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More of my animal mermaid au with dolphin Lance. Very smart, playful, and resourceful animals, so it was perfect!

Pidge / Lance / Hunk / Keith / Shiro / Allura / Coran /

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@scriptorsapiens and I have been chatting about a hijack mermaid!AU and it’s been so much fun. 

There’s a LOT going on in this AU… But BASICALLY..  
Pitch hunts mermaids and he is hell bent on proving their existence to the world, he catches Jack from the Arctic and brings him home. Jack manages to escape and suddenly he finds himself lost in some part of the ocean he’s never seen before.
That’s when he meets Hiccup and Toothless. While bonding there’s an attack from a boat above and Toothless is taken by Pitch.
Any sea creature that isn’t a mermaid is worthless to Pitch so he sells them to his partner in crime Drago. Who owns Seaworld.
So now Hiccup and Jack have to break into Seaworld without being seen to save Toothless who has been put on display there.

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In mermaid au, why is Keith an outcast???

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ boi i’ll tell u wHY

The quick and easy answer is Keith is hot headed and can never follow the rules.

The deeper answer which explain more of the au is that humans are the big bads. They are constantly hunting mermaids for sport more than anything else and they probably make up reasons to hunt mermaids. As such they are banned from interacting with humans at all. Keith himself grew up with the same idea and that his mom is dead. boi u can guess his shoCK when he found out his mom was actually a regular old human. While he hasn’t ever told anyone he started seeing the side of the humans and defending them so much and the second he was caught interacting with a human he was practically banished from his pod (?) but with connections in the pod allows him to still follow, he’s just not allowed within the main group ever again.

And while this question doesn’t really warrant a picture i wanted something cute to balance out the darker ideas of the au sO

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

love yourself and go read “ice massacre” and then the sequel to that “ice crypt”. its about a mermaid and a girl who hunts mermaids, trust me, read it and then come back here and scream at me. I love it to bits it became one of my fav books. 

Once Upon a Dance

Summary: Every night, when Peter plays the flute and the Lost Boys do their dance around the fire, you sit a distance away, watching the fun from afar but feeling like too much of an outsider to participate. You know the Lost Boys and Peter have gotten along with you just fine, but somehow, you feel like your heart and sense of belonging is still back in Storybrooke. Peter recognizes this, and comes to you with a different kind of dance.

Word Count: 1644

Warnings: None

You think back to a time when you couldn’t hear the flute that Peter is playing now. You remember him just lightly shaking his head and telling you not to worry, you’ll start to hear it eventually.

Now that you can, you like to sit on a rocky platform above the camp, watching the other boys do their nightly ritual. They all do their own little dances, filled with energy and life.

But you never participate. Somehow, it would feel wrong. Like cheating.

Cheating on where you really belong.

You had only come to Neverland for a brief trip; a potion you needed that involved a scale from a very special species of mermaid only found on this very island. However, when you met Peter, things changed. Although your initial impression of Peter was only reflecting on how much of a conceited asshole he seemed to be, you soon saw there was more to him than the self-absorbed persona he so wore the majority of the time. Peter, at the time, had made you a deal: he would help get the mermaid scale you needed, if you would tell him how to recreate the potion when you were finished. Of course, when he first proposed this compromise, it had seemed to be a trick. But after hunting the mermaid together and him using his powers to defend you, you learned he could be trusted.

Right before you were going to return back to Storybrooke, he made you another deal: stay with him in Neverland, and he’ll make you a Lost Girl.

Sometimes you wonder whether saying yes had been the right choice. On nights like this where you watched the real Lost Boys dance and sing happily and without care, you begin to regret taking the offer.

So then why do you still stay?

Maybe it’s  because if you leave, you know you’ll no longer get to see…

No. That’s ridiculous. You shoo the thought out of your mind.

You gaze down at the boys again, watching them do their twirls and jumps and howls. That’s when your eyes drift to Peter, and you realize he’s staring up at you as well.

He’s smirking at you while he’s playing the flute, and it makes you want to come down and hit him. But maybe’s that just what he wants you to do.

He stops playing for a moment, but the Lost Boys don’t cease their movement.

Peter makes a gesture with his hand. Come here.

You just shake your head.

Once again, he beckons you, even nodding encouragingly.

But, still, you just shake your head, this time averting your eyes away and disappearing further on the rock so Peter can no longer see you.

Later that night, when the festivities are over and all the Lost Boys are back in their tents, you crawl down from your precipice and take a whiff of the crispy, woodsy smelling air. The fire is still burning, which is odd, because Peter is usually the one to put it out when all the nightly activities are over.

He emerges now out of the woods, hands holding something behind his back.

“Peter? What are you doing? Aren’t you gonna put the fire out?” You ask him, gesturing to the flames that still licked up towards the sky.

