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@scriptorsapiens and I have been chatting about a hijack mermaid!AU and it’s been so much fun. 

There’s a LOT going on in this AU… But BASICALLY..  
Pitch hunts mermaids and he is hell bent on proving their existence to the world, he catches Jack from the Arctic and brings him home. Jack manages to escape and suddenly he finds himself lost in some part of the ocean he’s never seen before.
That’s when he meets Hiccup and Toothless. While bonding there’s an attack from a boat above and Toothless is taken by Pitch.
Any sea creature that isn’t a mermaid is worthless to Pitch so he sells them to his partner in crime Drago. Who owns Seaworld.
So now Hiccup and Jack have to break into Seaworld without being seen to save Toothless who has been put on display there.

Backpack Backpack!

All the necessary supplies a traveling mermaid might need. A change of clothes, a knife, wallet, sewing kit, scale hygiene kit, etc…

Just doing some concept work and thought I would share.

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Scenario where a mermaid is hunted down and captured by humans and sold to a cruel rich man? He keeps her in an aquarium tank, shows her of to dumb rich people, forces her to sing and preform tricks and if she gets stubborn he'll use shock collars on her and starve her. she's angry and miserable until she befriends Kuroo who works at the aquarium and stumbled across her secret tank by accident. After learning she longs to be free, and maybe drown her captor, he tries to help her escape?

 For each day you continued to exist in this man’s presence, the more you understood why the merpeople tended to keep hidden in the shadows, away from the cruel touch of humans. His back was turned towards you as he addressed the pompous group of snobs, gesturing wild before his sharp eyes trailed your form, mouth twisted into a malicious scowl.

“Sing for me, mermaid. Show my friends the one thing that you are useful at.” He ordered, waiting in silence for you to do his bidding.

That bastard, if he thought you were going to dance around like a mindless puppet performing ballads, he was delusional. “Kiss my scaly ass. I’m not going to a damn thing for you or those snobs you call friends.” A few shocked gasps echoed in the small room before the man’s faced turned dark. Before you could react he was reaching for the remote, jamming the button sending volts through your body. You jerked, body shooting to the other side of the tank, the faint ringing of crocheted laughter echoing against your ears.

No matter how many times he may torture you, you will not break.

The rich man hadn’t returned for a few days leaving you to your thoughts, pummeling ideas of how you could escape. It seemed that no one else knew about this place except for that bastard and his entourage which was both a safe haven, but a misfortune. It couldn’t have been more than an hour before you heard footsteps coming from the stairwell. Steeling yourself, you waited for the human to make an appearance, not wanting to caught off guard. Yet you were.

This one was whistling a soft tune as he rounded the corner, arms carrying empty buckets. Raven locks were tossed in a crazed fashion upon his head, sharp golden eyes, and quite the impressive physique. But it was all in vain, you would not be swooned by his good looks. 

Kuroo was oblivious to the discovery he stumbled upon, mindlessly shuffling the buckets around until something caught sight in his peripheral vision. He looked up, eyes going wide at what his vision was seeing. Albeit you looked rough, you still maintained the ethereal beauty that all mythical creatures seemed to possess. He approached with caution, pausing as he realised you had shrunk farther back into the tank.

“Fuck, I must be dreaming,” He whispered, fingers pinching a small inch of flesh to wake him from this dream, but you were still there. “Are you really a mermaid?” He took a step forward with caution, watching as you shrank back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

There was something about him that made you feel some semblance of trust for him. He wasn’t like that wretched man you’ve seen so many times before. He apologised for his actions. “It’s not your fault,” Your answer was clipped, but it was enough to make the male smile. “My name is ____.”

“I’m Kuroo. Can you tell me what you’re doing and how you got here?” He was oddly calm for someone who just met a mermaid, but he supposed he was trying to remain calm for your sake.You must be terrified.

You cast your gaze down, hands rubbing at your arms absentmindedly. “I don’t know. One minute I was at sea, and the next I’m in a net being hauled up by men. I just want to return home and be far away from that asshole.” A ghost of a smirk tugged at Kuroo’s lips at your foul mouth, but quickly disappeared. Who was this man you spoke of.

“Do you know who brought you here?” As far as he was concerned, this was highly illegal and inhumane to keep someone imprisoned. And were you even being fed, he could swear that no one should be that thin. 

