SQUARE MAMA PLUS LITTLE RUBY FISH BECAUSE I COULDN’T RESIST. Jen’s design is one of my faves, and if you haven’t seen yet, it’s an obligatory stop, so 👉🏻 YOU’VE GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT 👈🏻.I LOVE HOW HER TAIL SPLITS IN BLUE, PURPLE AND RED ENDS, 👌🏻 and how she has Cotton Candy’s hair?? 👌🏻 the necklace?👌🏻👌🏻 how her chest piece looks a bit like a heart? 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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Not Dead Yet (Part 3)

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Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

“What did Pan say to you?” Devin asked when I got back to camp.

“Just told me about the dreamshade.” I sighed sitting back down, “Does he really do that with all the new people?”

“Yeah, don’t fret about it.” he shrugged. From the looks of the other boys I could tell he wasn’t just saying that to ease me.

There was a loud bird call of sorts and the boys jumped to attention. I stood up as well as Pan came into the camp. “As everyone knows by now we have a new member, our very first Lost Girl. Come here, Y/N!”

I glanced at the others and Devin nudged me forward. I walked forward until I was standing next to Pan. He placed a hand on my shoulder. “You may have been brought here but until you pass initiation you cannot be a true Lost Girl.”

“Initiation?” the boys started cheering and a small sense of dread started to creep in. What did they have planned for me?

“It’s quite simple really, nothing to worry about.” he whistled loudly right in my ear as he started to lead me away once more, this time with the Lost Boys in tow.

“Why do I not believe you?”

He smirked across at me, “Because you’re smart.”

We kept walking until we got to a beach. There was a large flat rock that jutted out several feet into the ocean. This is where we stopped. Below the waves lapped lazily against the shore. It was hard to tell how deep it was but it didn’t look to be shallow in the least.

“See that rock out in the distance?” Pan pointed out across the horizon where another large boulder rested amid the waves. “That is the only place in all the realms that you can find Ever-oysters. If you can swim out, find an oyster, and swim back before the sunsets then you can be an official Lost Girl.”

“That all?” I stared down at the water in apprehension. “Not a problem.”

“Sure?” his smile was chilling, “You do know how to swim, don’t you?”

“Yeah, of course.” I lied. I had never even seen a beach before this. The pond I had bathed in was shallow enough for me to stand in that I wasn’t worried about drowning. This was a death sentence and I had feeling Pan knew.

“Then go on.” he shoved me closer, “You’re wasting time.”

“I’m going, stop shoving.” I took in a deep breath as I kicked off my shoes and shrugged off my coat. Someone behind me whistled and it took everything in me not to turn around and chuck my shoe at the source. From the pained grunting sound I heard someone smacked him for me.

This shouldn’t be too hard. Plus it’s probably not as deep as I’m fearing. With another deep breath and a hesitant look back at the shore I jumped down into the water. I sunk down a few feet into the dark blue water. I was wrong! It is deep! It is really really deep!

I started to panic and thrashed wildly for the surface. I bumped into the rock wall and clung onto it pulling myself up until I was back to the surface taking in greedy breaths.

“Everything okay down there?” I looked up and saw Pan and some of the Lost Boys staring down at me.

“Yeah,” I coughed, “Never better.”

“Okay, we’ll be waiting…unless you can’t do it. We’ll find something else for you to do.”

“No! I got it!” I snapped. I refused to look helpless in front of this lot. I was already in the water, I wasn’t going to turn back now.

I kicked off the rock and tried my best to paddle out further. Just keep moving. I just need to keep moving. I swam further and further pumping my legs as hard as I could. I looked back to see how far I had gotten and was disheartened to see I hadn’t gone as far as I had thought.

On the bright side it was still early and at the pace I was going I was sure to make it to the rock out in the distance and back before sunset like Pan had challenged.


Peter watched as Y/N made her clumsy swim out further into the sea. It was obvious she had never done anything like this before now. If worse came to worse then he would send one of the boys out to fetch her. For right now though he was having a great time watching her struggle to go forward a few feet.

As the day got later more of the boys disappeared to do other things and find food. Peter, Felix, and Devin were the only ones left waiting. The others would come back when it got closer to sunset to see if Y/N had passed initiation.

She was more than three quarters out to the island. She just may be able to pull this off. “Felix, go grab a dagger from back at camp, as a present of sorts for passing.”

“You think she’ll really make it?” he asked.

“Maybe. But regardless of is she does or not she dove into the water without much or any knowledge of how to swim. She faced the possibility of drowning just so she wouldn’t have to back down from a challenge. I can respect that.” Peter grinned as Y/N steadily swam further out still.

“Fair point. I’ll be back, and I’ll bring the boys.” Felix stood up and walked back into the jungle.

“So, what are your thoughts on the girl?” Peter asked Devin.

Devin shrugged, “She certainly has an attitude and a mind of her own. Possibly too stubborn for her own good though.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Peter reclined against the rock to stare up at the dimming sky. Another minute or so went by in silence as he continued to watch the birds flying above. What he would do to be able to join them. If only the pixie dust wasn’t running so low.

