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The Sea’s Children

   A fun RP between myself and @pawsimses, I recently visited the ocean for the first time and was inspired to write mer!baby sass and mermaid selena, and thankfully @pawsimses was nice enough to go with my crazy and contribute to it!    ;P    Adorable kid! Lin is @pawsimses as is Lin’s mama Cenina and brother Coxio, while Selena and Sass are mine.  

 Also with wonderful artwork of baby mer!Sass and a young adorable Lin playing by the amazing @moonlitalien! I can’t thank you enough for this piece. It’s perfectly amazing!!! Enjoy! ;D

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[Image Description: A coloured pencil drawing of Jeskay, one of SASS’ members. It is a portrait drawing on a white background. She has bright blue eyes and her eye bags are blue and purple. Her skin is white and the shadows are a rich pale brown. She has a prominent cow lick and her hair is swept to her right side, the left side is growing out a side shave. Her hair is brown with a red tinge. Around her neck she wears a gold necklace with the word “Angel”, for her cat. The style of the sketch is messy, with the original pen sketch still visible. End Image Description]

[Image Description: a square digital painting of a mermaid. The base colour of the image is a sand/beige colour. The main colours are purple, pink and a little bit of blue. The mermaid is facing the viewer, with the tail curling behind her and coming back around to the front. One hand is on the ground, supporting her sitting up. The other is resting on her tail and is partially obscured by her pink hair. She is naked and her upper body is the same colour and texture as her tail. She is smiling at the viewer and her eyes are pale blue. She is outlined very loosely and lacing in detail in dark blue pen. The style of the painting is that of large, undefined, free brush strokes with canvas texture. The hair is only recognisable as hair because of its placement, the tail coming around the front is only recognisable as a tail because of its placement. End Image Description]

Hi!! I’m Jeskay, in SASS I am Founder Error. Any messages signed “Error” will be from me.

I do all kinds of art, I am always experimenting with different ideas and mediums…. at least when my fibromyalgia allows. My Instagram is @ekfecs and I do not have an art Tumblr.

I main Instagram, so replies to comments etc there will generally be from me.

I am very happy to meet you all and I hope you will enjoy our content and ideas - Error

“A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Merfolk, Pirates, and Witches.”

   @pawsimses you are a horrible enabler ;D , Mine and @pawsimses brainchild historical crack-verse AU, with a mermaid sass meeting pirate Theron, his Victorian Lady wife Lana, and @pawsimses Lin cursed to crow form. All taking place on a lovely Okinawan beach.

 Sass is as sassy and curious as always, Lin is adorable even when swearing like a pirate, Theron is doing his best while drunk, and Lana is not amused by the men around her, but is delighted with the scenery.

                             ‘Chapter One-First Impressions’

“Theron! No! Right……No no no no my RIGHT!” 

The impatient tone of his Lady wife had the pirate grumbling underneath his breath, as he made the adjustments to their course slowly rowing closer to the nearby isle.

Their ship had been left behind, anchored nearby as the sandbars would surly run it ashore. Even now Theron could feel the ocean floor hitting the bottom of the rowboat, bouncing it up and down. Much to the squawking displeasure of his avian companion. 

“It’s okay Lin, it’s okay, Lana just can’t read a map right.” He mummered, reaching up to steady the crow on his shoulder giving him a comforting pat on the head before turning back to the ours.

“I heard that darling.” Theron gave a amused grin over his shoulder at his wife’s dry tone. 

With one fine eyebrow raised in distaste, she didn’t trifle with a response before glancing back down to the crudely drawn map, that was littered with faded writing along with a crudely drawn island.

The map told tales of a Sea Goddess’s lair, a remote island where the goddess kept her most valuable treasures secret and safe.

Lana had of course dismissed the claims of lost treasure from the greedy fortune teller woman they had run into the last port. 

Still Theron had been convinced and Lana was now inconvenienced.  

Yet any reason to visit a tropical isle with lush beaches instead of a filthy pub, or months on a old musty ship was a plus in her books. So for now dreams of relaxing underneath palm tree on a sandy beach kept her going. 

That and the sight of their crow cussing Theron out every time they hit a sandbar. Still Lin seemed unusually excited hopping up and down, almost falling in the water twice now, had it not been for the blonde’s quick reflexes. Still she was immensely relieved when a small opening appeared in between the rock barriers. Even more pleasing was the sight of a calm sandy white beach inside the cove. 

“Theron! This way! This way!” Lana cried out excited at the thought of finally stepping foot on land after several weeks at sea. Theron merely grunted in reply, steering their dinghy to where she pointed at the rocky entrance. Lin also cawed, wings flapping excitedly. 

The trio passed underneath the rocky outcrop, gently pushed along by the waves. With one last mighty push of the oars her husband got them past the last sandbar. 

After which the trio were greeted with the sight of snowy white beaches, clear deep water and lush flowers and trees lining the shore. 

The small crow on her husbands shoulder flapped his wings excitedly knocking off the irritated pirates cap 

“Lin! Quit hopping around! You’ll fall overboard and I’m going to have to get your feathery ass- Arghhhh!!!” Theron cried out as a rapidly-moving wave suddenly passed underneath them knocking all three over board. 

Lana with her heavy dress began to quickly sink to the bottom. Looking up she could see her husband reaching for her, knife held out ready to cut away her heavy garments. Above him was Lin desperately trying to fly out of the water and back onto the overturned vessel. 

Her husband grabbed her waist, though it only caused him to sink with her, as both hit the sandy bottom several feet down. She could make out a dark figure swimming fast towards the trio. 

Seeing a long fin and fearing the worst she grab the knife from Theron’s hurried hands and with a single glance towards the creature, she hastily tore off her dress. Clad in only a ivory corset, she hastily looked up, knife held out in defense to face shark, only for the blade in hand to be knocked away by a powerful gush of water. 

Before both she and her husband were grabbed about the waists in a firm grip. A flip of the tail had them rushing towards the surface. Golden eyes filled with terror, met concerned glowing ones the color of rubies. Before they broke the surface and were hauled onto the overturn vessel. As both humans clung on coughing up seawater, a familiar cry could be heard from above Lana, when she opened her eyes again it was to the sight of her now soaked bird cawing at her worriedly from the boats overturned bow.

“It’s okay Lin, it’s okay love.” She whispered, giving him a gentle pat on the head before laying her head back down next to Theron’s as their boat began moving to shore. Pushing her long golden bangs to the side, she tilted her head and was meet with a sight that convinced her that she had finally been driven mad by her husband. 

Nothing else could explain hallucination of the handsome bare man wearing a distraught expression. Who also wore skin as blue as the seas around them and eyes light as the brightest embers. Behind the strange being a elegant silver tail splashed back and forth frantically. 

Almost as frantic as the words coming out of the strange beings mouth.

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! So so sooooooo sorry! I swear I didn’t see the boat!”

Muttering something polite (For even in madness, Lana was still a proper Victorian Lady.) She then collapsed on top of the boat cradling both her man and crow as shore drew ever nearer.

Liontrust Mermaid AU

“all the good things. mutual pinings. kisses. sass.” - @stormwrynnedkeep

Mermaid!Khadgar and grumpy fisherman Lothar. There is no way this can end in disaster - right?

From a conversation between me and storm. Totally up for adoption (please adopt it it’s glorious I swear) 

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