He didn’t say anything, just continued to walk towards you, a soft smile on his face.

“Peter? What’s that behind your back?” You call again, starting to feel uneasy.

He stops in front of you, still not saying a word.

“Peter! Stop! You’re starting to freak me out!” You yell at him, putting your hands up in front of your chest defensively.

Silently, he unveils what he was hiding: two crowns made out of twigs and leaves (presumably held together by magic).

He gently places one on your head, and the other on his own.

“Peter? What are these? And why-” You start, but he interrupts you by grabbing your hands and intertwining your fingers together.

Then, he takes a step back, pulling you backwards with him. Then forwards, then sidewards right, and sidewards left…

When he tries to twirl you, you push him back, looking him in the eye seriously. “Peter, what the hell are you doing?

He sighs, looking up to the stars as he exhales, and then planting his gaze back on you.

We are dancing. I see how you don’t like to dance with the other boys, so perhaps this is more your speed?”

He grabs your hands again, looking at you for permission first. When you say nothing, he intertwines your fingers once more, and proceeds with his graceful movements.

He takes you in a circle around the fire, twirling you every so often.

“Peter, what is this?” You speak up after a moment.

“Well,” he says slowly, glancing down at your feet and then back up at you, “This is a quite informal, battered attempt at an old fashioned English waltz.”

“You know that’s not what I mean.” You shoot back. “Why are you doing this for me?”

You watch him chew on his lip for a moment, as if debating between a serious response and a sarcastic one. Then, avoiding eye contact again, he says, “I know you must have your reasons for not wanting to get involved in some of the activities the other boys and I do. But then sometimes it feels like…you regret agreeing to stay in Neverland?”

He asks this last part as a question, looking up at you again only to see if you’ll deny it.

When you don’t, he just slowly nods his head, as if to confirm what he already thought to be true.

“So, Y/N, I know I can’t make you stay. I mean, I could if I wanted to. But I don’t want that for you. You’ve been an amazing…companion to have here on the island. But if you really want to leave, then… I’ll allow it.”

You’re taken aback by the word companion. As stupid as it is, something inside you sinks, and you pull away from Peter at last.

What were you imagining? That he did all this just to beg you to stay? That maybe his feelings for you were more than just a…a companion?

But no. You nod your head, hearing yourself declare, “Well, I guess I don’t have a reason to stay anymore then, do I Peter?” You take the makeshift crown off your head, handing it back to him.

His usual smirk is gone from his face now, replaced by a look of slight puzzlement and, what, sadness?

No, you think. That’s all in your head. You shouldn’t have agreed to stay somewhere you knew you didn’t truly belong.

“Well,” You try to pleasantly announce, but it comes out sounding more bitter and angry, “I guess I’ll just be heading to bed then. And, tomorrow, I can recast a portal back to Storybrooke.”

You turn on your heels, feeling incredibly petty and childish, but Peter calls out after you.

“Wait, Y/N! Stop.” He reappears in front of you, a magic trick you despise him having the ability to do.

“What?” You ask, narrowing your eyes. “I’m leaving, okay? I’m sorry I intruded on you and your Lost Boys, but next time, maybe don’t ask me to stay.”

You watch as Peter’s face crumples. It’s so unlike him, it doesn’t even seem real. Peter never wears his true emotions on his sleeve or anything of the sort, which makes his expression now only that much harder to bare.

“Y/N…I didn’t say what I meant to say. Or, I didn’t mean to say what I said…I’m sorry. This isn’t even comprehensible. But,” He takes a deep breath, “I want you to stay because…”

You wait, lifting your eyebrows as he struggles with his words. After a full minute, you just roll your eyes, preparing to go on your way back to your hut, but he stops you, continuing on.

“Because I’ve never felt these…feelings about anyone before. I didn’t even think I was capable of feelings the things I feel around you! I did this to try to convince you to stay, not you chase you off. It’s just, I don’t know how to deal with these feelings, or even how to express them…”

As truly foolish and dim you feel, you can’t help but smile. No, not even. You’re grinning.

Watching him staring at his hands and trying to work out his thoughts, you reach out, grabbing the crown he made for you.

He stops his stammering, staring as you put the crown back on top of your head. You watch his face slowly begin to light up again with his usual spirit, and you join hands once more.

This time, you try to do the moves right, following Peter’s motions closely.

When he twirls you, he pulls you closer, and both of you stop moving.

He leans in, cupping your face with his hands.

The firelight glow and his crown makes him look like a prince of the forrest (which, essentially, he is).

Without hesitation, you lean in too, Peter lifting you slightly towards him.

And then his lips are on yours, and you feel the cold air dissipate and be replaced by an overwhelming warmth that cascades over the both of you.

You throw your arms around his neck and tilt your head, a million thoughts all exploding in your brain at once.