You shook your head, hair billowing behind you. You wish you knew the answer to that question yourself. “All I know is that he always comes here with his friends and tries to make me dance for them.”

“Vincent.” His golden eyes darkened in disgust at the name. You cocked your head in confusion. “That’s the name of the asshole who put you here. Did he do anything to you?”

Your fingers tapped the collar around your neck gently, not wanting to set it off. “I’m not sure what this is, but it shocks me when I disobey him.” The thought of you being treated like an animal sickened Kuroo, and all he could think about now was getting you out of here. It’d be the last thing he’d do even if it did cost him his job. “Please get me out of here.”

“What are you doing?” You asked as Kuroo dragged over a ladder, climbing until he stood above your tank.

Your question went unanswered as he shot one of his own. “Can you breathe without water?” 

“Yes, but what do-”

“I’m getting you out of here.” He held out his arms, tugging you from the water before carefully lifting you into his arms. Once his feet touched the ground, he allowed himself to be fascinated with you, fingers softly tracing the scales that decorated your body. “So-sorry, I wasn’t trying to be weird or anything.” He apologised, but you dismissed it with a wave of your hand.

With one hand he reached for a towel, wrapping it around your body to conceal your tail. You wound your arms around Kuroo’s neck, silently thanking the stars that you were fortunate to cross paths with him. He was your saviour, human or not.

The salty breeze felt great against your skin as Kuroo carried you from the car, relieved to have made it out without being seen. That in itself was a miracle. With a gentleness you were not familiar with, he toed the beach setting you down far enough for the waves to cover your tail and his feet in the process.

“Thank you, Kuroo , for everything. Without you I would have never escaped.” You smiled, a genuine one at the male, one that he returned. He felt a warm feeling spread across his chest at the sight. You were beautiful.

It was a long-shot, but he asked anyway in high hopes. “Will I ever see you again?”

You blinked owlishly before tossing him a teasing glance. “You’ve made me realise that not all humans are horrible so there may be a chance that I return. I still have to thank you properly for rescuing me.” With a final wave, you waddled into the sea, a final flick of your tail as a goodbye.

Kuroo breathed out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Perhaps if he was lucky he’d finally be able to check of ‘Get kissed by a mermaid’ off his bucket list.

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Cute prompts about manatees being confused with mermaids

Haha, this is adorable 😂.

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  • A man sees a “mermaid” and immediately falls in love her. He spends years trying to track her down until he realizes it was a manatee.
  • Similar to above, a man thinks he sees a beautiful mermaid in trouble out in the water and goes to save her. When it turns out to be a manatee getting strangled by waste in the ocean. He promises to help the animals from then on.
  • In a world where mermaids actually do exist manatees and mermaids are good friends and sometimes the manatees will bet the mermaids that they can fool the humans on shore. Or sometimes they’ll team up and send a mermaid to lure the humans and then have the manatee take their place to trick them.
  • Some people hunt for mermaids to traffic them so the manatees have started trying to trick them to break their equipment.
Adventures In Mermaid Hunting

Aqueous are balloons that
once believed they were bowling balls.
We are brought together
by fears realized in washroom stalls.
We are all treading water but
very few can truly make it look like a waltz.
While climbing up the cranial walls,
fear slips and falls and happiness halts.
When chasing a tail,
stripes help to better your sight.
Earned every day are ours
when looking past my black to your light.
I’m guided by the rays
of sun shining onto you.
But the ceilings are so warped
the room makes what’s inside and out blue.
Schools of feeble fish remind me
what value freedom of thought and lessons are.
The free pick at crumbs and
my catch is still seems so far.
A yellow tailed beauty, cowardly
only in trying to walk with no feet.
If history leads to me finding you everytime,
I’d love for it to repeat.
Restrained by distant hands I always forget can touch me,
I detest what time zones reap.
It would go unnoticed when mesmerized
if inside the waters, poison seeped.
Clearer pictures and pretty views through windows
can be found looking through your spectacles.
Being isolated is rough, being entranced is weird,
yet both interlock with fingers like coral reef tentacles.
What feels like lifetimes were wasted searching
for something outside the outer ordinary.
Behaviours you have adapted to survive what predates
makes you a quite bright story.
I’ve seen more signs of religion in
how you could make me believe in make believe.
I gasp for air not hearing your sound,
and then find it’s my favorite reprieve.
I’m sorry what we thought to be
truest loves were cast aside.
But I know how lovely the truth feels
when I could have you by my side.

