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Sheriarty Mermaid Au (for the Au+5 headcanon)

umh, youdidn’t tell me if you want mermaid!sherlock or mermaid!jim so i’m gonna do the one i like more!

  • Sherlock is a pirate and a scientist. When he first sees Jim - a beautiful merman with a dark blue tail - his first instinct is to capture him and use him for experiments. Jim isn’t like the others tho. He’s clever, really clever, speaks english and Sherlock thinks that killing him would be a waste.
  • Sherlock defends Jim from all the pirates that want to kill him. Jim didn’t need help, but he appreciated it.
  • After nights spent talking, Sherlock realizes how fascinating Jim is and decides to set him free, because he can’t keep in a cage a creature that is so beautiful and clever. Jim never leaves him. He follows Sherlock’s ship. At night they still talk and tell each other stories about their worlds.
  • One day, Jim dragged Sherlock to see the place where he lives. To make him breathe under water, he kissed him. Jim’s lips were salty and wet. Sherlock liked the kiss even if Jim’s teeth made his bottom lip bleed.
  • Jim’s singing doesn’t have effect on Sherlock because he’s asexual, so he can listen to Jim’s beautiful voice~

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  • Stranger: The merman was trapped. He had been struggling to escape from the net for hours. Unfortunately, he'd only managed to further tighten the ropes. Suddenly, he was being hoisted up to the surface. Immediately, he started struggling again. As he was raised out of the water and up over the deck of the boat he only glimpsed one man. Tall, with dark curly hair. He fought against the ropes and hissed angrily at the human.
  • You: Sherlock had never expected the tales of merpeople to be true. Yet here he was, out in a fishing boat for a case, and he managed to catch one. The merman was absolutely fascinating, with a golden tail to match his hair. "It's alright," he said as he held his bare, empty hands up, showing the creature in the net that he meant no harm. He reached over to pull the lever to lower the net to the floor of the boat before opening up the net to get the merman free.
  • Stranger: The merman stayed wary of the human, never taking his eyes off him as he was lowered to the floor of the boat. He hissed again out of fear, thrashing his tail about. Once he was free he stayed frozen where he was. He didn't want to turn his back on the human and it would take a while to heave himself over the side of the boat.
  • You: "I'm not going to hurt you," Sherlock quietly told him as he sat beside the merman. He wanted to learn more about this species, even if it wasn't helping him get much further on the case. He didn't know if the merman knew any words in English, and it didn't seem very likely with the lack of speech, so he pointed to himself and said his name, "I'm Sherlock."
  • Stranger: The merman hissed loudly at the man's closeness. /he wanted to talk?/ that was odd, the merman thought. His breath was coming fast and his heart was pounding, he was terrified and the man wanted to talk. "You won't be able to pronounce my name.", he said in a low voice as he pushed away from Sherlock.
  • You: "You can still tell me, if you'd like," Sherlock told him with a small smile. He'd much rather be on good terms with merpeople like this one. If they really did exist, then some of the stories of their vengeance and what not could also be true. "I actually want to learn a bit more about you, if you don't mind."
  • Stranger: The merman looked skeptically at Sherlock. "Why?", he asked a bit harshly. "Why aren't you afraid?"
  • You: Sherlock smiled. This creature was a bit feisty. "Up until ten minutes ago, I never thought your kind existed. I guess you could say that I'm rather intrigued."
  • Stranger: "Intrigued?", he asked. He knew most English, but still some words were new. He began to relax as they talked, still not taking his eyes of the human. He started to notice small things about Sherlock. His dark curls, the intense color of his eyes, his bone structure and the fair shade of his skin. It was a bit odd that. He'd never seen anyone on the water so fair.
  • You: "Curious, interested, fascinated for that matter," Sherlock explained. "I've been working on solving a case out here, of the death of a fisherman. I came out here to see what some of the work that the victim would have been doing, and how he could have possibly been shipwrecked during a day of good weather." He figured he probably knew by now what had happened. "Tell me, have many merpeople been upset over something pertaining to the fishing industry out here?"
