mermaid chick

Lance is BIsexual (in fanon)

I’m so sick and tired of people saying shit like “I love my bisexual son” and then ship him with all the dudes. But the SECOND you ship him with Allura, Nyma, or that mermaid chick you’re a heteronormative piece of shit.

Take it from an actual bisexual: bisexuals can have preferences and those prefences CAN be the OPPOSITE gender (OR they can be attracted to both genders equally). But that doesn’t make the attraction to the same gender dissapear. Like Lance keeps flirting with women. He obviously PREFERS women but he could also like men. Stop getting angry at people portraying Lance as a bisexual man instead of a homosexual man for your yaoi shit.

And another thing, people didn’t start shipping Lance with the mermaid (Plaxus, I think?) till like 5 months after season 2 came out. Like what??

Tl;tr: Lance is bisexual and prefers women. He’s not just gay for yaoi shit nor to make yourself seem open minded

One of the amazing underwater pole shots I did with Julia Lehman. I have to be honest; I thought that doing pole under water would make it easier. That the feeling of weightlessness would make it simple to hold complex moves. Quite the contrary! Holding poses underwater was some of the most exhausting pole dancing I have ever done! Felt like I could have slept for days after this shoot!