mermaid turn human

What probably happens when most people over-think mermaids:

  • But how do they bang?

When I other-think mermaids:

  • If their upper bodies are like human skin, what keeps it from deteriorating in the water like David Blaine’s body did when he was in that tank for a week?
  • If mermaids build houses, would they have staircases or ramps?  What would the point be?  They could just float up to a new room through a hole in the ceiling.
  • Do mermaids have a third, transparent eyelid that helps them see in the water?
  • Are mermaids mammals or fish?  If they’re mammals, wouldn’t their tails have to be made out of a more whale-like or dolphin-looking substance?  Do they have to surface to breathe, or do they have gills?  Can mammals have scales?
  • How do mermaids reproduce?  Do they lay eggs and then have their partner fertilize them?  Do they live-birth tail first, like a dolphin?  Are they like great white sharks, where the eggs hatch inside the mother and the babies eat the unfertilized eggs and each other until they’re ready to be birthed?
  • What are baby mermaids called?  Babies, pups, calves, fries?
  • Do mermaids raise their young, or are they hatched/birthed and then on their own?
  • If mermaids can become human, are they annoyed at how different gravity on land feels without the buoyancy of water acting on it?
  • Fish apparently can’t control when they excrete or urinate (and do the latter pretty much continuously), though aquatic mammals can control it.  Can mermaids?  Would a mermaid turned human be incontinent?
  • If the mermaid turned human turns back into a mermaid when they get wet (Splash style), would they turn back on an especially humid day?  Would sweat do it?
  • Can barnacles grow on mermaids?
  • How would the Starbucks mermaid’s tails move when she swims?
  • If mermaids existed, would they gather together and protest over-fishing by blocking boats, or would they stay hidden and just sabotage nets?
  • Would mermaids go to that giant garbage island in the ocean and make jewelry out of our soda can plastic rings? 
  • Can mermaids cry?  If they cry underwater, would anyone be able to tell?

I just have a lot of thoughts about mermaids.

i don’t do yoga, but i do like to look at yoga poses on the internet and think “that doesn’t look that hard” and then almost hurt myself

So you know how in movies whenever mermaids turn into humans, you see that image of their tail fin splitting into two legs, or when a person turns into a mermaid their legs fuse together to form a tail? But like, from a evolutionary/ morphological standpoint, fishes became tetrapods (four-legged) through development of their pelvic fins into legs and the attachment of the pelvic girdle to the spinal column, while the fish tail developed into a tail (which is essentially an extension of the spine). 

Above is a skeleton of Tiktaalik, which was the first fossil fish discovered with legs which shows the development of pelvic fins into limbs. 

As we know, it takes less magic to create something out of what is already there or is closer to the end product. So really, a mermaid transforming into a person would find their vestigial pelvic fins shooting out of their sides to become giant, unwieldy limbs while their mermaid tail shrinks into oblivion. 

And a human turning into a mermaid would find their legs disappearing into teeny pelvic fins while their tail bones explode out of their butt to become a giant caudal fin. 

tl;dr: turning into a mermaid would not be as sexy as it seems in the movies, and should only be done in cases of extreme duress

P.S. Please excuse by crudely drawn MS Paint figures. I am grad student in Bio, not Art. 

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Hello. Any otp prompts for a mermaid who turned human and a witch?

I’m a witch and you’re my new assistant but you make an awful lot of suggestions about sea ingredients for potions why do you know so much AU

I went to the beach to pick up some things and you were flopping around in the ocean like fish do on land are you ok? AU

We’re friends and you give suspiciously magical seaweed facial wraps AU

You used to be a mermaid and you really miss the sea and I like you a lot but I’ll help try and turn you back AU

I used to be a mermaid and I just found out you’re a witch and I’ve been avoiding you but I swear it’s not personal AU

things the lgbtqia+ community needs

stupid, cliche, teen romance stories that cishets get like
• jock guy falls in love with nerdy guy
• asexual popular girls
• all-girls sleepovers but with GAY
• all-guys hangouts but with GAY
• the quiet girl has feelings for the popular girl so changes herself to be near her

stupid, cliche disney movies that cishets get like
• trans woman cinderella and her stepmother and stepsisters discriminate because of that
• asexual/aromantic elsa
• a prince meeting another prince at a ball and falling in love
• snow white singing “someday my princess will come”
• a bisexual/pansexual princess questioning her sexuality and not being able to decide who she loves because of it

stupid, cliche fantasy stories that cishets get like
• a mermaid turning human and meeting a cute girl who takes her under her wing
• lesbian witches
• gay wizards
• i was gonna say lgbtqia+ gods and goddesses, but zues already sticks his dick in everything

in conclusion
• R E P R E S E N T A T I O N

Water Rocks 2/3

Pairing: Mermaid!You x Yoongi

Genre: Mermaid au, fluff, angst?

