mermaid workshop

This city looks like it was built by a wizard long ago, but the foreground building has new windows and lamps above the steps down to the pier, where partiers wear black tie and evening gowns.  (Alan Howcroft, “’The Waydreland Mermaid’ – a scene from his story ‘Lady Icicle’”, White Dwarf 31, June/July 1982)

7/11/13 and 7/12/13

Today was mostly a travel day to head back to Nassau. We did stop for a while for diving or deep water mermaid photos. I chose photos of course, and I put on the koi tail as best as I could. Again, the tail was too short and the foot pockets were too big.

I couldn’t see at all because I was swimming toward the sun and the waves were rough and kept splashing my face. Of course, I didn’t have any contacts in either. I kept swallowing salt water which made my dives terrible. Being a mermaid is so glamorous sometimes. ;) 

Out of the four times I dove down Bob only saw me twice, and I was pretty far away. I just couldn’t see enough (even the coral just looked like huge shadows to me) and my feet were really broken up from my swim the day before which was inhibiting my swimming. I actually wasn’t entirely sure I was even going to make it back to the boat on my own, but it turned out alright. I even ended up losing a foot pocket while I was swimming! Deep water photos is certainly something that I want to improve on next time. It’s amazing how important a properly fitting tail is though.

That rest of the day was for travel so I read a lot. That night was for packing and then everyone went to Crazy Johnny’s bar across from the Marina. I had one drink that already tasted much too strong for me.

Lots of guys wanted to talk to the mermaid models. Iara told one guy that if he was ever going to make it as a merman he would have to be able to hold his breath for at least five minutes and I told him he had to be able to speak dolphin. He actually tried to make dolphin sounds and it did not go over very well. The bartender also came over to tell me that someone wanted to by me a drink- “anything I wanted.” I turned it down but asked for a bottle of water. When I got my tab later, I realized that the bartender charged my admirer for my water. Go figure!

I had fun dancing with everyone, especially Malena. Bars aren’t really my scene but I was just happy to be with all of my mer-friends for one last night. It wasn’t too long before I headed back to the pool and watched a slide show of Bob’s photos. He told me he would adopt me if he could!

After one final night of sleep on the boat, we all prepared to say goodbye. Malena and crew had a surprise for us before we left though- certificates! We certainly were all proud of what we had learned that week. The trip was a huge success!

We all sadly left the boat to part our separate ways. It was the most incredible week of my life. I made life long friends, learned valuable skills, got some amazing pictures, and became a better, happier mermaid. I can’t wait to do it again and I will never forget the memories that I made!