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Books with Sirens or Mermaids

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Of Poseidon - By: Anna Banks 

The Siren - By: Kiera Cass

Forgive My Fins - By: Tera Lynn Childs

Deep Blue - By: Jennifer Donnelly

Ripple - By: Mandy Hubbard

Sirena - By: Donna Jo Napoli

Fathomless - By: Jackson Pearce

Mermaid - By: Carolyn Turgeon

Midnight Pearls - By: Debbie Viguie


The first two books in the Waterfire Saga:

I originally picked up this series because just look at how gorgeous those covers are! And they’re about mermaids. I honestly don’t think I’ve read enough mermaids book. I don’t know why though because they’re amazing. Underwater worlds, gorgeous tails, magical powers, sea creatures and a well thought out storyline. 

The storyline in these books is so in depth. Jennifer Donnelly has planned her books out so well, leaving you with cliffhangers just at the right time. She keeps you captivated when your attention is needed most. I did find that this book did have some slow parts. There were chapters that felt like they were only there to fill a blank space. I did however find that when there was action, it was written so well that I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

The books are so descriptive and it gives you a clear image of the world under the sea. The characters, where there are plenty of, stand out against each other and although its confusing at first to remember who is who, the do form into individual people throughout the books.

All in all, I rate both of these books 4/5.  


And here are some instagram pictures I’ve taken of books that are already available that you might not know about! There’s going to be a couple of these posts because I have a LOT to catch up on.

More of Me by Kathryn Evans

Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

One Silver Summer by Rachel Hickman

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

Extraction by Stephanie Diaz

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler

The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder

anonymous asked:

I remember back in 3a when we find out Lydia is a Banshee. Jennifer says "You're just like me, Lydia. Look like an innocent flower but me the serpent underneath it." And I remember reading something and someone found a connection between Banshee's, Jennifer and Mermaids (I can't remember what the connection was for the life of me.) Now Lydia talks about The Little Mermaid in s4. I just find that interesting.

Jennifer: Unbelievable. You have no idea what you are, do you? The wailing woman. A banshee, right before my eyes. You’re just like me, Lydia. Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it. It’s too bad, though… And too late.

Banshee’s and mermaids are actually not that far from each other in terms of mythology. I agree with Callie and think we could also throw sirens in the mix and get us a right good cocktail of fun. 

There are some connections between banshees and water as well according to wikipedia. For instance in scottish mythology banshees are called the bean nighe (Scottish Gaelic for “washer woman”) and as the “Washer at the Ford” she wanders near deserted streams where she washes the blood from the grave-clothes of those who are about to die.

Also on wikipedia we find some banshee/mermaid “crossover”

Banshees are frequently described as dressed in white or grey, often having long, pale hair which they brush with a silver comb, a detail scholar Patricia Lysaght attributes to confusion with local mermaid myths. This comb detail is also related to the centuries-old traditional romantic Irish story that, if you ever see a comb lying on the ground in Ireland, you must never pick it up, or the banshees (or mermaids – stories vary), having placed it there to lure unsuspecting humans, will spirit such gullible humans away. Other stories portray banshees as dressed in green, red, or black with a grey cloak

This silver comb thing is mentioned in the bestiary that was given out at SDCC last summer… and isn’t it curious how the illustrations on the page is all about ships and water

Wiki link

The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargat is transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings.

Grandma Martin’s lover Maddie died in a shipwreck. Lydia heard the voice of a young woman drowning her baby at the motel Glen Capri. Stiles knows a lot about how drowning feels like and he’s been extremely obsessed with Lydia for a long time - could it be a connection?

Mermaids appear in British folklore as unlucky omens, both foretelling disaster and provoking it.[15] Several variants of the ballad Sir Patrick Spens depict a mermaid speaking to the doomed ships. In some versions, she tells them they will never see land again; in others, she claims they are near shore, which they are wise enough to know means the same thing. Mermaids can also be a sign of approaching rough weather

The say that banshees scream when someone is about to die. Lydia has more than once screamed without the person dying. Mermaids can foretell disaster - Lydia does seem to be able to do both… And like calicokat-teenwolf points out - Lydia often seems to inadvertently cause the deaths she screams for. She’s alluring and her scream is heard by werewolves who come running (like derek and cora).

I urge you to read this meta by calicokat-teenwolf - it brings up a whole lot of parallels and interesting ideas surrounding banshees. 

And while we’re on the subject of banshees i’d like to rec this meta by anvh89 that explores how the banshee power might work, and it’s all based on Meredith’s date of birth. I love this show and it’s little easter eggs!