Warning: very slight language

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished 1 2 3

“Unnie, sit down. I have to ask you something.” Your sister said, waving to you. You swam over, lying down on the large rock, your head rested on your hands. Your sister let out a sigh as she stayed silent for a moment. “Unnie, how old are you already? You have to get a mate soon.” She said softly.

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Pirate AU: Katsuki, Shouto, and Deku finding a mermaid who turn into a human clearly injured. How would they act? Separate please


Bakugou Katsuki

  • A bit wary, he knows that mermaids can be a bit deceiving to humans. However, the fact that they’re injured would soften him a bit. 
  • He orders that someone get some medical help, and maybe even lets the mermaid stay while they recover. He’d listen to their stories about the sea and happenings within. 

Todoroki Shouto

  • Most likely to treat it there and then, by himself. He’s rather prepared so has some medical equipment on him. 
  • He talks to them reassuringly as not to scare them away. He’s gentle and nice, asking them about themselves and what life in the sea is like. 

Midoriya Izuku

  • Consults his notes on sea creatures beforehand, seeing if there’s anything specific that he needs to do. He takes the person onto his ship and treats them there. 
  • Asks all sorts of questions to add to his notes, excited that he finally met a real mermaid! He’ll thank them for answering his questions before seeing them off back into the sea.

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Mermaid turned temporary human stood before the newly made Admiral in bewilderment. Never in the time that she had known him had she seen him in such a state of personality and demeanor.

But she didn’t shy from him as she felt his arms envelope her and pull her into a drunken kiss. Ariel’s fingers wrapped around the lapel of his coat as the salt stained wind blows through her hair, wafting the distinct smell of the ocean around them while the smell of rum touches her lips. A low mewl slipped from her, a noise never pulled from her before. Something that she could not put a word to stirred inside her, it burned like a low flame. Eyes fluttered shut as she tasted the drink upon his lips, excitement of the kiss very nearly made her feel like a giddy, drunken thing as it deepened, as she felt  his tongue momentarily against her own where the taste of liquor swarmed her senses.

Ariel pulled from the kiss abruptly, uncertain about how she felt with him when liquor tainted the kiss, ❝ You’ve been drinking…I can taste it. ❞ @mcrmaidscales

Having been promoted to the rank of Admiral by Lord Cutler Beckett, James had been treated to an impromptu celebration by his lieutenants and Captains. It was an afternoon of accolades and merriment. He hadn’t meant to leave Ariel hanging, and it certainly hadn’t been like him to show up late to one of their engagements, so that probably concerned her right from the get-go.

Then to follow things up, that had been how he had greeted her. A simple “ Hello, Princess.” and attacked her in an aggressive, yet playful kiss. Arms entwined around the red-head and drawing her in tight against his chest as they kissed. And he held her there like that, while giving her quite the drunken passionate kiss. Letting her taste the rum on his tongue as it slipped into the fray.

Now up until this point, he had been nothing but a gentleman toward her and never so grabby, so it was safe to say this liquor had quite the sway on him.

Finally, she drew back, glossy green looking into cerulean blue. “Only a little. You look beautiful with or without fins, you know. ” Then a drunken laugh. “ I suppose that was rather forward of me.. ”

The Liars and their dresses (meaning behind them)

I haven´t been very active lately but now I´m back and I read some pll theories and I orginially wanted to write a theory but this turned out to be more of predictions and the liars past/future.

It all has to do with the dresses the liars wore in the season finale. As you already know each Dress is insipired by a fairytale queen/princess. I made some Research about the old fairytales not the Disney Version to see if there are some simliarties between the liars and the princesses. Little Note: This theory is just for fun and I only made it because I think some things are pretty interesting, some things don´t make any sense but you know us theorists we try to make everything fit. Also sorry for writing mistakes, english isn´t my first language.

Here we go:

Although Alison isn´t in the Picture you can clearly see that the dresses got inspired by fairytale princesses.
Spencer - The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid, is a fairytale about a mermaid who is the youngest Family member and wants to see the world above the ocean. She falls in love with the human prince and gives up her life as a mermaid and turns into a human. Instead of a happily ever after, the prince falls in love with a human princess and they both marry. The mermaids sister tell her to kill the prince so she could turn into a mermaid again but she can´t and kills herself instead.

