mermaid hoe


⚓︎ MERMAIDS ⚓︎Carnivorous

they aren’t the pretty mermaids from Disney. they’re prehistoric monsters, their instincts have evolved for millions of years to outlive even the dinosaurs and their methods of hunting for prey have only grown more impressive when the richest of ape blood took to the seas. such petty creatures are no match for a predator’s biological makeup to capture and immobilize their victims. no one is safe in the water, not when you never know what’s lurking under the rolling waves.


Drowning wasn’t how Michael expected it to be.
There wasn’t a white light or a tunnel up to heaven. His life didn’t even flash before his eyes. Just purple. Countless shades of purple was all he could see, like swimming in Ribena.
Michael felt his heartbeat slow and arms and legs go numb as his brain shut down. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the current playing with his fingers as the silky water lowered him down into the dark.

Or, the one where Calum is always in the right place at the right time, and happens to have pointy teeth and a sharks tail.

pairings: malum / lashton / lowkey mashton

rating: teen and up audiences

tw: almost (intentional) drowning

[ mermaid!calum, human!michael, surprise!lashton, ot4 friendship ]

note: ok omg this is my first ao3 fic so pls be nice and also im posting this @ 4am so im lowkey dead :-) this is based off the florence and the machine song ‘between two lungs’ so give that a listen 2! the writing starts off a bit shaky but gets going p soon! please read the end authors notes too + i would love some feedback!!


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