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‘Blondes that will cut a bitch up’ squad

Credit: salty.slaine

(“I understand Rin being a monkey, but I don’t understand Seitaro balding.”)

I just happened to see this tweet, so… Rin calls Seitaro “early-baldy” simply due to the grade-schooler-like line of thought of “Wakasugi” becoming “Wakahage.” (laughs)

Rin: “What the hell’s your name?”
Seitaro: “Wakasugi.”
Rin: “Then I’m callin’ you Wakahage from now on!!”
Seitaro: “Fine, then you’re Yamamonkey.” *contemptuous stare*
I wonder if they ever had an exchange like that. Incidentally, all four are in the same class together. Their selection was probably history. Which would explain why Seitaroth said he wanted to research the mermaid legend.



(Yes, she called him Seitaroth.)