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Mermaid AU's for OTP's?

  • Character A has always had an intense fear of the ocean. They grew up hearing stories of creatures that lured humans in and drowned them. Character B has always been fearful of the land. They were taught to be cautious of the humans, or risk being captured. One day, Character B gets caught in a net and calls out, drawing in Character A. They both must work through their distrust to get Character B free.
  • “I’ve lived in this lake since I was born, and I’m not going to let a bunch of landwalkers come take it over for the summer, even if you seem nice enough and- wow… really cute” AU
  • Character A is the only heir to the throne and is being pressured into finding royal suitor. Thing is, Character A doesn’t want to get married. So, to spite their parents, Character A seeks out the royal mermaid that frequents the shore. Their parents never said rhe suitor had to be human.
  • “Mermaids’ tails change color when they blush, but you don’t know that’s why it’s happening and so you keep stroking it in fascination, and so it keeps changing colors. I don’t know if I want you to stop or not” AU
  • It was rumored that a siren could only be drawn in by another siren if they were destined by fate to be together. Character A is a siren that traded their tail for legs years ago, but then hears a beautiful voice from the ocean, telling them to go back.
  • “You have to stay quiet, because the people of my village are on a hunt for you, but they have no idea that I’m hiding you in my bathtub. Thank god I live alone” AU
  • Character A comes from a long line of merfolk that can transform into humans, but they have to turn back about once a month, or else they get incredibly sick. Character A was busy with school and work and forgot about visiting the lake until they collapsed and woke in the hospital. Now they have to somehow convince the nurse to either let then go or take them to the lake.
  • “I sing when I’m bored and one day, you showed up. Now you think I’m going to try to drown you, but I’m actually just feeling really lonely, wanna hang out?” AU

Flickr Hero of the Week: ‘If I had a voice like the sea’ by Aleah Michele, on Flickr.

Different Litha-Summer Solstice aesthetics/themes

Sunshine, sun flowers, bright clear sunny blue skies, cold lemonade, soft yellows, candied lemon peels, bubbles and sparkles in the air and dandelions. Water balloons and hot air balloons. Honey bees and warm breezes

Bonfires, sparks, barbecue, flame dancers, roasted peppers, loud drums, the smell of charcoal, heat, charred marks on grilled food, hot sun and bright orange day lilies. Orange paper plates, dragons, smoke and habaneros. 

Fire flies, thick emerald and lush greenery and woods, camping in the backyard, the soft glow of lanterns, cool melons and cucumbers, the musical chirping of crickets, a lakeside party in the middle of the woods, a softly playing guitar the golden glow of the setting sun layered on everything.

The crashing shores, mermaids and bejeweled bikinis, a bonfire by the sea, fries and seafood, soft colorful shawls billowing in the wind, blazing sun, sunscreen and colorful towels. Salt water taffies and gummy candies. Sea shell tea lights and sparklers.

An open field and a hot oppressive heat, an bright blue sky, the screaming sounds of cicadas and the smell of frying food. Colorful tents, neon colors, funnel cakes, tie dye, a lute playing, a summer festival with carnival-like qualities. Electric lights, holographic scales, neon black lights.

Strawberries, pink lemonade, sunset skies and sweet smelling candles in glass lanterns. White linen, rose petal infusions, hanging votives from trees, elderflower wine and lemon glaze icing. White lace dresses and flower crowns. Bouquets of summer flowers, the countryside’s grass of many streaks of colors.

Gold tiara chains, blood oranges, tiki torches and flame flag dancers. Night skies with thousands of stars, hibiscus iced tea, Gold rings, chain jewelry, bohemian cushions and sheer veil canopies. Warm summer nights, fire pits, story telling and spiced liquor


Legolas Greenleaf X Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds them only to take them home to care for them. 

Warning(s): nudity, mentions of torture 

A/N: AYoOoOoOoOO I’m back. (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Color. And I’ll probably write a part 2 for this but idk yet.

[part 2]

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Mermaid request AU

A dear anon requested this. Hope you like, sweetie. 💜💙💚

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Imagine: Being caught in netting, and Newt saves you.

Panic set in, and you struggled wildly against the net that your fin had gotten caught in. It was moments like these you wished you had listened to your mother’s constant nagging about your curiosity getting you into trouble one day. This wasn’t going to be easy, and on top of that you were sure your tail had been permanently damaged.

“Oh come on!” You pulled weakly at the strings curled around your tail, trying in vain to release at least one of them. So this was it, you thought. Death. Death by starvation because you couldn’t just leave your interest for the outer world alone.

You stopped suddenly, exhaustion setting in. You had been stuck here for hours already, and even if you managed to escape, swimming wasn’t an option anymore. You were too tired, and your fin was torn. With a small whine you sank slightly into the current, hair swirling around. Your eyes scanned the ocean around you, ears perking up when you noticed a disturbance on the water surface. It looked very much like a boat floating along. You could see the paddle entering, and you thought maybe if you could just get close enough and grab it, you’d be able to pull yourself out of here.