  • Stranger: The merman tensed. "It wasn't us.", he said angrily. He knew what happened, but humans stayed withy heir own kind. Always. Many merpeople had died at the hands of humans. They'd been slaughtered and coveted.
  • You: "Alright, I didn't mean to offend you at all," Sherlock told him, trying to calm the merman down. He normally didn't care if his words negatively affected how others felt, but this was different. "I was just asking a question." He paused, waiting until the merman relaxed again. "Do you happen to know what may have happened?"
  • Stranger: "He was a terrible man..", he said. He felt too hot. This man was going to turn on him if he knew the truth. He needed to get out of the boat, but he would need help. His tail was too heavy outside of the water.
  • You: "Whatever happened, I will lie to protect you and your people," Sherlock told him. He noted that the merman was getting a bit red, likely from being out of the water for so long. He wanted to learn more, but he knew he also had to get him back into the water. Without much thought, he began to strip himself of his clothing until he was down to just his pants. "I will do that for you as long as once I put you back into the ocean, we can continue talking."
  • Stranger: "Why would you do that?", John asked warily. Sherlock began to undress and e felt his cheeks getting pinker. He looked back up to Sherlock's face. He didn't understand why, but he trusted this human. He nodded and reached up to wrap his arms around Sherlock.
  • You: Sherlock lowered the anchor before picking up the merman, "Because, I know what it's like to want to be left alone, and telling the public that merpeople exist would attract far more attention to you." As he stepped towards the edge of the boat, making sure the ladder was down so that he could get back on board, he spoke again. "I don't recall ever hearing your name."
  • Stranger: The merman smiled and made a string of chirps and whistles, much like a dolphin. "I told you, humans can't pronounce it."
  • You: Sherlock thought for a moment before finally deciding, "I'm going to call you 'John' for the time being."
  • Stranger: "John.", the Merman repeated. "I like that." He said holding tightly to the man. He could feel the pull of back muscles just beneath his shirt. He blushed and looked towards the water. "Can we go in now?"
  • You: Sherlock smiled and stepped off the edge, holding onto John firmly as they hit the water. He found that the merman stayed true to his word when he didn't swim away as soon as they were in.
  • Stranger: John thought the man was going to throw him overboard, but he didn't. He couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips when the hit. The rush of salt water through his gills rejuvenated him. He could have swam away. He could have. Sherlock would have no chance of catching him. John stayed. He felt a pull towards this human an already, he knew he didn't want to leave. He swam in slow circles, enjoying the warm water. "You have funny flippers.", he noted seeing Sherlock's feet.
  • You: Sherlock smiled as John became much perkier in the ocean, and he lightly treaded the water to keep afloat. Sherlock chuckled at John's comment. "You have funny feet," he replied as he watched the merman swim around him.
  • Stranger: "Feet? Is that what they are?", he smile and sank beneath the surface to look at Sherlock's funny feet. They had small appendages sprouting from the main part. John assumed they were a kind of rudder control. He reached out and touched one and was startled when Sherlock jerked away. He surfaced, concern on his face, "What happened?"
  • You: Sherlock giggled at the touch as he jerked away. "I didn't expect you to do that at all. I'm a bit ticklish there," he explained when John surfaced, gesturing down to his feet. "If you want to take a closer look at them, go ahead," the detective told him as he held out one of his legs towards him.
  • Stranger: "Ticklish?", John didn't know exactly what that was but he liked that it made Sherlock's smile. And the sound he made was entirely endearing. Taking advantage of the opportunity to study the human feet. He resisted the urge to touch them seein as Sherlock was sensitive there. "Why is this appendage bigger than these?"
  • You: "That's from the way that humans evolved over millions of years," Sherlock told him and explained how being related to primates eventually caused humans to have big toes. "You can still touch my legs if you want. I promise I won't kick you at all if you do tickle me again."
