mermaid pixels


My final project - A conceptual lookbook based off of my favorite pixel horrors!

Games featured;

1: Crooked Man

2: Stray Cat Crossing

3: Mermaid Swamp

4: Corpse Party

5: Ib

The main idea was instead of doing a strict cosplay from the games, we would embody the feel of the games themselves and put them into a new “character.”

Hope you enjoy!

Tagging some of my favorite pixel blogs;
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omg I just noticed the thing about Uri games

We ALWAYS get a backstory on the villain

  • Paranoiac, we find out more about the Auntie, her life, and how she resorted to Suicide
  • Mermaid Swamp, we find out about the supposed “mermaids” who were unjustly killed
  • The Crooked Man, we get clues and a story on how The Crooked Man’s life was like and how he led to suicide
  • In The Sandman, we find out the reason The sandman did what he did and how he is “cursed” with the responsibility of letting people sleep

I haven’t finished the newest Uri Game, The Boogie Man yet but I’m really looking forward to find his backstory