For my schmalentine @lovelyformylove
Little Mermaid

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Out of the sea
Wish I could be
Part of your world

“When are we gonna get off this damn thing?” Sam’s brother groaned. “Listen, were hunting mermaids. Listen sammy, scientists have proven that there is no way someone like a mermaid could live. So lets just-”

“Dean, we’ve only been out here for ten minutes. You have to be patient.” The younger brother cut him off. 

The boys were working on a case of people disappearing into the ocean. One minute they were fine, the next they were in the water, being pulled away from the safety of their boats. 

Of course you knew what was really going on. Mostly all of the merpeople did. The Witch was taking the humans, feeding off of them to gain human like features- legs, feet and toes. 

“Y/N remember what your father said,” Your mother reminded you before you went off, “Don’t get near the shore line.” 

“I know mom,” You told her, before swimming away.  

You were adventurous. You spent most of your time with your best friend Christopher, exploring the ground of the sea for new trinkets that humans would leave behind. Or you would go up to the shore line with him. You two would hand out on a rock and watch everything from the sky to party boats. 

But time after time Christopher would lecture you about how dangerous it is up above the sea. How that if a human would find you, they would hunt you down and cut off your tail. He was much like your father. Tough but reasonable. Unadventurous. 

“I just don’t see the point Sam, we are looking for a needle in about five haystacks.” Dean told his brother, laughing a bit when he saw his brother take out his binoculars. 

“We can’t go to the rock today, there’s a boat out.” Christopher said, as the two of you swam around. 

“C’mon! Lets go!” And with that you were off, swimming away to the rock you were told not to go too. Pushing yourself up so your torso was above the sea, you stared at the boat in awe. 

“Dean! Dean! I see one!”

you belong

author: @peter-pan-imagines-yo

rating: PG-13

warnings: violence, language, making out

pairing: reader x peter pan

requested: 1587

word count: 

summary: you’re just getting used to your life in Neverland, and Peter decides to take you on a mermaid hunt with him and the rest of the Lost Boys, and when you catch the thrill of the chase, you realize that you really do belong.

One day, you and the Boys were on a hunt for mermaids off Mermaid Lagoon, waiting for Pan to return from one of his mysterious trips to the Enchanted Forest. You sat at the top of one of the highest rocks overlooking the clear turquoise water, swinging your legs, acting as lookout. When a mermaid was sighted, the Lost Boys would all instantly dive into the water, slashing and stabbing and waving around nets pointlessly as they desperately tried to trap and kill one of the vicious mermaids. Every once in awhile, a boy would howl in delight, screaming that he’d got one, he’d stabbed it, only to realize in horror that he’d hit another boy with his sword under the water and had perhaps sawed off a toe or two. This was never met with a sense of emergency or fear, only disappointment at not catching a mermaid as the injured boy hobbled back to camp to wrap his wound.

Your eyes raked the water, perfect vision tracing the patterns in it, hoping to detect the telltale swirl of a mermaid’s swishing tail. Today had been an unlucky day for the boys, however, as apparently the mermaids were off in the ocean rather than their sunny lagoon. However, you didn’t lose hope, convincing the boys to keep watching the water, that maybe a mermaid would come at the least expected moment.

You almost fell of the rock and into the water below when you felt a hand slap suddenly down on your shoulder. You let out a tiny yelp, reaching for the nearest thing to use as a weapon, grabbing a sharp rock and whirling around. Behind you, to your amazement, stood Peter Pan himself, smiling down at her. 

“Peter?” you asked in bewilderment. “How long have you been there? Weren’t you supposed to be on a trip, or something? How did I not…” It hit you then, that you’d been too preoccupied with your own issues to hear his approach. Of course he was there, of course he hadn’t left. He was always playing mind games with the Boys. 

He spoke, the smirk audible in his voice. “I was going to leave, but then a little birdie told me there was a mermaid hunt going on today .” He laughed softly, sitting down beside you.

“So how come you’re not down there, hunting with the boys?” you asked carefully, trying to mask the hope in your voice. You knew how unlikely it was that he wanted to hang out with you. 

“I prefer to watch the boys work,” smiled Pan. “More fun to watch them struggle. Plus, I like sitting with you.” Your mood brightened at this, but you didn’t say anything to let him know it. “So how are you liking Neverland, Y/n?”

