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@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

I’ve been thinking about Mermaid stuff in the last week (late into MerMay lol) on twitter for a possibly thing in the future. You might see some things next month about it who knows! Twitter’s getting the most of it.

Don’t worry, Fidds just got a bit bored with Ford’s questions and dragged him under. When they come up, Ford just has more questions which confuses Fidds.


If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc

Some colored Monster Falls sketches :D For my fanfiction Predator and Prey

Hopefully I soon got time to draw Bill and Will too (and maybe Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford as well :’D)

Mabel as a mermaid.

Gahh, I really liked this drawing some hours ago, but now… Do you know this feeling?

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Monster Falls AU

Antlers and Fish Scales: Prologue

24 hours. He had 24 hours to come up with something.

Who was he kidding. There was no way to hide this. No way to cover it up or joke it off.

The kids weren’t human anymore, he was a gargoyle with territory issues, his brother was a sphinx and the majority of Gravity Falls were a mismatch of monsters and mythical creatures, some of which even Ford had never seen. Stan needed some way to let their parents down easy.

It’s not that they shouldn’t take the kids (and they really shouldn’t) but more that they couldn’t. Dipper’s diet consisted entirely of grass and twigs. Mabel was half fish! Stan would not let his mermaid of a grand-niece swim and breath the water around San Francisco. No way, no how.

And a deer in the big city… interstates, masses of people, the noise… all of that mixed together alongside Dipper’s new instincts to either freeze or bolt… Stan almost needed to sit down just thinking about it.

No. The kids had to stay here. The middle school had open seats and practically all the students were in the same boat as the twins.

So, one problem down – the kids would stay in Gravity Falls. Now, how to tell that to their folks? Their father had inherited that special brand of stubborn that seemed to run in Pines blood. He’d put up one hell of a fight to take his kids back home – mythical creature or not. He’d probably think up some way to hide certain… aspect of the kids within a few minutes of seeing them. Hopefully his wife would be a voice of reason.

If the kids were found out, they’d be shipped off to a science lab faster than you could blink. Federal agencies would descend on Gravity Falls like a plague – again.

It would be safer for the kids if they stayed with Stan and Ford.


And there was the other cause for Stan’s headaches.

Should he even tell them about Ford? They’d all gone 30 years thinking he was Stanford. It was easy enough to pull off. Stan could mimic his brother flawlessly and Ford had never been the most social person. Pretending to be the younger of the twins had been surprisingly easy. Everyone thought he was off being a hermit in the forests of Oregon, paying for his research by running the Mystery Shack. But now Ford was actually here, and Stan had a headstone with his name on it down in New Jersey.

How did one even bring that up?

‘Oh, by the way, I’m not actually Stanford. I’m your 30 years’ dead uncle Stanley! I faked my death and stole my twin’s identity after he got sucked into some crazy dimension-jumping portal! But don’t worry, after performing some highly illegal acts and putting the entire town and your son and daughter’s lives in mortal danger, I got him back. Please don’t tell Sherman.’

Yeah… Stan was going to bribe Dipper into helping him lock Ford in the basement tomorrow. Leave the old sphinx down there with a book of riddles that they’d tear the answer sheet out of. That should keep him busy.

The day quickly slipped by and the kids came in from whatever they’d been doing. Dipper pulled Mabel’s wagon tub over to the dining table before struggling to sit in the chair next to her.

They’d really need to fix the furniture situation in the Shack if the kids were staying for the school year. We could at least make him a chair that’s closer to the ground or something, Stan mused.

Ford had taken the responsibility of making dinner tonight – not that there was much to make. Mabel got whole, raw fish. Dipper got a square of turf. Stan ate whatever was around. Really, Ford only had to cook for himself if he felt like it. If he ate as a sphinx, his meal was just as raw as everybody else’s.

As everyone gathered around the table, Stan decided it would be best to get the news out of the way as soon as possible.

“Kids, we have something we need to talk about,” Stan sighed.