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  • You: [ Mermaid!lock, Johnlock AU ] Somewhere out in the ocean, sat an island no one had visited before. It was named Baker Island, to the creatures that lived nearby. But, no humans had ever come into port. That is, until a few mere days ago. John Watson was a merman, living in the surrounding waters. He had always come to Baker Island to sunbathe in the sand, or on rocks. Unlike the other Merfolk who fled, he had stayed to watch the sailors. He found them extremely fascinating, even though most of the crew rather scared him with their harsh ways. One early morning John decided to perch on a rock near shore. He let his body feel the heat, and let his sparkling blue tail feel the soft waves that crashed into the rocks. As he relaxed, he noticed a man walking the beach. He was the most beautiful man John had ever seen. With mussed curls, and a tall, slender frame. John wondered if he might be the mysterious Captain of the ship he had yet to see.
  • Stranger: Captain Sherlock Holmes had recently come into possession of a map, which had an island that doesn't appear on normal maps. After much research, he decided to take his crew there, hoping to find the island. He knew it seemed foolish, yet he didn't care. It had taken several months to reach the island, a few of his crew falling ill as they ran out of supplies. When the Captain had been about to give up and turn back, there it was, on the horizon. They soon made landfall, and quickly set out to search for food. Sherlock had decided to take a walk, clearing his head and getting his bearings on land.
  • You: What would it be like to reach out and touch those soft tendrils of hair? Or to see what lay beneath that silk, ruffled shirt the man wore? John had been alone all of his life, except for the occasional visits to his mother and sister. He had been completely fine by himself, with no lover. Though, he had had quite the fair amount of mermaids by his side when he had been much younger (none were ever there for more than a night or so). That time was over, though, and since then he had been content exploring and finding ways to feel intrigued. Yet, the man he saw walking the beach was stunning, and John felt as if his whole purpose in life had shifted. He had no idea what this Captain (or so he guessed) was like. And even though he could never be loved by a human, since it was forbidden and most likely never to happen, he knew he had to watch over this man for as long as he could. With a swish of his tail, John sighed. He was glad that the human wasn't paying attention the general area of where he was. He wouldn't really care to be seen, and actually rather feared it.
  • Stranger: Sherlock's concentration was broken with what sounded like a sigh, but he knew it couldn't be. Everyone on his ship was looking for food for the sick and to restock supplies. He quickly glance around, his eyes skimming through the trees and out towards shore quickly. He closed his eyes, thinking he was hearing things, before snapping them open and looking towards a cropping of rocks. He was sure he'd seen someone there. "Hello?"
  • You: John propped himself up on his elbows, startled, and his eyes widened. His voice had a tendency to travel through wind, and the man must've heard it from his spot. John feared being seen. Humans were cruel, he knew, even though he found them completely amazing. He had been shot before, but yet still found himself enthralled by the way they could walk instead of swim, and how they built such wonderful things. They had animals he had never seen, and so many things to eat, as well. Ducking down, John made sure as he perched on one rock, he was hidden by another. The blond knew he should flee, but something made him stay on his smooth rock. The handsome man should not see him, or he would be terribly shocked and disgusted. Most Merfolk were hated by humans. Another soft sigh escaped his lips by accident, since at the moment he were wishing to have another life. To be human, and to be able to know this amazing looking man who walked the soft beaches.
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  • Stranger: Sherlock stepped closer to the rocks, certain he saw someone. Another sigh sounded, and it came from the rocks. "Hello, is someone there?" He was afraid it might be a native, someone with a weapon, while he is unarmed. "I won't hurt you, I'm not even armed." Why was he talking? If it was a native he should leave. Yet Sherlock continued forward, trying to see who was hiding behind the rocks.
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  • You: John's nerves were running wild, his heart beating quick, and the gills on the sides of his neck were flaring. He ducked further down and slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle any sounds. He made sure to still his tail; but he knew if the man came any closer, he would be seen. He wouldn't be able to curl up enough, and if he tried to escape he would be seen. So, the merman ducked down the best he could and waited. Even though this man had said he wasn't armed (in his deep, velvet voice John suddenly fell in love with), he couldn't trust him. John wanted to trust him, and his gorgeous features, but he knew making that choice so soon was terribly love sick and stupid.