When you both pull back, you just sort of look at each other’s faces in disbelief, like, did that actually just happen?

But then he’s pulling you in again, and his lips meet yours and the whole firework sensation happens all over again.

Afterwards, you both sit near the fire, you leaning against his chest and him playing with your hair. Every so often, he’ll kiss your head, as if to remind you yes, I’m still here.

It feels like an hour has passed when either of you speak up again. Peter leans forward so he can stare into your eyes. With a playful smirk on his face he says, “So, can I take that as you’re staying?”

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Cute prompts about manatees being confused with mermaids

Haha, this is adorable 😂.

Originally posted by letssavemanatees

  • A man sees a “mermaid” and immediately falls in love her. He spends years trying to track her down until he realizes it was a manatee.
  • Similar to above, a man thinks he sees a beautiful mermaid in trouble out in the water and goes to save her. When it turns out to be a manatee getting strangled by waste in the ocean. He promises to help the animals from then on.
  • In a world where mermaids actually do exist manatees and mermaids are good friends and sometimes the manatees will bet the mermaids that they can fool the humans on shore. Or sometimes they’ll team up and send a mermaid to lure the humans and then have the manatee take their place to trick them.
  • Some people hunt for mermaids to traffic them so the manatees have started trying to trick them to break their equipment.

*゚:*:✼✿ @bokudou ||  ❤ ‘d for a mermaid au starter !!

         𝓑𝔂 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮 Sakura took notice of the net, it was already far too late. Her sleepy eyes were suddenly blinking awake, heart slamming against her rib cage in panic. She’d been warned of something like this, been warned so many times, and yet here she was, caught in a human trap

For a moment she couldn’t think straight, swimming one way then the other in a futile attempt to find some way out, and when the net started to enclose around her, those attempts quickly unraveled into terror stricken swimming straight down, which only exhausted the fight out of her.

Too soon did Sakura find herself being pulled up beyond the surface of the sea, the strange sensation of air hitting her cheeks and bare skin slightly uncomfortable. Wide frightened eyes searched about for her captor, the ropes digging into her palms. How could this happen?

pirate mermaid au

inspired by the lovely @ryuusadesu ‘s fanart, which can be found here , a short little thing that I wrote to procrastinate on my fanfic

words: 478

   Captain Agreste could hardly breath at this girl—no, this mermaid—hanging his net.

            She was unamused. “Are you the captain?”

            “Yeah. Captain Agreste.” He breathed out, “That would be me.”

            Her scales were like rubies, her hair was darker than night, and she had eyes that rivaled the blue of the ocean. She also looked like she wanted to kill him, which didn’t help the way she took his breath away.

            “Well, Captain Agreste.” The mermaid growled, “If you don’t let me out of here, I will sink your ship.” The magic emanated off of her wet skin.

            He shrugged. “We’ve been becalmed a few days. You’d be doing us a favor. Besides, you’re a fish out of water, what are you going to do?”

            An angry flush fell over her face, “I—”

            “Do you know what kind of price you would fetch?” He cut her off. His threats were what they always were, coated in a voice of kindness and good humor. “Mermaid fish scales, mermaid hair. Hell, I heard some witches in the Baltics were looking for mermaid eyes. You’d fetch a nice bounty, were you kept alive as well.”

            She paled, and sounded desperate, “Now wait, let’s b-be reasonable here.”

            Agreste held up one hand, and the other fished a small knife out of his back pocket. He approached her, “I’m kidding. I’m stealing from the Bourgeois Manufacturing Company, not mermaid hunting.”

            The cording of the net snapped in a quick, one-two motion. She was curling away from him, her eyes filled with fear. Her webbed fingers were curled into fists, ready to strike him.

            He climbed to the boom holding the net, ignoring the white canvas sail that was currently tied over.

            “Lahiffe, pull those ropes and tie them down to the fourth cleats. Securely.” He ordered.

            The boom that hung the net she was hanging from swung out slowly, but Agreste was hardly affected. Pretty soon, there was nothing beneath him but this beautiful mermaid, and the calmest ocean he had ever seen.

            Smirking down at the mermaid, he told her, “They call me the Black Cat Pirate for a reason, you know.”

            “You’re…” Her voice trailed off. “Well, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

            Agreste dropped down, his knees hooking around the beam. Hanging up side down, he spun the knife and smiled at her, “And I’ve heard nothing about you. How about this? I let you go, you give me your name.”

            She rolled her eyes. “Fine. It’s Marinette.”

            “Hmm.” He hummed, and his knife cut through the last cord of the net. “It was nice to meet you, Marinette. Maybe we’ll see each other again, sometime.”

            With that, she was gone, diving down into the deep blue abyss, which was almost as blue as her eyes.

Almost immediately after he had freed her, the wind picked up, providing smooth sailing, and Agreste’s ship was on its way.