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Solar color change fun!
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✧ Opalite ✧

Gives off a calming energy and is helpful for meditation sessions. Opalite helps to open the third eye chakra and is associated with intuition and vision. Opalite is thought to purify the blood and kidneys and boost the libido. This is a great stone for clearing energy blockages and is an excellent aid to any kind of transition. When placed over the crown chakra opalite can encourage lucid dreaming and enhance intuition.

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i know everyone loves all those “uwu soft flower crown princess” mermaids, but please consider:
- mermaids who aren’t ‘conventionally attractive’
- mermaids with huge fangs or no noses
- mermaids with multicolour skin who blend into the reefs
- mermaids with rough/rocky dark skin with barnacles on them that help them blend into the stone to ambush prey
- mermaids with wispy tails and tons of flowy fins to blend in with the swaying vegetation
- mermaids who are bald or have poisonous tendrils on their head
- completely white, blind mermaids who live in the unfathomably deep waters, their skin never seeing sunlight
- inky black mermaids with bioluminescent scales [and/or] fins who attract prey with their glow
- mermaids who are feral and feared, with spikes on their backs and razor sharp claws
- mermaids with gills on their faces
- mermaids covered in jewelry that’s fallen into the waters, so much so that you can hardly see their bodies
- mermaids that claim sunken ships, and kill anyone/thing that enters their territory
- mermaids swiming in clusters of their kind, or isolated mermaids that live/hunt alone
- mermaids that live in the walls of trenches, in the seemingly endless cave systems

- mermaids that vary in size, (giant whale mermaids, tiny shrimp mermaids)

literally any kind of mermaid that isn’t your average disney stereotype.

(also pls feel free to add your own!)