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Also, you are probably a liar, because I've seen misandry mermaid's blog and she almost always has sources for things like wage gap and rape culture. She even supports male victims of rape. You should take a look. If you can't see past her URL, which is a joke, then yeah, you're obviously too immature to be taken seriously in a debate. Also, there are good and bad people from both sides. There are feminists out there who encourage debate, and antifeminists out there who are obtuse.

It is you who is the liar. Sigh…concerning the supposed wage gap, she referenced the b.o.l. which has been shown time and time again to not take important variables into account such as hours worked, experience, education, output, ect. It literally only showed cumulative wages at the end of the year for certain groups. With her perception of statistics, she could use the same logic to assume that high schoolers are being descrimination against because they make less than adults.

I do look past usernames, and I have looked through her blog, obviously. I have given examples of her posts multiple times. Her very url may have started as a joke, but her posts definately show support of misandry and erasure of male problems and female at fault. She turns subjects that are gender nuetral and issues where men are avast majority victim into “women’s issues” and completely laughs at or ignores opposing arguments. She claimed that women are more likely to be killed while walking home at night. The facts are that men in said country (most countries) are much more likely to be attacked or murded. She claimed that rape has continuously been on the rise, but ignores responses proving that rape has been going down signifigantly for years. She reposted and glorified burning christina hoff sommers’ book about males doing worse in schools and the education system still focusing on girls, and ignored proof that she was wrong. She claimed that all antifeminists are white males, but most of them (at least the notable ones) are often not either of these things. (But that is syill erasure of opinion based on gender and race and is in itself sexism and racism). She quotes 1 in 4 statistics that were proven false multiple times. She claimed that elliot rodger killed 6 girls (also false), she even claimed that misandry isnt an issue. The list goes on.

She has shown time and time again not to be critical of her own movement and has certainly shown that she doesn’t care about the problems that males face. Whether you see it or not is irrelavent. If anything, it would be even sadder if you saw her misandry and inequality and agreed, not seeing it for what it truly is.

Again, from the information that you have given me, you have shown that you aren’t a feminist who believes on equality. And we have no interest in you.