The paddle sank deep, just passing you by, and with flailing arms you gripped the edge of the wood, slick fingers slipping against the smooth wood. It was a valiant attempt, but it did nothing.


Newt paddled along the ocean, case sat next to him as he waded out into the water. He wasn’t particularly far from the shore, but enough that he may actually see some lesser known creatures worth noting. He dipped the oar into the water, pushing himself along until he felt a slight tug against it. He blinked down at the paddle, thinking perhaps it was seaweed clinging to it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it wasn’t because instead beneath the water’s clear surface he saw a degraded fishing net, still somewhat afloat, and attached to it a mermaid. The wizard’s eyes widened, and he threw the oar into the small boat, letting down an anchor. He leaned over the boat, trying to figure out how to help you out of the tangled mess.

“Please, don’t panic! There is absolutely nothing to worry about!”

Newt glanced around, and he finally decided to jump into the ocean for you, he placed his overcoat on the side, and undid his vest, and instantly went in.

The sudden sound of the water splashing made you swim back, frantically trying to get away from the human. But, there wasn’t much you could in this moment, and as the man swam down to you, you clung fearfully to the net.

Newt placed his hands out, trying to ease the worry he saw in your eyes, it was a rare occurrence to see any mermaids so close to the shore, but from what he had learned they weren’t a very trusting species. He inched towards the net, gripping one side of it as he started to untie it. It came loose enough, and he pushed the edges of it off your tail. He glanced up at you, his cheeks puffed out a bit as he tried to hold his breath. It may not last much longer, so he reached for the pocket knife he had, cutting effortlessly at the roping. After a minute, he managed to free you and your first instinct was to swim off, but your damaged tail wouldn’t allow for that. Your body curved and bobbed crookedly in the water, balance no longer there. Newt grabbed your arm, pulling you up along with him.

As soon as he hit the surface he gasped, oxygen once again filling his lungs. He coughed a bit, holding you closely to him. You struggled in his grasp, not sure what to think even if this man saved you. His motives could still be sinister.

“No no…it’s alright, please.” He held onto your slick arms, trying to keep you steady. “You’re injured. You mustn’t swim, you’ll likely perish out there.”

His words were lost on you, and above the surface it was impossible for you to talk. But, his green gaze seemed soft, and you slowly settled down, your slightly scaled hands clutching his wet shirt. He sighed deeply, smiling at you as he swam to his boat. He grabbed the edge of it, looking back at you.

“Let me help you…I’ll heal your injury, you’ll be good as new.”

With curios eyes you just stared at him, mimicking his movement and grabbing the boat. He chuckled softly, and he lifted himself back in, still holding one of your hands. Newt reached for his case, popping open one closure and readying his wand to create another extension charm.

Hope you liked it! I thought this idea was adorable.

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How would over watch members react if they a mermaid washed up on the shore after a storm.

I didn’t do everyone (that would take too much time and I like doing rather intimate reactions) but I tried to do a few decent ones! I think I may only do four at most, since these take time, haha.

Most assumed that there was nothing happening beneath the sea during a storm. But the fact of the matter was that there were currents that pushed and pulled harder when it stormed, and you were unfortunate enough to get caught in one of the stronger currents near the surface. You had been helping a pod of dolphins surface for air before moving further out from the storm when you were caught.

You hit your head at some point and passed out; when you woke again you were on land and you were being stared down at by some human who was looking over your head. You hissed in pain when they pressed against your wound, and immediately retaliated by pinning them down, your strength superior despite your size.

The human looked alarmed.

Hanzo; He immediately pushed against you, going for his bow quickly. You moved to go back to the water, but hissed in more pain when you realize just how dry your scales were. It was painful to move, but you didn’t want to stay too close to anyone that might hurt you more. “You are injured, I was only trying to help,” the human told you. You found that hard to believe, purely because humans were creatures that wanted to hurt mers, that was simple fact. No human ever had good intentions for a mer. “Fine. I will not help you,” he decided. But he did not leave. You kept your eyes on him as you tried again to move, but your scales were cracking in places. You had been on land for far too long; you were bleeding where your scales were cracking.

“I can help you to the water,” the human finally sighed, after watching you struggle and barely contain your hurt noises. You did not want to agree to his help, but moving hurt too much to do on your own. You finally nodded, and the human set down his bow to approach you again. You barred your teeth, both a reflex and a warning, but the human ignored the action and scooped you up into his arms. He was strong, though not stronger than you, but you could appreciate that kind of strength in a mate. If he were a mer, you would have considered him attractive. Unfortunately, he was a human, and he looked weird. But you appreciated the cool feeling of the water as it washed over your scales, already feeling much better. “Thank you,” you sighed. The human merely nodded. You went further in the water, but stopped to glance back at the human once more. “Your help is appreciated. Should you need to find me again, you will.” You had a feeling now this wouldn’t be the last time you saw him.

