mermaid illustration


Watercolour hand lettering and illustration  

Commissioned work for Stacie

I’ve been showing progress photos and videos of this commissioned piece. I’ve never illustrated a mermaid before so this was something new and interesting for me. Stacie was so lovely to work with and I’m really excited to post this to her.

Lettering: Watercolours and HB graphite pencil blending

Illustration: Watercolours and black ink pen lining with HB graphite pencil blending

All done on 15″ x 15″ cold press Crescent Illustration Board

Photos taken with CamKix wide angle and macro camera lenses.

This is the image from my header on twitter. If it looks a little… spacious, that’s because it’s actually the cover of my portfolio book and has a space on it for text and my info :)

Also I fell into the damn Ariel trap. Listen, it is not my fault that salmon pink and teal are the world’s most perfect complimentary colors, I can’t help it okay