Crystal Herbalism- Faerie Dream Grid

Travel in your dreams to the Celtic Faerie Realm, This crystal grid will assist you on that journey. Place this grid in your room, when you sleep the fae will send you visions, guidance, and protection as you venture into their sacred lands. 

  • Apophyllite- Spiritual awakening, purifier, assists communication with guides
  • Amethyst Slice- Portal into the dream realm, peaceful sleep

  • Preseli Bluestone- Celtic fae energy, ancient magick, lucid dreams

  • Moonstone- Connects to moon goddesses, transformation, protection

  • Danburite-  Enlightenment, self love healing, dream travel   

  • Blue Topaz- Peaceful communication, connection to water spirits, psychic protection 

What a privilege to lovingly pack all these babies up and get them ready for their new homes!

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The Daily Mermaid

February 6th

Transparency “honest, authentic, present” - The weekend is here and this is the time to be real with yourself. No fake smiles and politeness like you’d do at work/school. No. Today you’re called to be yourself. Live out your true emotions today and recognize yourself for who you are. Live in the present, today. Let’s not worry about the future and definitely don’t look to the past. Let’s just focus on right now.

Mermaids—half human, half fish—have surfaced throughout the globe in different folkloric traditions: ancient Greece’s sirens, Scheherazade’s tale of “Djullanar the Sea-girl,” Scotland’s selkies, Thailand’s Suvannamaccha, the African diaspora’s Mami Wata, Indonesia’s Nyai Roro Kidul, Brazil’s Iara, the Slavic rusalki, and Hans Christian Andersen’s (and, by extension, Walt Disney’s) “Little Mermaid.” Today, mermaids (okay—humans in mermaid costumes) can be found across the United States, from roadside attractions to popular festivals.

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