mermaid illustration


And.. we’re finally done with digital adjustments! It’s so, so easy to get carried away at this phase, so I have to keep a constant eye on the unadjusted scan while I proceed. The idea is to enhance the original just a bit, not cover it up with gobs of digital ‘makeup.’ 

This piece didn’t need a whole lot of touching up, but I still had to walk away for a bit before deciding where to quit. I think it worked out alright though! Ms. Mermaid, you and your weird little egg friend are officially finished for now!

And thanks so much to everybody who followed along with this one!! I’m about to be split up between a couple of projects, but I’ll be free to blog about them as I go. More soon!


Iconic Western Fairytales Get an Eastern Makeover by Korean Artist | What would some of our favorite Disney fairytales and Western stories look like if they had been conceived in Eastern Asia? Korean illustrator Na Young Wu has an idea – her illustrations feature Disney characters new and old reinterpreted through the prism of modern Korean cartoon illustration, also known as “Manhwa”.

This is the image from my header on twitter. If it looks a little… spacious, that’s because it’s actually the cover of my portfolio book and has a space on it for text and my info :)

Also I fell into the damn Ariel trap. Listen, it is not my fault that salmon pink and teal are the world’s most perfect complimentary colors, I can’t help it okay