Turn loose the mermaids(Part 15)

Well, let’s see what happens. Also can you find the line Chat said that will make you think ‘they are made for each other’ ? It is a line similar to something mari said last chapter

“And that’s all I can do for now.” Nino watched wearily as Max gathered what was left of the bandages and his other medical tools.”He will get a fever and if he manages to get through it, he shall be fine. If not…we may need a new captain. Do you want me to announce….”

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Keep Swimming

Beach Biter Dex & Mermaid Lardo
Inspired by this post from @glamwell​ and @dexondefense​ and this post from @dexthecryptid​ and of course the tweets where Dex cannot imagine a manager other than Lardo. 

Dex feels his chest get tight and his hands get clammy. Lardo won’t be here next year. “They have to know our schedules –practice times, game times– GAME DAY PROCEDURE,” Dex sits down to catch his breath. He will not start hyperventilating in front of Nursey, and he will not allow Nursey to tell him to chill. Lardo looks at Dex and pats his knee. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you out to dry.” She winks at the last bit, and Dex scowls. They’ll have to talk about this later.

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