“I…” you looked around, unable to find the right words. “I like belonging somewyoure, you know? I feel like I’m at home here.”

He breathed a sigh of relief, you thought, but perhaps he was just a loud breather. “I’m so glad you feel that way, and really, you do belong here.” he said with so much earnest that you couldn’t help but crack a grin. You chuckled, and soon he was smiling too. 

And then your were both laughing until your sides hurt, shaking until tears poured down your faces. It shocked you how good it felt to laugh, even when what you were discussing wasn’t particularly funny. You took deep breaths, steadying yourself.

You leaned back, content to just sit and not talk for once. As you closed your eyes, relaxing, you were shocked to find that you were actually happy. Sitting there with Pan, someone for whom you hadn’t quite figured out your feelings yet, felt like a gift. Pan was surprisingly sweet, and seemed like the kind of person you would like to be around more, even though you knew about his violent side. Somehow, even that didn’t turn you off of him. 

Just as this thought crossed your mind, the shouts of the boys below the two of you reached you. Pan reacted first, a smile spreading across his face as he leaned forward, peering down over the ledge. Far below you, the natural ripples in the water had changed. Instead of your average, everyday waves, the swells were growing, white tipped and angry. And, lo and behold, you caught sight of a shimmering, swirling, purple tail.

“Mermaids!” you shrieked, turning to rush down the mountain slope. However, remembering how careful you’d had to be while climbing up, you knew you’d arrive too late to assist the boys in their capture. Turning, determination hardening your resolve, you sprinted towards the cliff edge.

“Y/n, what the hell?” shouted Pan, fumbling to catch at your arm as you dove.

You flew through the air, body arching in a perfect dive, slipping gracefully towards the surface of the water below your. The mermaid was still far behind you, swimming determinedly towards the shore and the Lost Boys. you turned, swimming swiftly towards wyoure the boys were wading, weapons in hand, dancing and yelling, pointing at you.

“Y/n just jumped off the cliff!” one of them yelled with glee. “And look, look, she’s swimming towards us, she’s gonna help us-”

The rest of his sentence was cut off as two icy hands grasped your ankle.

You screamed, gulping in water, kicking out at the mermaid. But the water was thick and turbulent, and your feet moved in slow motion, merely brushing the creature’s arm. You turned around in the water, splashing and yelling profanity as you reached for the mermaid, ready to claw at her face. But when the mermaid’s face rose above the tossing waves, your mind went slack. The girl’s skin was pale and green, pockmarked and sickly looking. It hung off her skull in thick patches, loose and slimy. Her hair was lank and kelp like, reaching out like tentacles. Her eyes were white pits, bloodshot and pupiless, containing only silver irises. Those eyes stared into your soul, chilling your to the bone.

And then you sprang into action, jerking out of your stupor as you began scratching at her face, striking out with sure, heavy punches. You vaguely wished you had your sword as the mermaid fought back, long claws raking your skin. She struck out with her powerful tail, smacking your ankle which let out a muffled crack through the water.

You took control again, climbing over the mermaid, using her as a life raft, you tore at the fish, screaming. And then the Lost Boys were around your, splashing through the water, slashing at the mermaid with their weapons, making sure never to hit you, almost as if you were one of them. It was that moment, as you fought the monster in the water with them side by side, that you realized that Pan had been right. You did belong here. You were one hundred percent a Lost Girl.


That night, at the party around the bonfire, you locked eyes with Pan as you twirled around the circle, laughing with your newfound brothers. You broke away as you rotated around the circle, but you felt his eyes on you, on your body as you swiveled your hips, gleeful in the simple joy that came with belonging.

When the last song had ended and all the boys had stumbled into their cots, you lay awake in yours, peering up at the stars through the leaves. You let yourself go, letting your mind spin in every direction, and you stifled a laugh at the happiness that coursed through you. You were sure you had a stupid smile on your face, but you let it stay there in your euphoria. 

And then you felt a presence and looked up to fin d yourself eye to eye with Peter, who stood over you, his lips turned up in a delicious smirk. You sat up, looking at him with curiosity. “Can I help you?” you joked, smiling slightly.

“Come with me. Away from here. We gotta talk.” his voice was gruff, and the smile melted off his face as he spoke. 