  • Stranger: Sherlock stopped, looking around to make sure this wasn't a trap, before moving further, slowly. He didn't want to startle the person, and he would rather not get injured. He was blinded by something near the rocks, glinting against the sun. He shielded his eyes, looking closer. Was that scales? He came closer looking up and down the rocks, and was met with with navy blue eyes and blond hair. "Oh!" He whispered in shock.
  • You: John's head turned in the direction of the man and he let out a soft shriek of surprise. The merman started to retreat as best he could, eyes filled with fear and intrigue at the same time. To see the man so close was stunning, really. He had the most beautiful eyes John had ever seen, with a strong jaw and prominent features. His shoulders were square, but he was incredibly skinny. Though, it suit him. On the other hand, John made sure he had no weapons or any motive to hurt him. What if this human man only saw him as a way to get riches? He had heard of humans selling Merfolk tails. What if this gorgeous man was disgusted by his form? John said no words, only made soft whimpering noises as he tried to skitter away and hide.
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  • Stranger: "No wait! I'm not going to hurt you." Sherlock held his hands up, taking a small step back. He stared at the merman, slowly looking him over. He had gorgeous eyes, they were blue than the dark of the sea. His tail matched his eyes, with swirls of gold mixed throughout. He was tanned and tone, not doubt from swimming. He couldn't take his eyes away from the blond's for too long, as they were amazingly entrancing.
  • You: John's eyebrows furrowed slightly. Why was this man not turning away? Or shooing him off? That was what humans did to the creatures they didn't like, at least, if they didn't have a way to kill them. John had to trust that this man was speaking the truth, he supposed, since the brunet wasn't showing any signs of violence. He stopped slinking away and pulled himself slightly closer, watching the human with a now greater curiosity. The blond couldn't help but stare, knowing there was a reason for the fluttering in his stomach and the curiosity. John knew he loved this man. There was no other way to describe what he was feeling. It sent him in a whirl of thoughts, as he told himself there was no hope and it was a terrible long shot to want a human love him in return. The two locked eyes again, and John was so mesmerized that he could not seem to look away.
  • Stranger: Sherlock had never seen a creature more beautiful than the one in front of him. He wanted to run his hands through the sand colored hair that was on the merman's head, but he didn't want to scare him. "What's your name?" He asked quietly, not want to break the trance that had blanketed them.
  • You: John was so stunned by the intense gaze and the presence of this man that he almost forgot his own name. He was acting like a lovesick teen, he knew, but he couldn't help it. No one had ever captured his attention like this before. He was so enthralled, that it did not matter to him whether laws forbid a bond between them, or that they were both men. Of course, he was getting a bit ahead of himself with possibilities that would never happen. Gulping, John then inhaled and spoke his name. "I am John Watson of the North Coven." He answered, in a soft voice that flitted across the breeze. John bowed his head gently, as he figured this man was a Captain. He must respect him completely. "I did not mean to startle you. I should be going." he added, with a sigh.
  • Stranger: "Wait, don't leave, you didn't startle me John Watson." Sherlock smiled, happy that he had gotten his name. He hoped John would stay, so he could talk some more. He had never come across any Merfolk, and was curious about their life. "My name is Captain Sherlock Holmes. Would you mind if I asked you some questions? I've never met a Merfolk, and quite frankly, I want to know what it's like." Sherlock looked away, blushing slightly. John was beautiful, Sherlock noted, extraordinarily so. He wondered would it would be like to be a merman briefly, being able to swim along side the blond.