Similarities to Spencer: - Spencer is the youngest Hastings - Spencer always seems to want what she can´t have (her sisters boyfriends, overshadowing Melissa, getting her families approval) but in the end she still goes for it and gets what she wanted especially her sisters boyfriends aka Ian, Wren….I also thought about Toby, he is the opposite from Spencer and her Family and what they stand for but they still end up together, does that mean he is the prince? As we now know Spoby isn´t together anymore and I don´t see them being together at this Point, also Caleb and Hanna still have Feelings for each other making Spencer be alone once again. Poor Spencer.

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Hanna - Rapunzel:

To make this short, Rapunzel gets locked up in a Tower, saved by her prince and then marries him. There are different Versions on How this fairytale Ends but one of them is really interesting. Rapunzel gets pregnant and gives birth to twins.

Similarities to Hanna:

- fucked up Family (dad leaving her, crazy stepsister and mother etc)

- Caleb her “prince” finds her and sees more than the pretty Body, they both fall deeply in love together

- Biggest similarity for me is the whole twins Thing. We know that the twins are Jessica and Mary but you all know that Hanna and the twin theory for her was big. She was the only one to see the twins in Ravenswood and there were many more hints towards her but maybe this doesn´t mean that she Ends up having a twin (I thik that would be too many tgwins on the Show, Marlene wouldn´t do that) but maybe that Hanna will end up having twin babies., who knows?

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Emily - The Evil Queen:

The evil queen is the Antagonist from the fairy tale Snow White. We all know emily isn´t evil and is always the anchor in the Group. I still have some more theories about her. Maybe this means, that she will start to care more about herself, she was always loyal especially towards Alison, but through the Show we see her Standing up for herself, and what´s best for her (her sexuality)

A line I read from Wikipedia sounded very interesting to me: “No Suggestion, the queen´s Absorption in her Beauty ever gives her pleasure or that the desire for power through sexual attractiveness is itself a sexual Feeling.” I feel like Emily always Needs to be in some sort of a relationship and she has many throughout the seasons, which I don´t find good considering she can be strong on her own. Maybe this means she isn´t happy so that´s why she Needs someone to make her happy (girlfriend)

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Mona - Little Red Riding Hood:

A Girl who visits her grandma, her mother warns her to stay on the path, the wolf asks her where she goes and she tells him, he goes there eats her grandma, then later etas her but they are saved and safe and Sound, the wolf gets Stones put in his tummy.

Similarities to Mona:
although red riding Hood stays on the path Mona doesnt, this could mean her past being A and manipulating the liars

Both get in Trouble but the consequences are harmless, Mona gets discovered being A, she is put in Radley but doesn´tstay there for Long. Tbh she could have had it worse, put into prison etc but she got away lightly.

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Alison - Belle:
Belle has six siblings and her two older sisters are the complete opposite of her. They are selfish, vain and wicked. While Belle is Kind and pure of heart. Because of a deal her father made with the beast she goes to his Castle and lives with him, they both fall in love with each other.

- Could the two sister hint towao seem to be wicked and selfish?

Or the difference between Belle and her sisters is just Alisons Story from being sefish and bitchy to what she has become now.

- Belle ing to the beast could also mean that Alison flew from A or that Ali is in the Hands of a beast now (Elliott)

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Aria - Snow White

Snow White gets a new stepmother who is evil, she runs and meets seven dwarfs, in the end the evil queen wants to kill her but she survives it and then Snow White lets her Dance to her own death.

Similarities to Aria:

- Byron has an affair with Meredith who turns out to be crazy and evil

- the seven dwarfs may hint towards Arias many boyfriends

- Although in the fairytale it is the evil queen who is obsessed with mirrors , the fact that mirrors are a big Thing with Aria is a big coincidence

- Snow White is innocent but then lets her stepmother Dance to death, Aria Looks innocent too when you see her but she isn´t as innocent as it seems. She has Anger issues and killed someone.

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So I probably thought too much into this but this post was made for fun and not to take super seriously. I hope you liked it and maybe it has something to do with the caracters and maybe not.

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Not a prompt, persay, but is there some fairy tale ish Washette you ever thought about?

I’m really into the idea of a Little Mermaid inspired Washette. I do like the parallels between wanting to be a part of another world, different than your own.

Lafayette instantly falling for some handsome human who just so happens to be running a revolution. Laf watching from the river bed or under the ice as Washington crosses the Delaware. Lots of little cute things that make for a Mermaid-turned-human to fight in a revolution and prove that humans aren’t all that bad.