Both twins stopped eating and looked at him with slightly worried eyes.

“Now, I know you were hoping to if all this before summer ended, but…” he scratched the back of his neck with the claws he’d had for two months now, small flakes of rock falling off.

Dipper looked down at his grass. Ford had explained that the cure was relatively simple: everyone needed to improve upon themselves. Find their strongest flaw and work to counter it. While it sounded easy in theory, it was much harder to actually do. No one like to point out their own flaws.

Stan continued, “Your parents will be here tomorrow around 11 to take you home. I think we all know that’s not happening. Once they see… all this, they should understand why.”

Ford looked over at his brother, slightly squinting his eyes in confusion.

“Are you saying that their parents don’t know about ‘all this’?” he said incredulously.

“It’s not like I could simply call them!” Stan defended, “What would you tell them? How would you explain that their daughter’s a fish? Or that their son might be shedding velvet next year? They already thing I’m crazy! The only way they’ll believe this,” he gestured to the kids, “Is if they see it themselves.”

Ford grumbled but sat back in his chair, resigned. It wouldn’t do much to call them now anyway. Piedmont was an eight-hour drive from Gravity Falls on a good day. The kids’ parents were making it half-way and staying in Redding tonight. They’d make the rest of the trip tomorrow morning, hoping to drive all the way back home after getting the kids. Ford would let them make their trip north believing everything was normal.

Dinner was finished with little comment. Afterwards, Stan went out onto the back parch and slumped back into the old couch. Tomorrow was going to be a pain in the ass.

The sound of hooves on wood planks alerted him to Dipper’s presence. The kid jumped onto the couch and turned in a circle before settling down, legs folded neatly under him.

Stan had to laugh a bit at the sight. “You’re getting the hang of those things.”

Dipper looked at his new lower body and gave a half smile. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

There was a peaceful silence that hung in the late summer air for a while before Dipper spoke up again.

“You know, Mabel’s been writing our parents about all this,” he laughed a bit.

“Think they believed any of it?” Stan smiled as he asked. They both already knew the answer.

Dipper snorted, “Of course not! They probably chalked it all up to Mabel’s imagination and storytelling.” Dipper’s smile grew at the thought of his parent’s reading the letters Mabel sent. Two months of hearing of her ‘adventures underwater’ and thinking Mabel was playing around again. Oh, they were in for a surprise tomorrow. “It’ll sort of be fun seeing their reaction when they realized she was telling the truth.”

They both laughed at the idea.

“That, and just the reaction after driving through town!” Stan added. The town was crawling with monsters after the water bottle incident.

“They’ll think Summerween has taken over the entire season.”

As the laughter faded, Stan looked over at his cervitaur nephew.

Maybe tomorrow wouldn’t be as bad as they thought.

Hello! This is the first part of an ongoing series based on the Gravity Falls AU Monster Falls. The story is going to cover the time after the twins’ first Summer in Gravity Falls and the adventure that ensues while they are trying to help citizens break the spell cast by the Fluvius water. For more info about the AU, I suggest starting here, with the creator.

Big thank you to my beta, his-majesty-the-prince-of-whales, who catches the mistakes I am blind to. And a thank you to laur-rants. Most of this story is based off of her Monster Falls comic series and fanart. If you’re curious to see the direction this story might be going, go and check out her work!


“I would give up all of the seven seas if it meant that i could be with you”

“I love you”

Marriage in the skies~, i kinda think that bill wouldn’t settle for a ‘normal wedding’ so when they were told “You may now kiss the groom” he flew them up to the starry sky and kissed

i may have a slight obsession for overly complicated wedding dresses and it’s taking a toll on my wrists BUT it looks wondahfuuullllll so m’happy

( the things i do for love, i hope you like it @randomfangirl01 i will now accept your eternal love -holds hands out for a hug-)

