mermaid bellatrix


Inktober days 21 - 31!

This is a few days late but I just returned from a trip to London - I had actually inked a bunch of these earlier in the month so I wouldn’t need to do any while I was on vacation. Now I’m back and feeling re-energized and inspired. :)

Glad to have another full Inktober under my belt, had a lot of fun once again this year and learned a lot. I don’t work with inks super frequently so it’s nice to get a bunch of practice in. Until next time!

51. Slytherins will bond with the mermaids in the lake by talking to them through the common room windows and the cheerful throwing small treats like sardine Bertie botts or jelly babies to them, the mermaids in return will tell them stories of sea serpents and make them shell jewellery

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I’d like to become a better mermaid, and book parties often in the summer time.
I have a few steps to TRY and get there, but again, I can only try, and hope to succeed in becoming a great mermaid. 

  • Make my own tail; Why do I want to make my own tail? Because once my mold is done, and everything is made, my first tail should cost me about $1000 to make, and every tail after that is pretty much easy to make from there, and should only cost (guessing) $200-500 after that. Maybe even cheaper. Also, I dont have to worry about a mertailer messing up on my measurements, and paint job. I can have it exactly how I want, except maybe I might mess up making it, but that is the point of learning.
  • Make flyers, and business cards. Send them out in every package that goes out, possibly ask my friends to tell their friends, and give them some cards. 
  • Make a mermaid BLOG. Not just a Tumblr, but a blog about how I am getting to where I am going. 
  • Promote other mermaids.
  • Be more active on my fb mermaid page.
  • Do more photoshoots, make videos, and video gifs. 
  • Read more about how to become a professional mermaid. There are lots of tips I do not  yet know about.
  • How do I become more noticed in Denver? I don’t know. But the flyers and cards should help a little at least, right? I hope. 
  • Changing my mermaid name. Probably to Evangeline The Mermaid. I’m sure parents dont even know what it was meant to stand for, except for a witch in Harry Potter. (Btw, Bellatrix is third brightest star in the constellation Orion) (Done)
  • Look into Performers insurance…
  • I’m sure others will come to mind. But I need to figure out how to get known in my area, to get parties/gigs booked.
  • If anyone has any advice on things that will help, I'd greatly appreciate it. :)