  • You: John looked at him with soft eyes. So, he was a Captain. A Captain of the seas, who it seemed, looked gleeful as he was able to explore. John was quite interested, even more, noting that this man was proving to be quite the kind one. It only made John fall for him harder. Pulling himself closer, John gave a simple nod. He could not refuse his Captain. "You may ask what you'd like, Captain." John breathed, running a webbed hand through his own blond locks. He propped himself up on his elbows, then, and let his tail swoosh through the waves again. He was feeling...almost...relaxed. He didn't understand why, but he felt rather comfortable around this human already. His eyes quickly drifted to the man's legs, unthinking. What would it be like to walk? Or even to prance around on four legs like the animals he had seen wandering the lands? When he realized he was staring, John felt his cheeks heat and he quickly locked eyes with the gorgeous Captain again.
  • Stranger: Sherlock watched the hair going through the blond lock, wanting nothing but to do so himself. He leaned his hip against the rock, smiling down at the merman. "Please, call me Sherlock." He watched the tail move in the water for a minute, bringing his eyes up to the blue orbs. "What is it like down there, under the sea?" He wished he'd brought his notebook. There wasn't much research on Merfolk and he would love to be the first to get it written down. Sherlock was just grateful that he had an amazing mind, able to remember many things. He pressed his hands together, moving them to an almost prayer like position in front of his face.
  • You: The Captain's hands were pale, and his fingers were thin. John glanced at his own, wondering what it would like to interlace their hands. It might prove to be hard with the webbing in between his fingers, but he figured they could still be able to do it. Of course, he was only dreaming. Looking back up at the tall Captain, he pursed his lips slightly. The sea was like no other, and though it was John's home, he had always wanted to be able to explore land. "It is stunning," he began, thinking of the many things he'd seen. "The sea creatures are curious, and there are many places to explore. The water is slick and carefree, and it can take you almost anywhere. Though, it is also very dangerous, and there are many things you should avoid." With a gentle sigh, John couldn't help but formulate his own question. "If I may ask, Captain Sherlock, what is it like on land? Do not feel the need to answer me." He would never make such a wonderful man do something he didn't want.
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  • Stranger: Sherlock listened carefully to John's word, making sure to burn them into memory. He loved the sound of the merman's voice, the way he talked about life under the surface. Sherlock was grinning, and subconsciously leaned closer to the blond. "Please, John, just Sherlock," he repeated. He didn't really like to be called Captain, by anyone other than his crew. "I'll answer." Sherlock paused, thinking about what it was like. "I'm not always on land, I'm mostly out to sea, but, when I do pull into port somewhere, I am always amazed by the beauty of it. There is no place that is alike. The people and animals around the world are amazing and terrifying at the same time." Sherlock looked down at John, his brows drawn together, "I would have to say that the humans of this world can be the most dangerous thing out there, but don't misunderstand me. There are animals out there that are extremely dangerous as well."
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  • I won't be able to answer through email, unfortunatly, but if you wanted to know my reply, here it is, dear!
  • You: Sherlock was his Captain, and though he asked, John could never just call him by his name. It felt disrespectful, to him. Listening intently, John's eyes glanced to the land of Baker Island, as he imagined what could possibly be there. "I wish I could walk it." He mumbled, more to himself. He really did wish that he could walk the Island. He wished to have legs, to be a human, to be able to be with this amazing man. Who seemed so very kind, and curious. Sherlock had piercing eyes, that also showed his soul as well as his knowledge. John was enthralled by his beauty, and by his sudden kindness. "Yes, I have noticed this. I have gotten wounded by a human before." he admitted, sighing softly. He instinctively rolled the injured shoulder that still had a scar. It was the only part of him that was not smooth, and he knew it made him terribly ugly compared to most Merpeople. "Is there anything else you would like to know, Ca-" he stopped himself and then continued, saying the name that felt a bit unfamiliar in his mouth. It felt so un-formal to say it straight, and to him it was very, very disrespectful. But, he could not disagree with what the Captain wanted. "Sherlock," he finished.
Really fun Merlock RP, I'm sad you left stranger :(

