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The Mermaid Slayer Part llI (Taeyong - NCT) [Pirate!AU]

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Day 3 - Pirates

Water. That’s all there was.

Your eyes opened quickly. Every sense was overloaded. 

The seafoam and water were filling up the lower floors. The smell of dead fish was everywhere. The boat rocked back and forth as it sank even deeper into the sea. 

You stood up as best as you could. The movement seemed to become more prominent as time ran out. 

You finally reached the main deck. There was no one. You guessed that they got off as soon as the ship started sinking. 

You ran to the edge and looked around. There seemed to be land somewhere far, but you knew that it was impossible to get there without triggering more storms. 

Panic started to sip in quickly. After scouting out the ship, no more lifeboats were left.

You sighed as you knew what your last option was: Swim all the way to land. 

The wind hit your skin as the scales slowly crept out. They circled your waist and wrapped around your legs. You couldn’t go to shore with a tail for many reasons. The most important one being the storms.

A deep breath later and you were underwater. 

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