Soldier76; An instinct similar to your own must have kicked in within him because he caught you completely by surprise when he flipped the two of you around. You registered a pain in your tail and let out a cry when you realized the excess movement had caused your dry scales to begin cracking. The human seemed to register your pain as he moved to let you go. You sat up, webbed fingers going to your tail to look over the damage more extensively. At the same time, the human approached you again. “Your head-” you heard him say, but you didn’t want him to get too close when you were so vulnerable. “Don’t touch me!” you snarled, claws at the ready should you need to attack. He took a step back, holding his hands up. “I just want to get you patched up. I found you here after the storm,” he said. You remembered the storm, but you didn’t know if the human spoke the truth about helping you.

“If you truly wish to help me, get me to the water,” you said. If the human had other intentions against you, it would be easier to harm him with him so close. He stepped over to you and picked you up into his arms, careful of your tail. You held onto him, not used to being picked up so far above the water (not including the time your friend lifted you just above the surf) but you wished there were other circumstances to the situation you found yourself in. “How did you get this far out?” the human asked you now. “The storm beneath the surface can be just as violent as the one above,” you stated. He huffed what could be considered a laugh, and a smile flashed over his features. You found yourself looking away to avoid smiling back, the expression a bit infectious. When he set you down in the water, you sighed in relief, watching your blood wash away with the tide and feeling more refreshed than you had in days. “I guess this is goodbye then,” the human said. You glanced up at him as you moved further into the water. “Goodbyes mean nothing at all. This isn’t our last meeting.” With that, you slipped beneath the surface of the waves, leaving the human behind, watching and wondering.

Lucio; “Whoa!” the human shouted, which in turn alarmed you as well. He stared up at you, shocked that you had such strength. “Are you alright?” he asked, which confused you. You wondered why until the pain that radiated up from your tail came to the forefront of your mind. You collapsed atop the human, breathing heavily and trying not to think about how much it hurt to move. The sand burned in the wounds it managed to get into. The human sat up with you falling into his lap, the worry on his face clear. “Hey!” he quickly moved to pick you up into his arms, the sudden movement causing you to shout in pain and distress. “Sorry,” the human apologized, but he did his best to quickly get you back to the water. You were surprised he was so quick to help you; others would not have been so ready. Humans could be selfish creatures and often times when your kind was found by them you were never seen again.

He set you further out in the water than you would have expected him to. If you wanted, you could have pulled him beneath the waves and drowned him. Such a trusting creature; it was a quality that would be lauded in a mate. You decided against killing him when he let you go. “Thank you,” you sighed, the water washing over you and giving you something of a glow. It would take time for your scales to heal but you appreciated the fact that it would be a speedy recovery. “No problem! Healing is what I do,” the human smiled. He was practically soaked and he held onto you until you could get your tail beneath you enough to swim. “You’re awfully kind for a human,” you murmured, “Why did you help me?” The human’s smile softened a bit, and the sun behind him gave him his own glow. “One day, there won’t be anymore fighting between our kind. We’ll all be in sync to the rhythm of life.” You thought the dream a foolish one, but it was nice to meet someone who believed in something like that. “Maybe one day,” you agreed, before slipping beneath the water. You hoped the two of you could meet again one day. You had a feeling you would.

Tracer; As quickly as she was beneath you she was gone, confusing you to no end even as you hit the ground and felt the pain in your tail flair up. You let out a small yelp, and before you knew it she was lifting you into her arms. “Careful, love, wouldn’t want to hurt your head anymore,” she stated. She smiled at you, and then you were closer to the ocean than you had been before. “How did you-?” she didn’t answer your question as she sat you down in the water. “There we go. I don’t know how well this’ll react to the water, so I can’t take you any further out.” She tapped a glowing object strapped to her chest, a thrum seeming to come from it. The light reminded you of the angler fish your parents used to groom, the light ethereal and beautiful. “What is it?” you found yourself asking, forgetting yourself for a moment. The water was already soothing over your wounds, making you feel better than before.

“It’s a Chronal Accelerator. My friend built it to help me,” she smiled. You didn’t entirely understand what she was saying, but her friend helping her was something you did understand. “Does this make us friends?” you asked, confused. If her friend had helped her and she was helping you, was this how humans became friends? Strange, but you appreciated the fact that she didn’t leave you on the beach. “If you want to be, then yes!” her laugh was light and happy, and you thought of how you would love to have a mate with a laugh like that. You wondered if she had a mate of her own. “You should really get back to your family,” she sighed now. “They must be worried sick for you.” You agreed silently; you had no idea how long you had been gone. “Thank you for your help…?” you wanted to call her by something other than “human” but she had not given you a name. “Any time!” Then, she was gone from your sight for a moment, before you saw her waving at you from further up the beach. You raised a single hand to wave back. You hoped you would see her again one day. Such a kind human; she would make anyone that chose her as their own happy.