You followed him silently, the woods passing in a blur until you got far enough from the camp. Suddenly he pushed you back up against a tree, and you sucked in a heavy breath, letting your nervous hands rest on his shoulders.

“Y/n,” he breathed, his chest heaving as he walked himself up against you until his face was inches from yours. “Seeing you take that dive today… seeing you catch that mermaid… it scared the shit out of me. I kept imagining you getting hurt, and then I realized that I cared whether you got hurt, and that scared the shit out of me too.”

It occurred to you that Pan had been letting you see his softer side lately, something no one seemed to know he even had. He was so tender with you, and you couldn’t’ve helped but develop a crush on him. 

He continued, his voice becoming hoarse, “and it was also the single hottest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

With that, he collided with you, his mouth pressing fervently against yours. His body pushed against you, his hips bucking forward as he kept you pinned against the wall. He slid his hands behind your back, over the curve of your hips as you deepened the kiss, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. 

You groaned against his mouth, biting down softly on his lower lip as he ran a hand through your hair. Your hand clenched around his biceps as he kissed you so powerfully. When he pulled away, you were breathing heavily, your eyes wide. He looked at you with such lust, but there was something else in his eyes too, something deeper.

“Look, Y/n,” he said quietly. “When I said you belong here, I did mean as a Lost Girl, but I also meant…”

You pressed a peck on his mouth. 

“You belong with me.”

♕ Gifs for Mermaids #1 ♕

          Under the cut you’ll find 34 gifs of a Mermaid, most don’t feature hair but those that do are blonde. All gifs are 120x145. All of these were made by me from this youtube video. Please like or reblog if you save or use any. Do not add repost as photosets, add to gif hunts or resize. These are purely for RP use.

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mermaid!Anna AU continuation

So my hand slipped a little…This was a quick thing, sorry. A proper continuation would be much better than this. 



Invading her lungs, clouding her vision, stealing her life away– 

This can’t be…how my story ends! 

Elsa thrashed harder, struggling to free herself from her bonds as the anchor drifted closer and closer towards the bottom of the sea, bringing the helpless captain down with it. 

If she shed any tears, she wouldn’t know–they mixed seamlessly with the water and trail of bubbles detailing her descent. 

I can’t…Not like this…Not when– 




Elsa’s vision grew darker as the mermaid drew closer, a terrified expression marring her beautiful face. 


And then she knew no more. 

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Under Spell and Key (Part 1)

The Little Mermaid: 

               Thatwitch hunt was finally over; your body ached, you wanted nothing more than for a nice hot shower and to sleep for days. You walked into the bunker, the guys following slowly as they put the bags away. “I call shower first” you grumbled before walking to your room and getting in the shower. That witches powers were strong, youd been thrown around like a rag doll. The boys were worried but you reassured them that you were fine.

               You smiled the water running down your hair, back and legs. You sighed when suddenly your feet were gone. You let out a blood curdling scream as you fell on the shower floor. The door burst open and the shower curtain was ripped to the side to reveal two guns and two tall Winchesters. They stared their mouths falling open. “What the-“ “IM A FUCKING MERMAID?! WHAT THE FUCK! I LOOK LIKE ARIEL FROM THE LITTLE MERMAID!” you said your sea green tail flopping and splashing water all around. “oh my god…Y/N….you look….” Suddenly Dean laughed out loud hysterically. “Shut up Dean! This isn’t funny!! I need my legs back! Help me!!” you held your arms up and Sam turned the water off, grabbing you up he wrapped a towel around you carrying you to the library. “Are you thirsty? Hungry? Um…” he stared at you as you sat in a chair. “No, I just want fixed….awe man! She even got my hair?!?” you groaned noticing the red hair. “Nice sea shells Y/N” you heard and noticed Castiel walking in. “Shut up, the purple doesn’t really go with my hair, nor this!” you said putting your tail on the table.

