mermaid sovereign

Scorpio and Pisces ~ Sisters of the Deep

Bathed in the murky depths of unconscious oceans, the Scorpio mermaid has scales made of crystal balls, eyes that hypnotise with sacred bewitchment, and a sort of erotic darkness that creates spiritual seductions. She is not made of dreams but angelic longings from the deep, imagination wrapped in the shrill cry of betrayal, and the knowledge she can wield inexplicable power. Down below she dwells alone, she holds sailors and swimmers who have drowned in her arms and transports them to the underworld. Around her neck are shells filled with the souls she has saved from limbo. Her cave is dark, lonesome, and private. She will emerge periodically, flowing with inner highs that crave the sun. Her knowledge on topics is complex, she can gain mastery over subjects, she sees all and knows all, every ingredient of healing, every weapon of psychic destruction, every circulating vibration. She guards the threshold, guarding the sea wall at the drop off, holding two worlds together. Where she truly goes as she swims into the darkness, nobody knows, but she is wild and mad and lovely. Her persistence to charter new depths and explore new dimensions of consciousness conjures a crackling magic, extreme and admirable focus, and magnetic passion that attracts symbols and signs. Beneath the crease of her mermaid tail she covers scars so deep they tattooed the soul. But you won’t ever know. She stares them down with pride, knowing the creatures she has faced alone and conquered. Born of tragedy, died of reverence. Where two oceans meet, while she crosses a smoky sea, puffs of blush like balloons, chaotic with voices and laughter and hysteria. There on a throne of sea shells is the Pisces mermaid, cradling her heavenly crown, the sovereign mermaid queen. From deep below she hears the cries of her children, lost and aching on earth, and she weeps a siren’s song to soothe them to sleep. When people hold a shell up to their ear, it is her breathing that they hear. She has discovered something after death, a sort of infinite cocoon of splayed omnipresence. Sea creatures swim for miles to hear her wisdom. She once read Bibles and Evangelists but she grew the pearl inside, and now she shows others the way. Messages in bottles strew her sea floor, she can drink the liquor until she shakes, sometimes she is howling to be free and escape. Her body is where all human and angelic emotions swirl and fuse. Tired, the Scorpio mermaid swims past, trying to hide in the shadows, she could follow her back to life.