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You: “C…Captain? I need to speak to you.” John knocked urgently on the door to the captains quarters, hoping desperately the man was in a good mood today.

Stranger: Sherlock stood from his place at his desk and made his way towards the door to his cabin before pulling it open. “What is it, Watson?” He asked calmly.

You: “Uh, Could I maybe, Could I come inside sir?” John shifted awkwardly, glancing around at the other crew members on the deck.

Stranger: Sherlock followed his gaze and with a few blinks nodded and stepped back to allow the other man inside before closing the door.

You: John cleared his throat and hoped the odds were in his favor as he turned to face his captain. “I need to ask a favor sir.”

Stranger: Sherlock raised and eyebrow at the shorter man. “Alright then, ask away, Watson.” He hummed, sitting on his desk and watching him.

You: John frowned and looked down at his hands “I, uh, I need the ship to go in to port again.”

Stranger: Sherlock furrowed his brow and frowned. “Why exactly do you request that?” He asked sternly.

You: “I need something.” He blushed, looking anywhere but at the captain.

Stranger: “You’re going to have to tell me what it is or I will not return to port for it right now.

Stranger: We'v just left.” Sherlock retorted. *

You: “It… Medicine sir…” John said quietly

Stranger: “Medicine for who? Yourself?” He asked. “Elaborate, please.”

You: “I have a… condition… and I need medicine to keep it under control. I had two more bottles but Anderson accidentally fell on the box that held them and they shattered.” John bit his lip and looked up at him.

Stranger: “Do you need to go to a certain port or can it be just anywhere?” Sherlock hummed looking down at the map, considering throwing Anderson overboard.

You: “There are three different ones I can go to.” He stepped forward indicating to them on the map, incredibly thankful the captain seemed to be considering it.

Stranger: “We can be there in three days if the wind is right.” Sherlock murmured, pointing to one of the ports.

You: John chewed his bottom lip, hoping that would be fast enough. “Thank you sir, Thank you so much.”

Stranger: “What is your condition Watson? And why was I not aware of it?” Sherlock inquired after a while.

You: John froze looking away “It… uh, It’s just uh…” He tried to come up with a lie but his brain was frozen and he couldn’t think of a single thing.

Stranger: “The truth please. You know I don’t like lies and it will only make the conversation longer.” Sherlock sighed.

You: John looked up at him with wide eyes and clenched his jaw “You wont believe me sir.”

Stranger: “I would like to know what you are treating yourself for, Watson.” Sherlock growled. “I am losing my patients.”

You: “I’m a merman, Sir.” John said almost inaudibly, staring at the floor.

Stranger: Sherlock raised an eyebrow. “So the medicine is some sort of potion to keep you human.”

You: John nodded slowly.

Stranger: “Ah.” Sherlock nodded. “Well then how long will the last dosage last?” He asked.

You: “About a month ago, I’m supposed to drink a vial every month, I was set for the next two… but like I said, They were destroyed.”

Stranger: “Yes, we’ll have to do something about Anderson, but in the meantime I suppose we can’t have you around the rest of the crew.”

You: John nodded, “I could sprout a tail at any moment.” He said grimly.

Stranger: “You’ll stay in here.” Sherlock nodded firmly.

You: “The crew will notice my absence…” He noted “And well… you might also have to tie me down, Once my tail grows in i will be desperate to get into the water and I… I can’t… I can’t go back into the ocean.”

Stranger: “Let them notice. I will tell them that you are ill and can not be around anyone.” He said resting his hand on the man’s shoulder. “It will be fine, John. I’ll put you in a barrel of salt water if I must.”

You: John visibly relaxed and nodded “Thank you sir… I am eternally in your debt.”

Stranger: “Well it’s a good think you work for me then.” Sherlock chuckled. “Now have a seat, I’ll be right back.” He said, leaving the room to inform the crew of their course change.

You: John sighed and sat down, thanking the gods for his good fortune.