               Cas jumped back his hand going to his chest. “You guys…this is a funny joke, you got me” he said smiling and pointing at them. They just shook their heads as Sam smiled at you “Im gonna get you some water” and walked out, you looked at Dean who was trying to find some kind of cure or reversal. There was a crash in the kitchen, causing Cas and Dean to run out. “Hey! I got no legs! Wait for me….ah!” you had leaned to far over in the chair causing it to fall over on the floor. “OH MY GOD!” you heard Dean yell before his laughter took over again. “Its not funny Dean! Why do you….” Suddenly, there he stood. Black boots, blue pants, a white button down shirt, Sam stood in the doorway and stared at you. Your eyes widened as his hair laid just like Prince Erics. “Jesus…Sam what the hell are you wearing?” you asked pushing yourself up into a sitting stance. “I….you…youre beautiful….” He said staring at you. You felt your cheeks darkened and you suddenly felt bashful. “Uh oh…I think I know what this is Dean” Cas said before pulling him to the side. “You see, there are some witches who will turn fairytales into real life, she must have seen the love they have for each other and chose-“ Dean sighed “Y/N favorite fairytale….fucking fantastic.” He mumbled. “This means the witch isn’t really dead” he finished as Cas nodded. “Let me see what I can do to help…but whatever you do, don’t let them out of the bunker, if she follows the story, Y/N will sell her voice for legs, and then the Sea witch will get Y/N soul when the prince doesn’t kiss her before the sun sets on the third day.” Cas said staring at Dean. Dean held a confused face and looked at him. “What?” “The movie, Dean; If the spell follows the movie that’s the events that will take place. You need to watch it”

               You stared up at the man mesmerized, he was so handsome, you wanted to kiss him. “Whats your name?” he suddenly asked. You smiled “Ariel! Whats your name?” Suddenly he was pulled back. “Youre not ariel. Your Y/N. Its that damn witch. Shes put some spell on you two because youre two stubborn to realize you love each other!” Dean grumbled putting Sam in a chair and tying him up. “Hey! Im a prince, you cant do this. Let me go Grimsby!” Sam/Eric yelled at Dean. “Who?” Dean said as he moved back. Suddenly you were back in the chair thanks to the man who had tied the prince up. “Hey! Why are you tying me up for? My fathers a king-“ tape went over your mouth as you talked. You looked back at the prince who glared at the man. “Im gonna save you two if it’s the last thing I do.” He grumbled before walking away.

               A few hours passed and you looked to see the prince doing something when suddenly, he was free. Your eyes lit up as he walked toward you, slowly peeling the tape off your lips, he began to untie you. “Come on, we gotta hide from Grimsby, he wont give us any peace unless we hide.” You smiled as he picked you up and carried you down the hallway. You grinned as he set you on the bed and closed and locked the door. “There, that should keep him out.” He turned and flashed a handsome smile at you, you grinned bashfully again as he walked over to you. “DAMMIT! COME ON!” you heard from down the hall. You looked at the prince “whats your name?” you asked softly again “Im Prince Eric” he grinned. You smiled taking him in. He was indeed very handsome, you grabbed his hand and pulled him closer “Ariel…would it be alright if…I kissed you now?” he whispered and you grinned nodding. The moment your lips touched, you felt something, there was a tingle, then suddenly it was all over your body. You gasped pulling away as the door opened and there stood Dean and Cas. “Dean, what the hell man?” Sam said before looking at you. Cas and Dean cleared their throats and looked away. “MY LEGS!” you grinned then realized you were completely naked. You tried to cover yourself as Sam chuckled and took off his shirt letting you slip it on. “I see you two finally were able to break the curse? That’s great” Cas grinned and did a little clap where he whispered “yay!” Dean turned and glared at him. “You knew it had to end up like this all long didn’t you?” He grumbled to Cas. “Oh yes…but theres still the witch at hand to deal with…she wont stop with just Y/N favorite fairtale.” “The little mermaid is only one of my favorite Cas, I have like 7 or more” you said standing somewhat behind Sam.  

Part 2 

More Mermaid Stiles

So a few days ago I posted this Gif of a mermaid and freaked out in the tags about mermaid!Stiles and this is just a ranty elaboration on that. 

(I really like hybrid aus, can’t you tell?) 

So Stiles is a mermaid, and a siren, which is weird cause he’s a male and usually male mermaids hunt fish and rip up sunken ships to make barricades and homes and take care of the children while the females are up on the rocks singing and coaxing sailors to come and impregnate them before using them for meat. 

But Stiles was never very strong, and always preferred to sit up on the rocks admiring Lydia’s gorgeous hair and eventually began singing along. It wouldn’t take long after that for the others to realize that Stiles could coax half a boatload into the water with one song. 

So one day Stiles is singing, and a boat comes by, his female counterparts dragging the jumping sailors into the depths for dinner, but one sailor is too fast for them to catch. Which is… weird. 

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