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Hey, Alfie! Do you and Artie visit your parents ( Berwald and Tino-chan ) sometimes ? Like, do you assist to any familial events with your sweet husband ? I'm curious!

Alfred: oh yea we visit my parents all the time!In fact we’re gonna visit real soon for the mermaid festival.Artie can’t attend cause hes not y’know a mermaid but me and mattie can because of my dad

Alfred: Its this big event that happens before the winter migration!Buncha silly mermaids playing around and singing its awesome


I was just rereading the manga, and these scenes stuck out to me because, not only are they back-to-back, they’re both non-offensive attacks of Saturn’s. Silence Wall is a protective barrier and Silence Glaive Surprise seems to produce a thick, disorienting mist (unlike in the anime, where it’s an extremely powerful attack; however, to be fair, the attack is pretty ambiguous in the manga so it’s possible it’s an offensive attack).

I really like this because it shows that the reborn Saturn is not the terrifying planet-destroyer she was before. The original Saturn had only one purpose, and that was to unleash destruction on planets that had run their course. The only attacks she could use were ones that would cause massive destruction at the cost of her own life. The reborn Saturn is a versatile Senshi who works well in a team and can use a variety of offensive and defensive moves.   


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