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Self Ship Weddings

YOOO, I got tagged by @shiroe-is-my-baby to do this cute self ship wedding tag!! And I loooove talking about Sans’ and my wedding~ <333 So thank you for tagging me, sweetie pie!!!! <333

Ship: Sans and Ashley (Ash) [Ship name: sash]

Venue: The ceremony is held at Mt. Ebott Event Hall, which was built after the Monsters were freed to hold events for both monsters and humans to enjoy, and then our reception is at the Mt. Ebott Monster Community Center, which was built by Asgore years after freedom. I’ll include links to wedding pictures at the bottom!! <3

Colors: Lavender, Dark Blue, White

Dresses: My bridesmaids wore lavender dresses in whatever style of their choosing!! Just as long as it’s not a long dress or mermaid style. Some chose high-low dresses or tea length!!

Then my wedding dress is a very light lavender, mermaid style with a sweetheart neckline~ <333 (CHECK THE PICS SECTION BELOW~)

Flowers: White roses!!!!!!! I love how simple, yet beautiful they are~

Party: My friends are all apart of the wedding party!! Undyne, Alphys, Papy, Grillby, and my buddies here too!! <333

Fics: The proposal (Kiss Me) and the Sash Wedding Event

Pics:  The Proposal   Wedding Photos   Wedding Commission   Bridesmaids Dress Example   Current IRL Rings

Tagging: @zeethenerd @shadeblade16 @emmshipping and whoever else wants to get married to their f/o <333


This is for National Mental Health month. This week is Personal care.

So in the days that I need to get away for a little bit, tea, music, books and my mermaid blanket, a hat/Bennie, sitting by a fire or @therealjacksepticeye have helped me when I didn’t want to talk or when I couldn’t talk. Thank you for all the positive people that are on this site. And Jack, if you see this post, thank you. Stay loud. Stay yourself. 😊 *High five* ✋🏼

Get to Know Me: Tag

Tagged by, @hobi-sensei 💕💕💕 ty bby

Relationship Status: Single 🙃🙃🙃

Favorite Color: Yellow!! 💛🌻💛🌻

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick

Last song I Listened To: Came Here for Love - Ella Eyre (Acoustic Ver.)

Last Movie I Watched: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt.2

Top three shows: Brooklyn 99, Bobs Burgers annnnd Jane the Virgin (this changes all the time though)

Top Three Characters: Jake Peralta, Derek (from the Darkest Powers Trilogy books), Daenerys Tagaryen 

Last Book Read: Holding Up the Universe - Jennifer Niven

One Hobby: Boardgames/Dungeons & Dragons 

Favorite Time of Day: 2:00PM-2:00AM

Coffee Shop/Cafe Shop Order: Breakfast Tea ☕️

Favorite Childhood Movie: The Little Mermaid! It’s my all time favourite Disney movie and I’m STILL obsessed with mermaids.

Favorite Tumblr Coloring Trend: I don’t understand this question >.<

Favourite Holiday and why: Christmas! Because theres just something about it, the atmosphere of my entire city changes and despite the cold everything feels warm and fuzzy and urghhhhh its magical.

I’m going to tag: @seokjinsfuturewife, @bfjhs, @gracefully-falling and @btsofmyheart