“Uh Pan…” Devin tapped his shoulder, “Y/N disappeared.”

“What do you mean she disappeared? She sink down? She’ll be back up in a minute, just wait.” Peter sat up keeping an eye out where he had last seen her. A few tense seconds went by but nothing came back to the surface.

“Do you think she…?”

“No. She’s fine. Just give it another second.” Several more seconds passed but Y/N hadn’t reappeared anywhere.

“Just perfect,” Peter muttered, “Devin, go in after her before the idiot drowns.”

“I can’t swim, remember?” Devin said and a small sense of worry waded in.

“Dammit.” he glanced back at the jungle but there was no one there. Even with his fastest swimmer they wouldn’t be able to reach her in time. “Have to do everything myself.” He pulled the emergency vial of pixie dust he kept on him and took off skimming over the water.


Almost there! I thought thankfully as I was finally nearing the large rock. All I have to do now is a find an oyster and swim back and I’ll be done with this stupid initiation! I felt something brush against my foot and spasmed back from it. What am I doing? It was probably just a fish or some kelp or something.

“Gah!” I yelped as I felt it again. This wasn’t some little fish. Whatever was below me was big and right under me. I risked a look down into the water and saw a flash of scales sink further down into the inky darkness. Get out of the water! I need to get out of the water right now!

I began paddling harder for the rock when something wrapped around my ankle and, in one swift pull that nearly tore my foot off, dragged me under. I was dragged down further into the water until the surface was a shrinking light distorted by the rush of bubbles that came tumbling from my mouth as I had let out a scream. I grasped at the submerged part of the boulder trying to find some hold but it just broke away in my grasp.

I kicked and kicked trying to break free from whatever had a hold of me but it held good. I’m going to die! I’m going to drown! In my panic I accidentally took in a lungful of water. Please no! Not like this! I kicked again but another tendril wrapped around my other ankle and began pulling me down quicker. For the second time in twenty four hours everything began to fade.


Peter dove straight down into the water. Using his tie to the island he spread his reaches out until he felt Y/N’s presence quickly sinking beneath the water. She wasn’t alone. An entire swarm of mermaids waited below circling her and pulling her down to the bottom of the sea floor.

He swam further. The mermaids took notice of him and scattered knowing just what he could do to them. There were the few that still had Y/N though that took off at lightening fast speeds with their prey still in their grasps.

He was not losing his first Lost Girl to a bunch of fish! Using some magic he shot after them and was able to get close enough to grab a fistful of Y/N hair. If she lived through this he had a feeling that was going to hurt later. The mermaids that had captured her gave shrieks that sounded like a sword scraping against glass. He conjured a ball of boiling hot water in his one hand and shot it at the mermaids. It hit one square in the face searing flesh from bone in one glorious peel. The other sensing the danger grabbed her injured friend, let go of Y/N and took off.

Peter let go of Y/N’s hair and hooked his arms under her armpits. Using some more magic he made a straight shot to the surface of the ocean. Once back with the air he transported them as close to the shore as he could get.

Carrying her as best he could he set her back on the sand just as the Felix and the Lost Boys showed up. Everyone circled around staring in horror at the sight of the unconscious girl before them. “Is she…?”

“Not yet.” Peter placed a hand on her chest, focusing his magic carefully. There was a constricting moment of nothingness after Peter removed his hand where it looked like he had truly been too late.

With a small twitch that grew into another large spasm Y/N’s head retched to the side as she hurled up the water she had swallowed. Coughing and sputtering and heaving she looked almost as weak as when Peter saw her collapse back in the Enchanted Forest.

“Ugh,” she rolled onto her back, eyes squinted against the light of the setting sun, “Am I dead now?”

“Not yet, pet.” Peter brushed some sand off her face, “You’re not getting away that easily.”

“Figures.” her voice was hoarse as she coughed even more.

One of the other boys helped her to sit up. “Y/N, what do you have there?” the boy pointed to something clasped in Y/N hand.

She opened her hand and in her palm was an Ever-oyster. Peter smirked as he plucked the oyster from her. “Well, well, well, looks like you did it.” he displayed the oyster to her proudly, “That makes you a true Lost Girl, pet.”

She managed a weak smile back at him, “Stop calling me pet ya idiot.”

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“You may fool Ariel, but you can’t fool me, you don’t know your dorsal fin from your tail.” Happy 81st birthday to the late Kenneth Mars (born April 4th, 1935, died February 2nd, 2011) who was the original voice actor for King Triton in the movie “The Little Mermaid” and in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II! #BDayKH
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“Any last words before I blast you into a million pieces?”
Happy 51st birthday to Kevin Michael Richardson (born October 25th, 1964) who voices Sebastian in Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II and is the original voice actor for Gantu in the movie Lilo & Stitch and in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep! #BDayKH

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