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Ariel as Wonder Woman.

I ended up buying two Wonder Woman dolls and I’m using one for a project so I decided to remove her outfit (which is pretty much impossible to put back unless you use glue) and decided to put it on Ariel for some pics. It doesn’t really fit but with some tricks for the pictures it looks great!!!


Professional Mermaid Gets Along Swimmingly With Ocean Sea Life (Mostly)

As a professional mermaid, it’s Mermaid Melissa (formerly Melissa Dawn) has the job of looking as convincing as possible to humans – all while wearing a fish tail that can weigh as much as 60 pounds.

But her tail isn’t the only thing that makes her swims dangerous.

See the problems she runs into here.


Nekocon 18 pt. 2!

I didn’t take very many because the rest of the cosplayers I stopped in the hall I took video footage of, but here’s what I took with my phone camera!

I also snuck in all my cosplays at the end, from Yang to casual!Yang to something I didn’t even wear at the convention and is actually a current work in progress….Steampunk!Yang

If you see yourself or your friend, please message me so I can tag you!

Danny Phantom is @faunus-4-life
Markiplier is @sirscribbsalot (thanks @sun-wukong-rwby again!)


Seriously though, how has this not been discussed? We’ve theorized and confirmed to ourselves that Hawkmoth is using a miraculous brooch that looks like a butterfly and what does he use? Butterflies. And what do white butterflies symbolize? Come now, has Until Dawn taught us nothing?

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Yes, THAT Until Dawn (my apologies for spoilers), unfortunately there was nothing in the gif thing about anyone finding the butterfly totems, but basically white butterfiles mean fortune. And what’s Hawkmoth doing? Changing people’s fortune by giving them what they want in supervillain form so he can get what he wants in return, the miraculouses. 

But really I’m leading you all up to something really stupid that popped into my head, all having to do with Fortune butterflies…And it goes like this:

Well, the whole thing was funnier when I thought of it. So this is my shit post for this fandom. Anyone want to do an animatic for it, go for it. It’s too perfect to pass up.


Libyan rebels: The advantages and disadvantages they face

The rebels in Libya might have acted too soon. While they are converging on Tripoli now, they aren’t certain as to how much support Gaddafi still has there — and it might end up being really bad for them. They have another disadvantage too. The fighting in Tripoli is urban warfare, which is extremely difficult and grueling for soldiers, who face a much-stronger Gaddafi force. But don’t count them out, here’s what the rebels do have going for them:

  • Unclear uprising While it’s unclear if the population in Tripoli is loyal to Gaddafi or not, the rebels are pretty much relying on the possibility that they aren’t. Gaddafi knows how important it is for them to be loyal, too, so he’s been doing demonstrations and making speeches for weeks to keep them on his side.
  • Gaddafi’s departure? It’s likely that Gaddafi isn’t in Tripoli anymore — he’s not making the extravagant television appearances or showing up in public. It’s unclear where he is. If he leaves Libya altogether, (similar to Saddam Hussein, when he disappeared from power in Iraq and was later found near Tikrit), that would turn the tide.
  • Rebel reserves The rebels are coming in from a few different places (check the video if you haven’t yet) so they will be better off soon. the problem with this lies with the fact that the reinforcements might not get to Tripoli in time, especially depending on the resistance they encounter on the way to Tripoli. source

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Shocking Tripoli news

Spoke to a lady today whose son is in Tripoli fighting, he told her that yesterday there were pro-Gadaffi fighters in cars brandishing the revolutionary flags and pretending to celebrate so they could get close to the Freedom Fighters and shoot at them from a close range. One boy who was standing near her son was shot dead. Gadaffi and his supporters are the lowest of the low and our Freedom Fighters are too trusting!!!

Plea for Tripoli

Many injured in Tripoli. Al-Markaz Al-Tubi and Fatah Hospitals need doctors and surgeons. A plea for people to get the word out. Freedom fighters will secure safe routes to hospitals in Tripoli. Anyone who has a twitter please tweet this or put in on facebook if you have a facebook. Please distribute this NOW via any social media website you are on!!!!!!

Libya update - Continued (2)
  • Souq Al-Jumaa Freedom fighter says that Gadaffi forces’ spirits are low and they are giving limited resistance.
  • Government minders have abandoned journalists in the Rixos hotel.
  • Freedom fighters push into Western Gates of Tripoli with no major resistance.
  • French President, Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Libyan Freedom fighters in and around Tripoli, reaffirming France’s support for the revolution.