mermaid dreadlocks

Installed my dreads last week. The hair colours are turquoise green blue tropical mermaid vomit.
✈ Anyhow, I went to London last weekend..and it was quit interesting. We stayed at a friend’s place. Ofcourse we did all the tourist stuff. Visited Camden…but it wasn’t what I expected, so that was a bit of a bummer. Visited some really cool bars and pubs but also a goth club with really weird vibes.
So we didn’t stay long there. And ofcourse went to some museums, wich was also fun to do. And…4 beautiful sunny days 🌞

I love storms, especially on summer… i don’t use to like rain, i prefer wind and thunder, but well, it takes what it takes to make the heat go away x)
Do you like mermaids ? i am in a mermaid mood, i may do mermaid charms after my next illustration :3

*o* NOW AVAILABLE AS PRINTS (as well as most of my drawings) !! *o*
On fine art paper, canvas, tote bags, blankets, cushions etc :3