HERE’S A THING I LOVE:  Both Usagi and this scene make it 100% clear that she does not want him touching her.

The way Demand treats her is not romanticized here, it’s not “oh she secretly wants it” or even that she’s too weak to tell him off.  She may have fainted earlier, given how much Nemesis is sapping from her and how much turmoil her heart is in, but she knows and makes it 100% clear:  She does not want him fucking touching her.

Not that Demand really cares what she wants, she’s made it very clear previous to this that she doesn’t want him to touch her, she’s not having soft feelings for him, etc.  But he still reaches out to caress her and I love that this scene makes it entirely clear that she’s not fucking okay with it.

She is so completely not fucking okay with it that she just fucking ZAPS HIM because, fuck no she’s not interested.  I LOVE HER SO MUCH IN THIS SCENE.


Up: Infamous spinning (Web Version)

Down: Infamous spinning (Blu Ray Version).

Remember that one hell of a mess of the so called spinning in Act 13, well do not worry for it’s been fixed for the Blu Ray release!.

Instead of adding more frames they just edited the same two frames!


*cries on the floor because this is just too much to handle*