BillDip Week// Creature AU

Dipper raced to the sandy, hot beach with his trusted journal in hand, smile blooming across his matured features as he nearly tripped over his own two feet. It’d been a few weeks since he’d met the dashingly charming mermaid known as Bill Cipher, the creature was stunning in every aspect and seemed as interested in him as he was of it, everyday he promised to return when the sun was setting and wasn’t so bright so the mermaid’s beautiful scales wouldn’t dry and his faire skin wouldn’t burn. It was explained to him that the sun was almost as damaging to his kind, if not more, once one was exposed for too long considering they hid in the murky depths of the salty water where temperatures were much cooler. The brunette took a turn by a rocky cliff face, slowing down his pace to seem as casual as he could but the wide smile was a dead give away to how excited he was, of course the entire town knew to beware of such divine looking creatures but Dipper was utterly ensnared by Cipher’s endless knowledge and looks, every sentence the yellow-scaled serpent spoke had him hooked like a fish on bait. He pressed himself close to the rocks and entered a small, shadowy cavern watching his feet as he hesitantly stepped over the slimy rocks, he was slowly but surely becoming accustomed to the path and soon he had no trouble in crossing. 

Once done the Pine twin kicked his sandals off and dipped his legs into the cool water and waited, ever so slightly kicking his legs through the water, his mind focused on watching for any signs of his newly made friend. His mind was whirling with different questions and theories that he failed to notice the gentle grip on his ankle until he was being thrown into the water with a startled yelp, as a reflex, he kicked himself free and scrambled to perch himself back onto the stone as his heart raced. Looking for an answer to what had grabbed him he was met with the amused smirk of the mermaid, currently Bill was propped up on the very edge of the rocks by his elbows, one hand resting on his cheek as his slitted pupils met the teen’s own and he soon relaxed. 

“My, my someone’s a little jumpy today.” Came the soothe voice, it often reminded Dipper of a gentle coast breeze on a summer day, and the soft chuckle that followed soon after it made a fuzzy feeling settle down in stomach and rose up to take root in his chest. He could tell Bill was feeling a little more playful then his usual today. “Pardon the scare, Pinetree. I promise it was only half intentional.” The blonde backed down into the oceans waters only to turn himself around and push his human half out of the blue liquid, sitting down on a smoother slab of rock before returning his full attention to his company.
“Water under the bridge.” Dipper sighed in content, the ciphers and runes etched across the other’s skin was always a pleasure to see and try to decipher, it made Bill so mysterious. Like a puzzle just begging to be solved but the answers resting too far out of reach for him to grab and bring into the light, his eyes trailed down to the beautifully glittering tail that swished with the push and pull of the sea. It took away his breath every time he saw it, there was no mistaking the power that was held in that appendage, and whenever the sun hit it just right Dipper was certain Bill’s scales could go under one of the world’s most wondrous sights category. “How’re things down there? Find any good schools of fish to eat today?”

“Yeah, you could say something like that. But I’m more interested in what’s in that book you keep bringing here.” Bill leaned forward, his eyes glinting with mischief as he reached for the item but frowned when Dipper held it away from his reach with a small blush tinting his cheeks. “Aw, c’mon Sapling! Why can’t you just show me?” He complained, his cheeks hollowing and puffing out in a small, childlike pout, which only compliment his stunning looks.
“M-Maybe some other time Bill, really its nothing important, just some dumb human business. Honestly, you’d find it boring.” Dipper was quick to fuss, looking at his lap as he held onto the book tightly, though he missed the twisted smile that Bill flaunted for only a moment. When Dipper looked up after an odd moment’s silence he found Bill’s face only inches apart from his own and he froze, his eyes snapping to look at how close their lips were, noses almost bumping together at the close proximity. 

