mermaid turn human

I had a really vivid dream last night:

I was this raggedy seaside girl who had some sort of arrangement with the local pod of mermaids to deliver them “food” (essentially unsuspecting groups of seamen and sailors). I was really afraid of them, but then I got attacked by the drunk town brute down by the shore and they protected me and pulled him under and ate him and they refused to hurt me

And… now that I think about it that would make a really good comic? And I kinda wanna draw it really bad???

So you know how in movies whenever mermaids turn into humans, you see that image of their tail fin splitting into two legs, or when a person turns into a mermaid their legs fuse together to form a tail? But like, from a evolutionary/ morphological standpoint, fishes became tetrapods (four-legged) through development of their pelvic fins into legs and the attachment of the pelvic girdle to the spinal column, while the fish tail developed into a tail (which is essentially an extension of the spine). 

Above is a skeleton of Tiktaalik, which was the first fossil fish discovered with legs which shows the development of pelvic fins into limbs. 

As we know, it takes less magic to create something out of what is already there or is closer to the end product. So really, a mermaid transforming into a person would find their vestigial pelvic fins shooting out of their sides to become giant, unwieldy limbs while their mermaid tail shrinks into oblivion. 

And a human turning into a mermaid would find their legs disappearing into teeny pelvic fins while their tail bones explode out of their butt to become a giant caudal fin. 

tl;dr: turning into a mermaid would not be as sexy as it seems in the movies, and should only be done in cases of extreme duress

P.S. Please excuse by crudely drawn MS Paint figures. I am grad student in Bio, not Art. 

anonymous asked:

Mermaid turn human Ken ate something he should not have, since he is still a sea creature ends up sick and Shuu takes care of him in the most loving way possible.

LMAOO i’ve thought of something like this except more of joke..where kaneki tries stuff and spits it out, since it tastes bad to him :”D rip kaneki…maybe the few times where he doesn’t want anything else to eat…tsukiyamas very worried

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What would drunk mermaid turn human Kaneki would be like and how will Shuu will handle his drunken state?

LMAOOO I feel worried for merneki since his body wouldn’t be used to that at all
He’d probably be clingy and surprisingly talkative lol..and then probably sick.
Tsukiyama would enjoy it but also be like *sweats* I should probably be careful that he doesn’t get into trouble
Tsukiyamas gotta be watchful in this au :’D
Tho if it was reversed and it was mer-tsukiyama and human kaneki, it’d b worse since tsukiyama would want to see all kinds of things & b adventurous and kaneki would need to keep up lol 😂(but for the most part,he’d enjoy it)

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What if someone like CCG that is like hunting for rare creatures is after mermaid turn into human Kaneki to experiment him. Also Shuu will give everything he got to protect his Kaneki. If they do succeed and try to do so, Shuu ho on a rescue mission to save him. Along with legal rights that CCG will be arrested for their crimes and Shuu hug and cries in Kaneki arms knowing that he is safe and sound. Saying thing like I won't let anything scary happened to you ever again and I love you so much.

;A; THATS SO SWEET WAHH! Merneki happy to be back and also asking why he’s crying lol :’D

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Poor Mermaid turn human Kaneki got sick, but at least Shuu is so caring being by his side. Seeing Kaneki being taking care of by Shuu is adorable.

Wahh thank u!! Ye Shuu won’t leave mernekis side♥️ (well..except to grab stuff lol)