Some other things I’d like:
Lafayette salvaging ship wrecks to find gifts for Washington. Swords and other gems that have gone down with the ship, drudged up and presented to Washington.
The same tactics used to (ultimately) finance a war. Mermaids don’t understand the value of gold like humans do, and Laf convinces his kin to collect it for him.

Some things I don’t like as much:
Mermaids having a much longer lifespan than humans. Laf maybe not understanding Washington’s fears over their “last goodbyes.” What’s 40-odd years to a mermaid? He’s seen the birth of many nations since his own.
Laf resurfacing, gifts in hand and ready to catchup with his lover about the deep sea and all it’s mysteries.
And Washington is gone. All bones and dust inside a tomb, along with the trinkets Laf has given him over the years.

A Malec Mermaid AU, that nobody asked for ...

I was thinking about mermaids, about Malec and how it could be done differently, this is what came to mind. 

- mermaid!Alec and Prince!Magnus in a modern setting

- Alec has no interest in humans, while his sister is obsessed with them and their inventions and always tells Alec about all the new things she discovered

- Alec doesn’t get his sisters interest, but tags along to keep an eye on her, especially after that one time, a human almost saw her

- One time they spot Magnus, the prince (I mean, there are some royal households still around), with friends on a ship and Izzy is all about how handsome he is and how charming he seems, how funny. Alec is pretty unimpressed. 
“He’s loud, he’s probably ignorant, and the way he fools around with the others he’s going to end drowning accidentally.”
“You’re a buzzkill, Alec.”
“I’m a realist, there’s a difference.”

- Alec doesn’t like humans in general because he has seen how they catch fish and other creatures, and with knowing about the tricks humans use to catch them, Alec just doesn’t trust them.
-> and with the more and more invasive also divers have become and how they are talking about shark infested waters (”Sharks live there, humans aren’t even supposed to be underwater, what are they doing here? Why can’t they just stay home?”)

- one day though, a boat Magnus is on, gets attacked out in the open sea and when he falls into the water unconscious, Alec sees him sinking down (or he hits Alec as his sinks, your choice) and Alec’s like ‘Oh, hell no, he actually managed to fall of his boat?’ 
-> But then he notices the burning boat on the surface and realizes, that something much more serious is going on, he feel a second explosion coming and drags Magnus as far away as he can, dragging him on land of an island in front of whatever country’s coast this story happens in. 

- when he finally gets him on land at some deserted place, Alec drags him out which is seriously exhausting because a big fin in shallow water is no fun. Then he just looks at Magnus and because he doesn’t know much about what to do, slaps him in the face a couple of times. 
“Come on, don’t die. My sister’s going to hate me if you die.” 
Eventually Magnus wakes up and coughs out water and Alec is instantly relieved. But then he remembers, that he himself has to get away before Magnus realizes what he is. 

“Who are you?”
“Are you-are those fins?”

- Alec panicks, knocks Magnus out again and then escapes. Magnus gets rescued eventually and has a killer headache for the next day.

- Now, of course they meet again, and it’s this time, that Alec needs help. He’s caught in a  bay, that is part of the palace grounds after a really heavy storm (or some other reason, point is, he is caught.)
-> Magnus finds him because reasons and after his initial shock, he is super excited about mermaids because now he knows he didn’t fantasize when he almost drowned that one time.
-> Alec on the other hand is super not amused because he despises the fact of being at the mercy of a human’s hand, ends up being surprised though when Magnus indeed doesn’t tell anybody about him. Doesn’t mean though, that they become best friends instantly. 

- Alec bites Magnus three times, during the prince’s attempts to ‘make contact’. 

“I have sharks as friends, I could tell them to eat you!”
“Yeah, well if they could enter the bay, you could also leave, don’t you think?”
“Good point.”

- Magnus is super patient though and also finds Alec truly interesting and in his own way very charming. 

- When Alec reveals, that he can change into a human, Magnus’ first response is “Oh, now you have that idea?”
-> He helps Alec, who’s still limping because of an injury he got from the storm incident, out of the water, but on the way through the palace towards another exit to the open sea, they get discovered and Alec instantly brought to the ‘infirmary’ and he’s stuck again.
-> maybe it’s the case, that mermaids can only turn human once in a month and then have to wait for the next full moon to get back their fins, so Alec is stuck on land. 

- When Magnus starts openly flirting with Alec, Alec surprises him by giving dry responses or even teasing Magnus a bit and throwing a few innuendos back at him. He also throws a lot of unimpressed glares.

- Of course they fall in love at some point, but I don’t have a clear idea of how that’s going to end.