mermaid figure

[Image Description: an artistic edit of a photo of Annie with short aqua colored slicked back hair, dressed as a mermaid with a black top and black fin, while sitting in a wheelchair. The background is blue. 

Ambulatory Wheelchair Users = Mermaids: Analogy

I have chronic illnesses (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or EDS being the umbrella condition) and chronic pain that makes it so I am unable to stand and walk for more than a few seconds to a couple of minutes max.

I use a wheelchair because my EDS makes my joints hypermobile/lax causing them to be very painful due to pressure from use and injury (which they are also very prone to in the form of subluxations and dislocations) and my POTS can be triggered by abrupt motion and standing too long; my blood pressure can rise, my heart can go into tachycardia (over 100 bpm) and I can faint. I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user, meaning I have some ability to walk.

I swim in the pool frequently and an analogy occurred to me in the water: as an ambulatory wheelchair user I really am a damn mermaid:

  • Water? 👍
  • Land? Need assistance ♿

This water/land aspect of the analogy works for human’s relationship with water as well:

Humans can hold their breath underwater for a few seconds, minutes maximum, while I can stand/walk (depending on pain levels and injury levels) for a few seconds, minutes maximum.

If humans were expected to live underwater they would need gear (aka assistance) and maybe they could be without it for seconds at a time but they need the gear.

So to reiterate, I’m a mermaid… and I’ve figured out how to hang out with y’all on land.


So i had a couple of requests for plance mermaid AU and I figured - since there’s a whole lot of Lance mermaids floating around - let’s make Pidge the mermaid this time. But like, maybe she’s a freshwater mermaid, and she lives in a forest lake, and she’s all green and snaky, aaaand the next thing I know I’ve been drawing for hours and trying out different styles and I swear this is love. 💗

And yes, she’s totally calling BS on “the little mermaid” - “It’s obvious mr. H.C.Andersen never met a real merperson!” 😆  Also, who gives up kick-ass mermaid powers for some dude !? Every relationship is a compromise, even Lance knows that 😉

Betcha all thought I wasn’t gonna make anything for Mermay. ;)))

I meant to do this sooner! But I lost track of the dates and forgot about this a lot do to distractions and life stuff. Here’s an OC in the form of a mermaid just for you guys!


Introducing a new member of the mermaid squad: my lilac haired sparkler (everything about her sparkles subtly under lights ✧_✧)

She’s currently listed in my etsy shop along with her red-haired friend, and I’m working on a potential king neptune mini bottle for next week :)

Have a sort of armor/knight lady mantis merm

formyths  asked:

it's almost mermay again??? anyway how about sailfish/marlin merms

Right? And now it’s over haha but have a sailfish merm