mermaid headdress


In no particular order here is 1 of 15. 

Photographer: Bella Kotak Photography

Model: Jessica Dru
Headpiece: Miss G Designs (Made with faux coral & shells)
Dress: Creature of Habit
Shell Mantle: Fortunate Nora
Assistants: Vanessa (Creature of Habit) and Pratik (Solstice Retouch)
Skin retouching: Solstice Retouch


Custom ordered mermaid headdress! Made similar in design to a previous headdress, requested to be as such by the customer. Completely swimmable! Made with iridescent resin-coated abalone, molded polymer clay starfish, painted shells, dangling seaweed, pearl accents, and connected pearl strands.
Headdresses available for comission/custom order- available through my Etsy shop, SeaShore Siren! 


Sparkly sparkle mermaid tiara. Please send me inquiries for headpieces on #swarovski #mermaid #tiara #pastel #ocean #shells #headdress #headpiece

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draw me mermaids

draw me demon mermaids that have cute goat faces that gets matted sooo easily

draw me object head mermaids that cant go fully underwater or they’ll get shocked

draw me shell bra-less mermaids with lowered sexualized society standards talking to mermen calmly

draw me insecure redfaced mermaids with swimmers hair and freckles in weird places

draw me lesbian mermaids that wear rainbow colored shells and get their hair tangled together

draw me greaser mermaids staring at motorcycles from the docks with starry eyes

draw me fashionable mermaids in pastel goth and gothic loli and hipstery style shell bras

draw me normal girls that wear special swimgear to feel like mermaids in their suburb pools

draw me punk mermaids with salior jerry tatoos and band tees and heavily dyed hair + piercings

draw me a young merperson crying to their mother that that dont like the upper half of their body and the mother understandingly and appectingly nodding

draw me muslim mermaids wearing headdresses and explaining their meaning to accepting friends

draw me space mermaids with the stars as their fins and voids as their black sea

draw me kracken mermaids being embarrassed about their beaks and covering them when they talk

draw me mermaids writing letters in a bottle to their significant other on the other side of the world

draw me mermaids of color with natural hair having natural reactions to water

draw me mermaids