Stranger: Sherlock returned to the room. “Right then. It’s settled. With good weather we should be there in three days at least.”

You: John smiled and nodded “With luck I wont have a tail by then.”

Stranger: “Good, but you’ll still need to stay in here until we have the medicine, yes?” Sherlock added.

You: “Yes, Sir.” John said quietly, looking down at the map for lack of else where to look.

Stranger: “I’m assuming you will not be picking up the potion either way..” Sherlock murmured. “You’ll need to tell me where I can get it.”

You: “At the port we are going to there is a woman by the name of Anthea, lord knows if that’s her real name but go to the Crown inn and pub and ask for her, She will get a crate for you after you tell her you’re there for me.”

Stranger: Sherlock nodded. “Easy enough.” He hummed. “You’ll be just fine then. And we can get some more rum in the process.”

You: John nodded with a smile “Thank you sir, you are the best captain a man could wish for, it is an honor to serve on your ship.”

Stranger: “I should hope so.” Sherlock retorted gazing out the window. “What made you want to be here though?” ((brb))

You: ((no prob))

You: John frowned and glanced towards the window as well “I ran away from home, figuratively of course, I mean i actually swam… Met a witch who gave me my first batch of the potion to give me legs, I didn’t know anything of the human world so there wasn’t too much I could do for work, but this… I knew all about this, ” he gestured around him at the ship “I’d studied humans on their vessels, So I figured this was my best shot and I met Lestrade at a pub and he told me about you and your ship and then I met you and I just couldn’t stay away… you had me captured.” He smiled and the slowly blushed, realizing he may have said too much.

Stranger: Sherlock smirked over at him with a small chuckle. “Not exactly the way I had expected to catch a merman if it ever happened.” He mused. “But I suppose I can not complain.”

You: John chuckled slowly “If I do sprout a tail… I can give you something that will make all the trouble I am causing you worth while.”

Stranger: “No thank you John. It is a nice offer, but no one will believe it.” Sherlock shook his head waving off John’s offer.

You: “There are people who pay good money for scales, Just say you found it in one of your nets, You can make a lot of of it.” John urged.

Stranger: “People will argue that it is just a plain old fish scale.” Sherlock replied. “I do not need it. But thank you.”

You: “They wont argue, no one would argue, You will see… ” John said quietly, but did not argue further.

Stranger: “I may not see.” Sherlock replied. “I do not care what they look like. I will not rip off your scales just to sell them. That’s not what I’m here for.”

You: “You don’t have to rip them off, they shed fairly easily… They… They look like diamonds.” He said softly. “But you’re right, it may not happen.”

Stranger: “We will continue this conversation when… /if/ it happens.” Sherlock informed him. “For now it is getting late. You should get some rest.”

You: John nodded slowly “Thank you sir…” He stood from the chair and walked over to a corner of the room and laid down on the floor.

Stranger: “Watson! Get off the goddamned floor and lie in the bed. It’s not like it get’s used often.” Sherlock ordered, rolling his eyes.

You: John sat up, startled. “You… you’re not going to sleep?”

Stranger: “No, of course not. I’m the captain of this ship. I haven’t slept in days. That’s not about to change.” He answered.

You: John looked at him for a moment and then awkwardly stood up and walked over to the bed.

Stranger: “Good.” Sherlock smirked before sitting at his desk and looking over his maps.

You: John looked at him a moment more before shrugging off his coat and shoes and laying down.

Stranger: Sherlock raised an eyebrow up at him and chuckled before going back to work.

You: John rolled over and faced the wall, trying to ignore the faint scent of Sherlock on the sheets as he fell asleep.

Stranger: For the rest of the night Sherlock took over the helm before making his way back into his quarters, careful to be quiet. He then went over his maps in his head until he fell asleep at his desk.

You: John woke up early the next morning feeling sick and with sharp pains shooting down his legs “No, no no no…” He said frantically, not even realizing Sherlock was in the room, he knew what was happening and he hastily began to tear his trousers off before the were ruined.

