mermaid with doll


Took a bunch of pictures of Sam today because she’s pretty and hasn’t been in front of the camera in ages, not since I did her body blush (that still isn’t done). She’s a huge doll, she measures in at about 100cm in length, but she is really slim. I put a 1/3 scale head on her from Dollzone, which fortunately ran small as her body is definitely closer to a slim MSD in torso proportions. 

I took these photos because I saw on IG that Dollzone will be discontinuing the Frieda, Trieda, and Sawarieda mermaids come July 31st. I’m not sure they’ve announced it anywhere else yet though. 

The what is what:

  • Sculpt: Dollzone Minas/Sawarieda hybrid in (old) white skin
  • Wig: Monique Jojo in Blonde/Orange in 7/8 with trimmed bangs
  • Eyes: KokDollCollection Beetle Small Iris Eyes
  • Modesty Scarf: Random Doll Heart grab bag item
  • Aesthetics: Me at @izasfaceups

Fresh Dolls are a trendy and new Fashion Doll Collection designed for Elegance with an Edge! Fresh Dolls are designed to represent a variety of ethnicities including deep to light and even blended skin tones!

Collect all six Fresh Dolls with poseable articulated body (sold separately, subject to availability); fashion pieces & accessories can be worn across entire collection. Dolls cannot stand alone; Color and decorations may vary.  For ages 3 and up. 


The Target website had 4 of the 6 girls listed on their website! Their prices range from 10.99 to 25.99! They look really great tbh!


Cooper Queen ~ par Koala Krash