“Nonsense, you know I’d never find anything of your’s boring.” He spoke low, a soft hum behind his words, his voice was a gift only bestowed to him. The blonde was a siren and was very good at manipulating people but this time around, he could never bring himself to bring this one to it’s end by drowning him with the promise of them being together forever as he’d previously done with past two legs. And the teen seemed to not know his true specie as a siren, but he was alright with that, he didn’t want to risk scaring the other off with that knowledge. Bill didn’t want to label it as love but a strong sense of fondness for the innocence the brunette seemed to carry, he was polite and clumsy unlike all the other’s who had tried to capture him or kill him, he knew it was incredibly out of character for someone of his status to fall for someone of a different world but he simply couldn’t help it, and with the way Dipper was allowing him to remain at such a personal distance proved that he most likely felt the same. His sharp nails hooked around the book before he moved back and slipped into the water with said item in hand, holding it above the churning sea as his mighty tail propelled him forward into deeper depths.

“B-Bill!! Hey, come back, that’s mine!” The human chirped in alarm, embarrassment flushing his face as he beckoned Bill to swim back to him and return his journal, the siren only grinned and opened up the cover page, eyes scanning over the writings. Each page was filled with notes Dipper had made, some sketches of Bill himself and comparisons with the occasional theory, the human seemed embarrassed for his work to be on display. He wasn’t quite sure as to why, the information was correct for the most part and the drawings professionally done, every scale was detailed perfectly it made the blonde feel flattered to be regarded in such an admired way. When he was done he motioned to the awaiting waters. 

“You’ll have to come out here to get it!” 

Dipper tensed but then shrugged, that was fine. He could do that no problem, he just prayed Bill wouldn’t use his tail as an advantage and keep swimming away. Shrugging his shirt off, he tentatively lowered himself into the water and paddled toward the siren, he dreaded the possibility of all his work getting ruined by the water but the blonde kept his upper torso above the water by churning his tail, the transparent light fins aiding in the action. The twin finally made it to the creature almost breathless, and pouted. “Are you gonna give it back now?” He asked with a small hint of annoyance that would die out very soon, he could never bring himself to be mad at the playful mermaid and thought it was near impossible for anyone to hold a grudge against something as majestic. 

“If you say please, I just might.” The blonde smiled, clicking his tongue as he spoke his reply and cupped his free hand to his ear, simply waiting to hear the words. The brunette sighed but complied, repeating his last question and added the word as instructed, he beamed when he felt an arm snake it’s way around his waist to pull him back into the shore. When Bill glided through the water effortlessly, he guided the human towards their desired location to save time and this certainly was no different, especially considering the human was growing tired from keeping himself balanced and upright in the same spot in the cool sea. When the human’s fingers broke the surface to hold onto the cold stone again did he release his gentle hold on the other, allowing him to climb awkwardly onto dry land. Based off of muscle memory, Dipper stayed seated and patiently waited for Bill to join him so they could continue to talk, and that’s exactly what the creature did. Taking one look at how low the sun hung in the sky, he knew it was time he made his way back to the cooler depths. “As lovely as your company is, I’m afraid I have to get back to my shoal now. There’s an increase in activity along the surface and I’d hate to get caught up in it, but I promise next time I’ll stay for a bit longer. Sound good?“

Dipper nodded, offering a sheepish glance at his journal still held captive in his friend’s hand, Bill only chuckled and set the leather bound book on the twin’s lap. Before he knew it, the siren had placed a small kiss to his cheek while he was still close to him and without another word, the other had sunk back into the icy, cold layers of the sea. A broad and warm grin busted out across his face, meeting Bill had definitely been the best thing that had ever happened in his life. Hands down.

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Stan and Ford still take a research trip to the Arctic. But they are tropical Mers so they can’t swim in cold water any better than a human. To deal with this issues they made some heated tanks that they could sleep in as mers since they wouldn’t be ale to be mers during the day. 

At some point of course Stan falls in the ocean, and Ford has to warm him back up. He gets cold enough that he reverts back to a mer and can’t change back till he’s warmed, and Ford just sticks him in a tub till his core body temperature is raised enough to handle the shock of submerging his entire body in a heated tank. Ford also makes him a lovely fish stew.


“kiss the boy”

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AND THEN when they alllmmoooooost kiss, the boat gets turned over -sigh- so close ;p