Stranger: Sherlock’s eyes shot open when he heard John’s voice. He stood quickly once he recalled their conversation the night previous and made his way over to the bed with haste. “John.” He breathed. “Are you alright?”

You: “It’s happening, It’s bloody happening.” He growled, throwing his pants aside and not even having time to be embarrassed about his nakedness before another bolt of pain shot through his legs.

Stranger: Sherlock sat to the side, his face reddening when he saw the pants tossed away. He kept his eyes off John not wanting to make either of them uncomfortable.

You: John arms flailed as he attempted to find something to hold on too, his back arched with pain and he clenched his jaw and blinked away tears, no way was he crying in front of his captain. He gasped out as he felt a magnetic pull and his legs actually began to fuse together and his skin turned a sort of grayish blue and began to harden, on its way to scales.

Stranger: Sherlock winced, watching John out of the corner of his eye and waiting for the transformation to be over.

You: A few minutes later John took a gasping breath and fell back onto the bed, his fully formed tail now sparkling in the dim light and falling over the edge of the bed.

Stranger: Sherlock blinked before turning back to face John and stare down at his tail. “It absolutely beautiful.” He breathed.

You: “I told you.” John panted and propped himself up on his elbows, lifting his tail so it shone it the beam of sunlight from the window, it reflected tiny rainbows and covered the room in reflected light.

Stranger: Sherlock lifted his hand to touch the scales before pausing. “May I?”

You: John nodded “Of course.” He flicked his tail a bit in an invitation.

Stranger: Sherlock smiled lightly, letting his fingers ghost over the scales. “Why would you ever give the up?”

You: John frowned, letting his tail drop down out of the light, “I did what I had to to get away from my family.”

Stranger: Sherlock’s smiled fell. “I am sorry.” He murmured, pulling his hand away.

You: “Don’t be, we are all here at see for some reason or another, I am hardly the only one with daddy issues and a dead mother.” John caught Sherlock’s wrist and brought his fin up so Sherlock could feel it.

Stranger: Sherlock’s cheeks reddened slightly at the contact. “That is true I suppose.” He agreed.

You: “I have to thank you again, If you had not let me stay in here… I would have either been stripped of my scales by the crew or I would have had to jump over board and then my father would find me.”

Stranger: “You are the best of my crew, Watson. I could hardly let you into danger if I could do something to stop it.” Sherlock hummed.

You: “Best of your crew? Now you’re just flattering me.” He chuckled and looked away to hide the red in his cheeks.

Stranger: “You are the most loyal. You and Lestrade.” Sherlock told him. “I’m serious.” He added.

You: “Thank you sir… I… I hope to serve on your crew until I die.” John looked up at him

Stranger: “Thank you.” Sherlock murmured. It was wonderful to have such a loyal crew at his disposal.

You: “I can’t make any promises for Lestrade, I think he’s got a lass back home.” John joked.

Stranger: Sherlock chuckled. “I know he has.” He hummed. “But I know I can trust him at lease.”

You: John nodded “What about you?”

Stranger: “What about me?” Sherlock asked, looking back at him.

You: “Do you, uh, have a lass back home?” John asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

Stranger: “No I do not. This ship is my home.” Sherlock answered him.

You: “Right… of course.” John cleared his throat and looked down.

Stranger: “I would ask you the same, but I seem to know the answer already.”

You: “What?” John looked up, confused.

Stranger: “I’m assuming you don’t have a lass back home.”

You: “No… I have no one back home.” He said stifly.

Stranger: “I am sorry that I brought it up.” Sherlock murmured.

You: “No, it’s alright, I actually feel better talking to you about it, I… no ones ever asked me about my past without ulterior motives before.”

The Merman

Oh hell, this was cute. I’ve never done a merman thing before, thank you, stranger! Not sure why you d/ced though… Sorry for whatever I did wrong? Anyways, this was nice and sweet, a bit of merman johnlock rp for your troubles.

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